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Popular accommodation options for a vacation in Thailand

For foreigners, nothing beats the amazing warm Thai weather, the friendly and unique culture of the people, and the white-washed beaches of the Thai oceans. It is a giving that Thailand is one of the most popular locations for vacation outside Europe. But why many may ask. This article will attempt to answer the salient questions regarding vacationing in Thailand, the kind of properties you should have your eyes on, the moving and fun areas, and the average holiday cost.

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Popular accommodation options for a vacation in Thailand

Vacationing in Thailand – Expectations

Having the right expectations and preparing your mind for a journey to Thailand with the right disposition will help you to appreciate the community better and avoid disappointments. Here is a brief breakdown of what the Thai country and its communities are (these representation aims to give an unexaggerated perspective for clarity purposes. 

  • Security for Ex-pats

There are bad eggs in all countries of the world. Ex-pats are relatively safe in Thailand. The most common crime directed at expatriates and foreigners is common attacks in a crowd, such as pickpockets and, sometimes, crude scams. You should be good if you mind your business and are cautious of your purses and personal belongings in public spaces. 

As regards political unrest, Thailand has had its fair share in the past, but it is relatively stable at the moment and has been so since 2011. The most tumultuous period was between 2006 to 2011, when there was a clash between the red shirts (the government’s opposition) and the yellow shirts (government supporters). It took the form of protests, but those have died in town recently.

Over the years, the country has experienced a terrorist attack, mostly in Bangkok, but that has been an average of one in five (5) years. The last attack was in 2019 in the capital city of Bangkok, and before then, in 2015, a bombing attack at a shrine in Bangkok. 

  • Forming relationships and getting along in Thailand – Foreigner’s hack

The Thai people are generally friendly and welcome foreigners among them, but you have to be cautious and respectful in your dealings with them. Europeans often clash on these grounds due to the cultural differences and varying degrees of respect often perceived as necessary by a European than is necessary by the Thai. It would be best if you acknowledged that these people have a higher standard of respect and tried to accord them that measure in your dealings.

Additionally, you should try not to make a local ‘lose face.’ What does that mean? When a Thai person feels embarrassed by the actions of a foreigner, they lose face, as used in the local term. It may be caused by an argument or where you are too forward with your positions on the Thai culture or speaking English to a local too early. Ironically, Thai law enforcement is unlikely to side with you in such conditions, so you have to avoid these situations deliberately. 

Nonetheless, as a foreigner, you can file a complaint where you are the victim of a crime, and you will be attended to.

  • Drugs and Foreigners

It is one thing to deal with drugs or sell them, and it is another to patronize them. But in Thailand, you better not be caught doing either. What’s more interesting is that although there appear to be strict laws regulating and prosecuting drug use and control, you can find virtually any drug in the cities of Thailand. But the consequences for ex-pats are direr; it may lead to deportation, jail terms, and a migration ban, to say the least. So, do not mistake the passivity and available as tacit approval, be careful out there.

  • Are the Thai people racists?

At this point, one must admit that racism is a world phenomenon. There have been reports of racist actions and trends in Thailand; victims allege that these situations are hardly discussed in mainstream media, so it attracts less attention. The most discriminated race is blacks, but sometimes, Europeans and whites also feel a share of the cynicism of some Thai people.

So, what do you do when you experience degrading racial situations?

  1. The measure of racism and your disposition should impact your action. Where it is a remark by random strangers you may run into at the market or other public places, and you can look away, please do. 
  2. If it is a unique event by a boss or a group that carries heavier implications for you as a person, and you cannot look away, then you should pursue it to protect yourself and others who may be going through similar situations.

How to make a report? You can make a report at the police station on the one hand. Conversely, you can work with an NGO to pursue your rights and get protection. If you are a low-income earner with fewer resources to pursue your case, option two is the best for you because taking up the matter will cost you money.

So, in answering the question, are the Thai people racist? No. But are there some racial tendencies amongst the people? Yes. 

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Most popular accommodation options in Thailand

You can get any category of property in the various cities of Thailand – the most famous being condominiums, often patronized by locals and foreigners alike. Condominiums are small apartments with a single bed, bath, and kitchen area. You can also get various sizes of flats in the city areas, from two beds to five beds. Flats are favored among a family living within a budget; if you choose this kind, your rents will be higher than condos. Furthermore, villas with seaside views are most common among vacationers. 

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