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Instazood Full Automation Service

Grow your Instagram with real and organic followers through our fully managed growth service.

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Instazood Full Automation Service bot

Best Instagram bot still working

-Also you can have other services of Instazood
All Instazood Instagram bot services do all activities automatically through our Android app. Running the Social Bridge app on your device, it uses your phone’s IP that is the same as your own Instagram account. This factor ends all the limitations in using an automation bot for Instagram.
But don’t worry! If you don’t have an Android device or the time to run the application, our team will help you get real Instagram followers who turn into lifelong fans that spend money on your brand/business..

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Best Instagram bot still working

Introduce the IFA

-Instazood Full Automation

We want to introduce the Instazood Full Automation (IFA) service using the Instazood Phone Farm; IFA is a service that dedicates a specific IP and a customized Phone- which has the Social Bridge activated on- on our Phone Farm to every on-demand user.
Instazood Phone Farm is dedicated to our busy customers to fully manage their Instagram account with every Instazood services they have activated.

Introduce the IFA

How IFA Works?

By bidding for the Full Automation service, we’ll work as a social media manager on your Instagram growth. Please note, we do not post on your behalf; you need to have your own posting strategy.

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Enter an email and a password on the Instazood web dashboard to create an account.
Fill Out IFA Form
Complete the form related to the Instazood Full Automation service on the committed link.
Sit Back and Enjoy
You can enjoy a cup of tea doing your favorite things while your Instagram account is growing.

Clear pricing

Smart investment in the IFA will help you to become Instagram-famous and skyrocket sales. The growth will be lighting because Social Bridge will be active 24/7 on your account.



On this plan, we will manage your Instagram bot to get the highest efficiency, Also you have full access to all Instazood services for Instagram Such as Instagram bot, schedule post, and auto dm



100% uptime instagram bot



100% uptime instagram bot + access to using schedule posts

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To start with IFA ou need to register on our dashboard and add your account, after that choose IFA service.

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