What companies are in the consumer services field? (2024 Full Guide)

As Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are getting looser, people who just have suspended their jobs and business are trying to reopen their offices and stores. However, many people, unfortunately, have permanently lost their jobs because of the pandemic. These guys are now trying to find a new one to earn in newspapers or storefronts.

Before trying to find a new job for yourself (due to any reason, not just because of pandemic government limitations), have you heard about consumer financial services? Don’t worry. In this article, we will see what companies are in the consumer services field and what are the best paying jobs in finance consumer services.

What does consumer services mean?

Before going through what companies are in the consumer services field, let’s see what does consumer services mean. Generally, speaking, consumer service refers to services that we sell to individuals. Here, services are like goods, and their value depends on intangible elements, which are not touchable, such as experience, outcome, or process. Continue reading and learn more about types of consumer services.

What Is known as Consumer Service?

Before learning about Consumer Services, let’s start from the beginning; in economics, a Consumer good is a commodity that is produced and subsequently purchased to satisfy the current wants and perceived demands of the buyer.

As you see, these products are so-called “tangible,” so you can count them, measure the dimensions, and compare them physically. On the other hand, some “intangible” products are produced and consumed simultaneously for the meeting of customers’ current demands. These somehow invisible but sensible products are defined as “Consumer Services.” Some simple examples of a Consumer Service can be a haircut store, car repair, or skincare clinics.

what companies are in the consumer services field

What companies are in the consumer services field?

Do you know what companies are in the consumer services field? Previously, we talked about the definition, now let’s see how many types of Consumer Services are available on the planet. As human life is getting more industrialized, more and more demands have been created, and as a result, more companies are in the consumer services field.

It is too difficult to count all types of Consumer Services companies (even more difficult than reading all books of The British Library). Still, we can consider healthcare centers, decision-making peer groups, house interior design companies, financial consulting institutes, hospitality services, insurance companies, and house cleaning services as some examples for this subject.

What are the main companies are in the consumer services field?

Previously, I have explained what does consumer services mean. Now, before going through the best-paying jobs in consumer services, let’s see what general companies are in the consumer services field. Below are three main categories of consumer services companies.

  • Hospitality companies: When you work in a restaurant, hotel, park, or bar, you will interact with consumers every day. 
  • In insurance companies: When you work in health, house, car, or jewelry, and even life insurance companies. 
  • Entertainment companies: When you work as a customer service representative, client service manager, client support specialist, box office ticket agent, reservations agent, and more. 

How to get a Job within the Consumer Services Field?

Getting a job within the Consumer Services field can be done by various methods, and it totally depends on your personality to choose one out of many possible ways to get a job.

To get ready for getting a job within the Consumer Services field, you need to pass these levels;

  • Understand the field

Before trying to get a job, you must understand what consumer services entail. You must ask yourself, “what exactly are you going to encounter in this field?” and what are the advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these parameters will help you decide better.

  • Get an education and update your skills

Need to get a new job? Then try to gain new skills. You should train yourself and boost your knowledge either via reading books, participating in language classes, skill workshops, or watching tutorial videos on the internet. Remember that you need to make your lingual techniques despite the kind of job you are seeking.

  • Write an excellent resume

Consider that a nice resume can send the company a competitive advantage over other job seekers, so you need to write as well as you can. Your resume should cover all of the company’s demands for hiring employees. For example, typing skills, knowing a second or third language, computer knowledge, and customer management abilities are some points that Consumer Services companies are looking for.

  • Prepare for your interview

Finally, get ready for the first interview by researching the company and understanding your prospective role. You should also work on your confidence and speaking articulately in order to impact your interviewer.

Note that getting a job in the Consumer Services field is not difficult because most jobs only require entry-level qualifications. Since you get accepted for a job, you can upgrade your knowledge and skills in order to reach higher positions in your company.

What are the benefits of consumer services?

When you know what companies are in the consumer services field, it is also important to learn about the benefits of the best paying jobs in consumer services. Here is a list of the advantages of different types of consumer services.

  • It can retain the customer if they are happy with your services.
  • Also, good customer service causes your customers to talk about your services with others and bring you more references and more money.
  • Good customer service can generate excellent word of mouth.
  • All the above points will cause you to acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost you were supposed to.
  • When a customer praises your business, it gives you and your employees confidence.
  • Continue reading and learn more about what companies are in the consumer services field and the best paying jobs in consumer services.

What are some best paying jobs in finance consumer services?

Now it is time to talk about the best paying jobs in consumer services, and these can be a great option for any person looking for a new job in the Consumer Services field. We have gathered ten best Consumer Services companies as seen below;

1.Financial Manager

“Average annual salary: $74,659”

Among the best paying jobs in finance consumer services, I can mention financial managers.These guys are professionals who companies appoint to create and analyze the financial reports of the company. The goal of financial managers is to drive their companies into a pathway with more profit and fewer expenses in order to reach higher efficacy. Because of highly fluctuating changes in the market nowadays, many businesses are trying to find the best for their financial manager position.

