Full list of jobs for 18 year olds 2024 (With No Experience)

When a person turns 18 and becomes a legal adult, he or she has access to a wider range of job opportunities than in childhood. Many companies start hiring at the age of 18 and offer a variety of basic opportunities for individuals to gain their first work experience. Whether you are looking for a part-time job where you can work in college or you want to start your future career growth right away, there are a variety of industries and opportunities to choose from

Are there High Paying Jobs for 18 Year Olds?

If you are an 18 years old person and wondering if there are jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, I have to say that yes, there are different jobs hiring 18 year olds with no experience.

Most 18-year-olds don’t have an extensive resume or a network of professional connections, but they can still get a job in almost any industry. Many companies in the service, retail and hospitality industries will train you on the job, even if you don’t have a high school diploma. People with a high school degree have even more options and can find all kinds of administrative and clerical work. 18-year-olds who want to pursue a technical career can also find apprenticeships in their field where they learn skills as they work.

jobs for 18 year olds

Top 15 jobs for 18 year olds

Despite the fact that there are fake online jobs that are out there to waste your time or rob you of the little you already have, there are still legitimate online jobs for 18-year-olds.

While some will be just okay, others will offer far more flexibility, teach you a useful transferable skill or two, and make you more money.

Here is a list of 15 online jobs for 18 year olds that are easy to get into and pay well.

  • Sell Stuff Online

There are a lot of online selling sites where you can sell your stuff and make cool cash. Things to sell online can vary depending on what you intend to sell, and most of these retail/merchant platforms allow 13 years and above to join.

  • Product tester

Do you know you can test products and get paid for it?  This is totally TRUE because brands hire companies to find people to test their products. They do this so they can get feedback in order to make their products better.

In addition to paying you to test products, they offer surveys to get your opinion about different products. You must be 16 years old to qualify.

  • Swim instructor

This is one of the highest-paying jobs for 18-year-olds fresh from high school. You can do this job with only a lifeguard/CPR certification.

The roles of swimming instructors include coaching others on proper swimming techniques, which include diving, breathing, and different types of swimming strokes.

It is one of few jobs that pay well for 18-year-olds, with the average hourly pay being $19.21 and $3,186 per month.

  • Web designer

If you’re passionate about coding and designing unique web pages, becoming a web designer can be an ideal option for you. It is one of the highest-paying jobs for 18-year-olds and you do not need a bachelor’s degree to become a professional web designer. This is one of the career paths that will always be lucrative due to the massive growth in the software and technology industry.

  • Graphic designer

Apart from being a web designer, you can also earn a good income as a freelance graphic designer. There are many websites and professional bloggers looking for good graphic designers to design flyers, brochures, newsletters, infographics, and banners for them. There are also platforms that enable you to sell custom-made designs such as t-shirts, stickers, laptop covers, pillow designs, coffee mug designs, and posters.

  • Administrative assistant

As an administrative assistant, your roles revolve around managing and distributing information within an office. Your duties may include answering phone calls, maintaining company files, taking memos, sending and receiving correspondence, and greeting clients and customers.

You can work virtually or in a physical location. There’s also the possibility of landing a job that leads to a full career if you add the necessary training and schooling. According to Salary, the mean hourly wage for administrative assistants in the United States is about $21.

  • Receptionist

Although working as a receptionist might not be an attractive option to most teenagers, it is still one of the high-paying jobs for 18-year-olds who lack the experience to do any other job.

It involves handling incoming calls from customers and attending to them when they visit the business’s physical location. Receptionists act as the face of the company and it is their job to handle the customers in the best possible way to retain them as repeat customers.

Starting out as a receptionist can also act as a gateway for better-paying jobs within the company, such as working in the customer care department.

  • Pet sitter

If you love pets, why not let your love for pets help you pay the bills? There are many pet owners looking for people offering pet sitting and dog walking services. Maybe because they do not have the time to do it themselves or are not in a position to.

You will enjoy premium rates if you get someone with exotic pets because they pay more for expert services due to the highly demanding nature of the work. You can boost your wages by offering additional pet-related services such as pet grooming.

  • Warehouse packer

Although not a fancy job, this is one of the highest-paying jobs for 18-year-olds with little to no experience. You will work in a warehouse and your main role will be to prepare products for packaging and shipment.

It does not require intense training to familiarize yourself with the packaging procedures and can take you a matter of days or a week to learn the basics.

The national average pay for warehouse packers in the United States is $12 an hour. with the top businesses paying more than $15 an hour.

  • Freelance writer

Although it will take you a while to learn everything about being a good freelance writer, it is probably one of the highest paying jobs anyone can do, including 18-year-olds. Experienced freelance writers can earn as high as $500 per mini-project and more than $3,000 for large projects.

The hourly pay for freelance writers ranges between $23 and $35 depending on the industry and technicality of the task. Over time you’ll become an experienced writer with multiple repeat clients who pay better.

  • Tutor

The next option I want to introduce in the list of highest paying jobs for 18 year olds is tutoring. If you are among those students who like to spend time in different classes, it is a great chance to start searching for tutoring jobs in classes you got good grades.And you can expect to earn about  $10 per hour for basic classwork.

