Text Now Number Lookup: Track a TextNow Number in 2023

TextNow is one of the newest and most popular technologies that enable users to send their text messages or make phone calls through Wi-Fi for free. While it is like any other mobile network operator and provides SIM cards to its users to send SMS, make phone calls, or simply connect to the Internet, the main question for new TextNow users would be whether it is possible, and if yes, how can I find the owner of a particular TextNow number? If you are one of these users and wish to know more details about this Voice over Internet Protocol service, don’t waste time and keep reading until the end of this text.

Text Now Number Lookup

Can You Track A TextNow Number?

Let’s go to the main question: Is it possible to look up a TextNow number? While the answer is not surly no, the details are much, and the truth is that Textnow Number Lookup is not easy at all. That is because the app doesn’t offer any option to trace someone on TextNow, and there is virtually no official way to trace a person with a TextNow number. And the worst point is that their support team can’t help you with this point. But as impossible is meaningless in today’s world, we have searched and gathered a list of the best tricks that you might try and might even work for you.

How to Track someone on the TextNow app or site?

The first, simple, and original method to track a TextNow number is to try the site or app. The only point about this method is that it will only work in some cases, and the only chance you will succeed is when the number has a TextNow account and added his profile information. However, if the person does not have a TextNow account, you may not be able to get their account details through the TextNow app. With all these details, let’s find out how to do a TextNow user search via the app or site:

TextNow user search:

  1. Open the app and choose the “Contacts” tab from the below navigation bar.
  2. Click on the “Search” icon on the top right side, like a magnifying glass.
  3. Type the phone number or name you are looking for. 
  4. And finally, choose the “Search” button to see the results.
  5. Search among the results, and if you find an appropriate option, tap on it to view the profile and send a message or call.
Text Now Number Lookup

Track someone on TextNow Using Other Methods

If you are among the users who didn’t succeed using the above method, you should not despair because this is not the end of the road, and there are other options that you can try to find someone on TextNow. Below, we will discover them in detail one by one.

By Using Google To Lookup The Phone Number

Google is always the best free source of info for reverse lookup, and working with it is so simple. So, if you choose to try this way, only follow the below steps: 

  1. Use the Google search bar and type the anonymous TextNow number into that.
  2. Then, you will find a page full of profiles linked to social networks or online accounts.
  3. Search to see if they reveal a person’s name or photos. 

Pay attention: As Google indexes all possible web content, like outdated or incorrect information, it is better to spend some minutes sorting results carefully.

If you are interested in reverse phone lookup but don’t want to use Google or tried it and didn’t find appropriate info, you can take a chance and try other sites, like Social Catfish, PeopleLooker, or BeenVerified.

Text Now Number Lookup

Create Second TextNow Account

It will not seem ethical at first glance, but it might be useful. So, if that’s your choice, all you have to do is create a new TextNow account and get another number. Then, think of a relatable or compelling story and text it to that person, hoping it appeals to them. And after all, you may have the chance to understand who he or she really is. 

By using Reverse Phone Lookup Services

There are different number lookup tools that you can use to find the details, particularly the full name of anybody using their phone number. There are many online tools, such as Social Catfish, PeopleLooker, and BeenVerified, if you want to try this method. Also, as I have mentioned above, some people choose to use Google for a reverse phone lookup, while it is not officially a lookup service.

By searching For The Number On Social Media

In this way, you should do a reverse number lookup using social media channels. For example, you can use your Facebook or LinkedIn account and put the phone number you want to trace in its search bar. And if that number is associated with any social media accounts, you can find their details or at least get an idea of ​​them.

By using an IP address logger:

To decide whether you want to use an IP address logger to trace a TextNow number or not, you should first know what IP is. In a simple world, an IP address is a unique virtual address that helps you recognize the approximate location of a user by identifying devices on the Internet. So, you can use different IP loggers like Grabify and track the IP address of a TextNow number.

  1. Find a funny post, video, or meme link that would attract the phone owner to click.
  2. Then, go to Grabify and paste the link in the box to Create URL.
  3. Also, you can click “View Other link Shorteners” to hide the link in other formats.
  4. After all, you should copy the new address and send the link to the TextNow phone number. Moreover, you can add something to get the user more interested in clicking on the link.
  5. Grabify captures IP addresses when the owner clicks on the link.
  6. Search for this IP address in WhatIsMyIPAddress and see which city the person is in.

Texnow Pros and Cons

With all this in mind, you might wonder why people like to use TextNow, an answer that may vary from person to person. So, no one can say whether it is good to use it or not. But to help you make the best decision, we have gathered all the pros and cons of this system.

TextNow Pros:

  1. Affordable plans
  2. Affordable devices with good selection and warranty
  3. Easy auto-renewal that can be canceled at any time without contract penalties
  4. A phone number that can be used on other devices
  5. Unlimited free access to 2G 
  6. Free unlimited talk and text option
  7. Decent unlimited data option
Text Now Number Lookup

TextNow Cons:

  1. Call quality may be poor as Sprint’s 4G network may be poor in certain areas and WiFi may not be readily available in said areas.
  2. The possibility of disconnecting calls during the transfer from mobile phone to Wi-Fi
  3. Low speed 
  4. It is only good for those with a consistent, reliable WiFi source and don’t need a lot of cellular data.


Previously, you read about some important details of TextNow and how you can track a TextNow Number within the app or how to use other methods, like Google search, lookup services, social media search, or IP loggers to find more info about the TextNow number owner. By the way, if you have still a question not answered above, you can comment below and we will try to find the best answer for you or you can check the TextNow official website to see if you can find your answer.


  • Is TextNow safe to use?

While the main answer is yes, and TextNow is perfectly safe for adults to use, it is recommended that teenagers or students use it with adult supervision.

  • Is your personal info used by someone on TextNow?

The best answer is that it is possible because, on the TextNow website, it is mentioned that they can use your information for multiple purposes, such as ads, or their third-party apps.

  • Does TextNow work outside USA?

If you have wifi available and are outside of the USA, you can still send or receive text messages to a Canadian or an American number through TextNow.

  • Where are TextNow servers located?

Their servers are located in the United States and Canada, but TextNow is also known to work with IP addresses based in Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland.

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