2 .Personal Finance Advisor

“Average annual salary: $74,895”

Another best paying jobs in finance consumer services is for personal finance advisors. These professionals are working with businessmen (rather than the whole company). Their job is to present a fine strategy to maintain taxes, investment, and current financial decisions for their customers. They also advise on the available short-term and long-term financial investment options for securing low-risk high returns.

3.Compliance analyst

“Average annual salary: $77,456”

If you decide to be a compliance analyst, you are responsible for auditing organizations according to the standards of different governing agencies. As you know, a company’s growth depends on long-term economic stability and governmental economic guidelines. In order to manage all these elements, a compliance analyst is required.

4.Financial Software Developer

“Average annual salary: $106,345”

From banks and financial institutes to small companies, all need financial software to show up in online markets greatly and maintain services given to their customers. Because of that, software developers with a knack for finance are always in demand. Remember that more excellent skills provide bigger paychecks.

5.Private Equity Associate 

“Average annual salary: $97,432”

Your task as a private equity associate is to create a detailed analysis and research report on the present function of the company. More after, you need to monitor the business and develop financial portfolios for the employing organization. In order to stand on a higher rank compared to your rivals, you need to be perfect in data analysis, mathematics, and statistics.


“Average annual salary: $52,473”

As you know, there are several types of accountants, which the junior version works as a daily-pay job. But as a senior accountant, their responsibility is to set the tax and income data of the company. Note that accountants are in demand during the tax season, where they need to put in overtime hours for filing the tax returns before the dedicated deadline.

7.Hedge Fund Manager

“Average annual salary: $145,768”

This is so-called a new century-born financial job with one of the highest annual salaries on the list. The whole work of a hedge fund manager is similar to what investment bankers do, but the difference is that the amount of money is much more significant. According to this, hedge fund managing is a difficult full-time job, but the pay compensates for that.

8.Loan Officer

“Average annual salary: $48,789”

The main task of a loan officer is to evaluate companies’ assets and authorize loan approvals for businesses or individuals according to their debt repayment. Different loan officers have a diverse range of salaries, and this is related to the type and size of loan they authorize.


“Average annual salary: $139,452”

CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer, and its job is to look after and monitor all financial processes running in a company. A CFO’s seat is an essential and challenging chair to fill, as most financial decision-making (such as managing budgets) in a business or company occurs in the CFO’s office. Because of that, CFO needs to be placed in the high-salary jobs category.


“Average annual salary: $121,698”

Although it resembles CFO in vocabulary, the whole responsibility is different. CCO stands for Chief Compliance Officer, and the person in this position has to check the actions of the company if they meet the compliance standards. Because of non-compliance penalty charges, a CCO must be hired to monitor and audit accurately all processes and transactions running in the company. Although the salary is high for a CCO, it needs to be lower than CFO because of being less challenging.

What are the 15 best consumer services companies in 2022?

Finally, I want to introduce the best consumer service companies and complete this text. Here, you can read about the 15 top companies in 2022 that provide the best consumer services.

  1. Chick-fil-A in the category of Limited-Service Restaurant with an 86.0 score.
  2. Trader Joe’s is in the category of Supermarkets with an 85.4 score.
  3. Aldi is in the category of Supermarkets with an 85.0 ACSI score.
  4. Amazon is in the category of Internet Retail with an 84.8 ACSI score.
  5. Lexus is in the category of Automobiles with an 84.6 ACSI score.
  6. Costco Wholesale in the category of Dept. & Discount Stores with 84.4 ACSI score.
  7. HEB Grocery in supermarkets category with 84.4 scores.
  8. Toyota is in the category of Automobiles with an 84.4 ACSI score.
  9. Publix is in the category of Supermarkets with an 84.3 ACSI score.
  10. Wegmans Food Markets in the category of supermarkets with an 84.2 ACSI score.
  11. Subaru in the Automobiles category and with a score of 83.9.
  12. Google in the category of Internet Search Engines with a score of 83.6.
  13. Apple is in the category of Personal Computers with a score of 83.3.
  14. L Brands in the category of Specialty Retail with an 83.3 ACSI score.
  15. LG in the category of Household Appliances and with an 83.3 ACSI score.
what companies are in the consumer services field


Thank you for reading, and please share this content with your friends. In this article, we answered the questions “what are Consumer Financial Services?”, “what companies are in the consumer services field” and “what are best paying jobs in finance consumer services?”

The best recommendation for any person seeking a new job in the Consumer Services field is to continually update their knowledge and skills. The world is changing every minute and second, and the present knowledge is going to join history.

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