  • House Sitter

If you are searching for the best jobs for 18 year olds near me, you can search among your neighbors and find those who have to leave their home for a while and offer them that you can stay in their home while they are gone as a house sitter. And about the pay of this job, I have to say that if you stay overnight you will earn about $50 per night, but if you work only during the day, you will earn about $10 – $20 per day.

  • Newspaper Delivery

This item can be among the best jobs hiring 18 year olds with no experience because that is as simple as picking up the newspapers early in the morning and delivering them to subscribers. As a newspaper deliverer you will get salary, commission, and also sometimes tips.

  • Farm Hand

If you are living in one of your country’s rural areas and looking for the best jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, being a farmhand is one of the best options. In this position, you should do tasks like taking care of farm animals or planting. In this position, you would earn about $50 to $100 per day.

  • Social Media Influencer

If you have an active and highly followed social media account, you can use it to post about different business products and services and earn money from this position as one of the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds. While  the first payments might be sample products, you can earn well when you build a firm relationship.

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Where to find jobs for 18 year olds?

High paying jobs for 18 year olds can be found in department stores where you can go physically asking a sales manager. Also, if you google “jobs for 18 year olds near me”, a bunch of websites show up relating to recent vacant positions. Jobs for 18 year olds near me is a location-based term so google tries to show you the nearest job opportunities which may not be the high paying jobs for 18 year olds. For example, you can search the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds in famous sites, like:

  • Indeed offers the best jobs for 18 year olds:

When we talk about online sites to find a job, the first option that comes to mind is Indeed. Whether you are an 18 years old who looks for the best jobs hiring 18 year olds with no experience or an employer who likes to post jobs, this site should be one of your prior choices.

  • Cheklani offers the best jobs for 18 year olds:

One of the most famous sites, where you can find online jobs and make money easily is Cheklani. You can use the search section of the site to find the right job based on your abilities and preferences.

  • MyJobsCorner, the best place to find jobs for 18 year olds that pay well:

This website helps you make your resume and search for your favorite job based on your preferences. So, if you are looking for the best jobs for 18 year olds, it is worth spending a few minutes and visiting MyJobsCorner website.

best jobs for 18 year olds

5 Highest paying jobs for 18 year olds

Only because you are 18, it does not mean you have to settle for minimum wage. There are plenty of high-paying jobs out there for people your age. If you’re looking to start your career on the right foot, here are a few places to look:

  • Casino Gaming Manager

This job is highest paying jobs for 18 year olds. Depending on where you live in, a casino gaming manager is an interesting and viable career choice for an 18-year-old. The great thing about this job is that you will have room to promote and career advancement over time. With the number of casinos worldwide, this is an industry that will allow you to find a job at a relatively fast pace.

  • Trade School

With more and more people moving towards careers in IT and technology, there are fewer young people available for the trades. This has created a shortage in quality workers and an increase in what trade workers can make.

Starting out as an electrician or a plumber at a young age can lead to potential business ownership or managing a larger company. Many financial experts are recommending that young people take up a trade as it will be a very safe long-term career choice.

Web Designer

This job is one of the high paying jobs for 18 year olds and if you have always felt qualified when it comes to computers, a web designer is an excellent choice for a high-paying career. You will likely have to spend some of your first projects taking a slightly lower salary. Some businesses hire freelancers as young as 15 for web design.

When you gain a reputation, you can start charging a higher hourly rate and building a name for yourself as a professional and high-quality web designer. With today’s modern software and technology, web design is becoming a bit easier to learn.

  • Administrative Assistant

The unique thing about becoming an administrative assistant is that it can lead to a variety of careers. Be very careful of the type of administrative assistant position you choose. You may be able to find something that leads to a full career with training and schooling included. Administrative assistants sometimes have virtual jobs; others have jobs with a physical location. An administrative assistant’s tasks will vary from day to day, making it a unique and fun opportunity.

Delivery Driver

The last item among highest paying jobs for 18 year olds is Delivery driving. This job is becoming more popular recently. If you have a clean driver’s license and you know your way around your town, these jobs are a great option. Most of the time, you can pick up extra shifts when wanted and do some of your own shopping along the way. Delivery drivers usually receive a reward, which helps to increase the overall salary offered by the job. There are local and national delivery-type jobs available to 18-year-olds.

5 Jobs for 18 year olds with no experience

Entry-level candidates are individuals with little or no previous relevant professional experience. Many companies are eager to hire enthusiastic and driven candidates to fill entry-level positions. If you are looking for a job that does not require previous experience, there are many options available depending on your skills, background and interests. In this article, we’ll discuss what employers mean they say “no experience required” in a job listing and examples of entry-level jobs available.

Here are 5 entry-level jobs for 18 year olds with no experience:

  • Administrative assistant

As it is one the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds, we decided to bring it down here again. Administrative assistants perform office duties, often directly under a manager or an executive. They might organize paperwork, take phone calls and emails, handle scheduling and assist with company projects. These roles often only require a high school diploma, associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

If you are interested in working in a corporate environment but have little professional experience, this position might be a good fit for you. With experience and training, administrative assistants can be promoted to office managers, administrators, executive assistants or human resource specialists.

