TikTok Unveils AI-Generated Search Results in Latest Feature Test

TikTok Unveils AI Generated Search Results in Latest Feature Test

TikTok has introduced a feature called “search highlights” which includes snippets of AI-generated content at the top of some search results. These snippets are accessible in a full-page format when clicked, providing detailed answers generated by AI, specifically ChatGPT. This feature appears in response to relevant queries, such as recipes or technology recommendations.

Overview of the New AI-Generated Search Results

TikTok’s “search highlights” feature appears at the top of some search results pages, providing a snippet of AI-generated content. By clicking on these snippets, users are redirected to a full-screen page showcasing the complete AI response. This functionality has been spotted in various queries, ranging from culinary recipes like “chia seed pudding” to tech-related searches such as “best laptops 2024.”

The material presented in these AI snippets is generated using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model known for producing contextually relevant and conversationally appropriate text. TikTok integrates these AI responses when the algorithm identifies them as pertinent to the user’s search query. However, the deployment of this feature is currently selective, with AI-generated answers not universally available across all searches.

Behind the Technology

Screenshots shared by users reveal that the AI search results are clearly marked as generated by ChatGPT, ensuring transparency regarding the origin of the information. This move could be seen as part of TikTok’s strategy to maintain user trust by openly communicating the AI’s role in content creation.

The details surrounding the generation and selection criteria for these AI-enhanced search highlights remain undisclosed. However, the implementation suggests a sophisticated algorithm capable of evaluating the relevance and utility of AI-generated content in real-time.

Broader Search Enhancements on TikTok

Alongside AI-generated search results, TikTok has introduced a similar, albeit distinct, feature known as “search highlights.” These are also positioned at the top of search results pages but are not explicitly labeled as AI-generated. The source of these highlights is not specified, leading to speculation about whether they are summaries of video content, compilations from external websites, or another form of aggregated data.

In recent months, TikTok has expanded its search features significantly. Previous updates included the integration of Google Search results directly into TikTok’s platform, providing users with external links to Google as well as direct connections to Wikipedia, IMDb, and other informative websites.

Strategic Implications for TikTok

The introduction of AI-generated search results is part of TikTok’s broader strategy to adapt to and capitalize on the searching behaviors of its predominantly young user base. Many of these users increasingly turn to TikTok for information traditionally sought on search engines like Google. By enhancing its search capabilities with AI, TikTok not only aims to improve user engagement but also positions itself as a formidable player in the search engine market, particularly among younger demographics.


TikTok’s test of AI-generated search results could signal a new era for search functionality within social media platforms, blending traditional search engine mechanisms with the immersive, user-focused design of social media. As TikTok continues to refine these features, the impact on how information is searched for and consumed online could be substantial, potentially setting new standards for AI integration in digital platforms.

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