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Top 7 Ways To Boost Sales Using SEO Effectively

The pandemic has changed people’s perception of shopping online. Traditionally preferred brick and mortar shops are now being steadily replaced by their web counterparts. Webshops offer unmatched convenience, greater product selections and easy returns. However, to boost sales, ecommerce owners must find and employ ways to increase their visibility on SERPs.

So, if you are a webshop owner wondering about how to increase sales, you have landed on the perfect page! Welcome aboard, amigos! We will help you understand the tips and tricks of employing Search Engine Optimization techniques to the best of your ability and reap its benefits in the times to come.

Ways To Amp Up Sales Using SEO Effectively

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1. Invest in an SSL certificate:

As an ecommerce website owner, your web connection must be experiencing large volumes of in-transit customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as credit card details, debit card credentials, address, etc.

Now imagine if such confidential details fell into the hands of prying and malicious elements such as hackers and data-sniffers; what would the financial outcome of that be? Not to begin mentioning the reputation-cost of such data breaches.

According to the research findings, the average total cost of a data breach rests at $3.86 million. Shocked? Worried? Don’t worry; we have the perfect antidote to all your cybersecurity concerns. Investing in a Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate is a step in the right direction.

This digital protocol secures the in-transit data being exchanged between the web browser and the client-server. Consumers are getting smarter by the day and looking for the secure padlock symbol in the address bar before parting with their confidential information.

Google also prefers sites that employ HTTPS protocol over those that still run over HTTP protocol. Simply stated, HTTPS = HTTP + SSL. So, to get higher conversions and give your web business the boost it needs, invest in an SSL certificate now!

If budget is a concern, you can buy a cost-effective Cheap Comodo SSL, Rapid SSL or GeoTrust SSL certificate that renders the same premium encryption as the more expensive ones.

2. Deploy efficient keyword research:

Conducting in-depth keyword research is the backbone of a successful ecommerce SEO strategy. Once you have discovered the right mix of transactional, navigational, and informational keywords, you can proceed towards curating content that matches the potential consumers’ intent.

The main aim of investing in a good SEO strategy is to bring your product/service in front of those searching for the same. And using keyword research tools such as MOZ or SEMrush is a step in the right direction.

If you are looking for free tools, you may consider using Google Keyword Planner to curate a list of the most searched keywords for your ecommerce venture.

However, ensure that you refrain from indulging in keyword stuffing practices, as this will reflect negatively on your SERP rankings.

3. Improve your webpage loading speeds:

Simply put, not everyone has the time to stick around while your webpage loads! If it takes anything more than 1-3 seconds, the bounce rate increases to 32%. Now that is something no ecommerce venture owner will wish for!

Slow page loading speeds will result in reduced conversions and high bounce rates. It is highly recommended that you optimize your site for quicker and more efficient loading on multiple devices by taking care of the following,

● Compressing large image files
● Eliminate obsolete and heavy code
● Resolve issues with the website’s host
● Get rid of redundant and lengthy written content

You may use the Google Pagespeed Insights tool to judge your page loading speeds and improve them accordingly.

4. Curate and Display Awesome, Relevant Content:
Superlative, relevant content that meets the current trends and expectations of the target audience is a prerequisite in today’s highly competitive cyber business world!

Content includes myriad consumables such as text, images, videos, questionnaires, surveys, data reports, etc. Feel the pulse of your target audience and deliver fresh-off-the-oven content that delivers what they seek and more!

If your content is engaging enough, consumers will be enticed to stick along a little longer. If they find something that catches their attention in your content, they might just deign to purchase from you! Now, that’s the ultimate goal for every seller. So go slay!

5. Capitalize on the Power of Social Media:

These days people are hooked on their social media avatars, and if you aren’t on these platforms, your chances of success are pretty low. A website integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., has greater visibility, engenders greater engagement, and increases interactions with the target audience.

Receiving and acting on real-time feedback will help you improve your brand value and reach.

6. User-Friendly site design and navigation:

You must have invested heavily in curating a cool and hip website design, but wait, did you check the navigability? Is it easy for a layperson to go from product selection to the cart and checkout option?

Put yourself in the browser’s shoes and try to see from their viewpoint while shopping on your site. Optimize your search bar, add multiple payment options, and ease the shopping process to ensure greater and faster conversions.

7. Conduct regular website audits for errors:

Broken links serve as a deal-breaker for website browsers. If they encounter such links on your site, they will be tempted to shift base to your competitors.

If you wish to retain visitors and guarantee conversions, it will help if you regularly conduct website error audits to fix bugs, 404 errors, and broken links.

Parting Shot:

SEO and SERP rankings go hand-in-hand. However, keeping up with the quickly changing algorithms and updates can be a backbreaker. Some tips and tricks never go out of fashion, such as delivering relevant, engaging content, fixing broken links, and ensuring the safety of the web connection using an SSL certificate.

Competition in the webspace is cut-throat and will continue to witness an increase. Webshop owners can ensure their visibility and higher conversions by following the simple, yet practical steps mentioned above and ruling the roost!

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