  • Pharmacy technician

Among jobs for 18 year olds with no experience, you can think about being a pharmacy technician. Technicians work in pharmacies filling and labeling prescriptions for customers or medical providers. These well-organized individuals might also help catalog inventory, file patient information and process health insurance. You can find work as a pharmacy technician if you have a high school or college degree or have taken pharmacy technology courses. New hires typically must pass the pharmacy technician certification exam and learn on-the-job skills such as operating equipment.

  • Firefighter

Firefighting is a strenuous yet rewarding job that often only requires a high school diploma. Training in emergency services can make you a more appealing candidate, as this profession’s duties include providing basic medical attention to injured individuals. Firefighters must also be able to use heavy equipment and handle emergencies such as wildfires and hazardous materials spills. Entry-level firefighting jobs that don’t require experience provide on-the-job training for these tasks. This looks a brave if you are looking for jobs for 18 year olds with no experience.

  • Claims adjuster

Insurance companies hire claims adjusters to evaluate property damage and personal injury. They often conduct interviews, review records and assess the damage. Claims adjusters help a company determine whether to reject or accept a claim and assist in the settlement process. You can earn an entry-level adjuster position with a high school diploma and advance under a senior claims adjuster’s supervision. Depending on the state, you might also need to take an insurance licensing course and pass the licensing exam.

  • Sales representative

Sales representatives sell products or services to customers and businesses. Their duties might include giving sales presentations, negotiating contracts and prospecting potential leads. Valuable qualities include great customer service and communication, motivation and ambition.

You can find sales jobs in nearly any industry, from retail to pharmaceuticals. Many entry-level positions require no more than a bachelor’s degree, while others request a minimum of a high school diploma. As you advance in a sales position, you might become eligible for additional commissions or bonuses for meeting sales goals.

5 High paying jobs for 16 year olds

Are you looking for good paying jobs for 16 year olds? There is a range of positions teens can pursue based on their schedule, interests and skill sets. An in-person position can help teens gain customer service skills, for example, while an online position can help them develop technical or writing skills. Here is a list of 5 high paying jobs for 16 year olds:

  • Kennel assistant

The first option in the list of high paying jobs for 16 year olds is Kennel assistant. This job is one of the best jobs for 16 year olds. Kennel assistants work in animal shelters or veterinary clinics to provide care for dogs and cats. They will clean cages, groom animals, take them on walks, bathe them, give medication and feed them. They may also check-in guests who come to visit the animals or greet guests who are dropping off dogs and cats.

  • Fast food attendant

Also, if you are looking for good paying jobs for 16 year olds, you can work as a Fast food attendant in the fast food environment to prepare and serve food or beverages to customers. They may work behind the counter taking orders from customers in the store or at the drive-thru. Fast food attendants need to know the different ingredients of certain menu items to answer questions customers may have regarding the food. They may also clean parts of the lobby and bathroom areas, including the tables, floors, doors and windows.

  • Grocery store cashier

My next suggestion in high paying jobs for 16 year olds’ list is grocery store cashier. Primary duties of grocery store cashiers will work behind a cash register to scan customer’s items, bag their products, take payments and return change. Grocery store cashiers may also stock shelves, take inventory and assist customers in finding products.

  • Car wash attendant

If you are a teenager who is interested in cars and looking for good paying jobs for 16 year olds, do not miss this opportunity. A car wash attendant washes, buffs and shines cars. They will clean both the interior and exterior areas of cars in a timely and efficient manner. Other responsibilities include vacuuming inside of the car, throwing away trash, washing the exterior of cars with soap, as well as polishing and drying cars.

  • Restaurant waiter

Restaurant hosts and hostesses greet customers as they enter the restaurant and lead them to their tables. They are often responsible for seating guests at the table of their preference while also making sure servers receive a fair amount of customers in each of their sections. Other responsibilities can include answering any customer questions, taking phone calls and making reservations.

Q and A:

  • Which job is best for 18-year-olds?

Among the best jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, I can mention dog walker, house sitter, yutor, freelance writer and so on. And for most of them you do not need a strong resume or long time experience.

  • What cities are hiring for 18 Year Old jobs?

Today many countries and cities provide many job opportunities for 18 years olds who look for a part-time or seasonal job. But among the most important cities of this category, I can mention, Atlanta, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Miami, Orlando, Chandler, and Scottsdale.

  • What states have the most 18 Year Old jobs?

There are many options in the list of most famous states that offer the best jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, such as Pennsylvania,Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Delaware, and Georgia.

  • Can an 18 year old work in Australia?

Yes, based on Australia employment of children and young people laws, if you are an 18 years old, you can legally work across Australia.


Many high school students who finish high school and get a diploma and even those who do not have a degree like to find a part-time or even seasonal job and earn some money independently. Here, the best point is that there are many different highest paying jobs for 18 year olds, which you can search among them based on your talents and interests, like dog walking, pet sitting, house sitting, tutoring, freelance writing and so on. If you would like to know more about jobs hiring 18 year olds with no experience, or jobs for 18 year olds that pay well, read the above text.

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