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Why can’t I Comment on a Certain Person’s Instagram posts? (comment blocked)

Why can’t I Comment on a Certain Person’s Instagram posts

Like all other actions on Instagram, comments can get blocked as well on the platform. Instagram might avoid you from leaving comments under a photo of a certain person, or it might not let you add a comment on any posts at all. This incident has some reasons which I’m going to discuss down below.

Comments on this post have been limited

limited means that you should follow the person to post comments or the owner has limited the comments for close friends, or the following list only. If you see the Instagram message that comments on this post have been If you cannot see all the comments on Instagram, or you see the numbers but no comments, can be because the person has already deleted the comments, Instagram is only showing the top comments on posts, and you should tap on the comment bar to see the rest. The version of Instagram (your Instagram app is not updated), network connection, or Instagram bugs can be other reasons.

So, here is the summary of the reasons why Instagram comments disappeared or show the comments are limited:

  1. You are not following the person
  2. The sender has already deleted the comment
  3. The owner limited the comments for close friends
  4. You see the top comments only
  5. You need the latest version of the Instagram app
  6. This could be an Instagram bug
  7. You have a poor network connection

So to fix if you cannot see comments:

  • Update your Instagram app
  • Make sure you are following the person (if it not your own post)
  • Switch off and on your network connection
  • Use the Instagram desktop version
  • Use another device
  • Wait for couple of hours
limited instagram comments
Instagram comments can be limited

If you see this message comments on this post have been limited it means that the account owner is limited the comments for their followers only. In this case, you should follow the person to insert the comment. But still, you should see the comments.

Why can’t I comment on Instagram?

the reason why you can’t comment or like on Instagram is that your actions are blocked on Instagram. This might have happened to you as well that you tapped on the comment icon under a post on Instagram and you realized that Instagram is preventing you from posting your comment and you surely have been wondering why is that? An error message “Comment blocked” would immediately pop up when you press the send button under a photo or video.

Below are the reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram:

  • You do not have the latest version of Instagram installed.

Duo to what Instagram help itself has announced, the first and the most important reason why Instagram keeps you from commenting is that your app is not updated and you have not upgraded your app to the latest version available. Instagram keeps updating the platform quickly, so you must be careful always to keep your app updated not to lose access to its features or to avoid facing any issues.

  • You included more than five mentions on your comment

You might still be unaware of the fact that Instagram only allows up to 5 mentions (using @ symbol along with the username of a specific person you wish to see that post) per comment. This is one of the most common reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram posts. So if you want to mention more people, you need to make more than one comment to be able to mention all your desired accounts under that post.

  • Your comment has more than 30 hashtags

The allowed number of hashtags you can use on a single comment is 30, and this I precisely the same when you want to include hashtags in your posts. You can’t add more than 30 hashtags on your posts or an Instagram comment. This would make your comment look spamy and would lead to a comment block by Instagram.

  • You are commenting the same thing repeatedly

Your comment will surely get blocked if you try to use the same text over and over again even without changing its emojis. If you keep copy-pasting the same thing under one post or even different posts, more than usual, you will receive the comment block error, and you can’t Comment for a restricted time. So avoid doing this.

  • You have exceeded the daily limits for commenting

With the new Instagram algorithm, you are allowed to make about 180 to 200 comments per day, so, normally, your comment gets block when you overdo this action. So keep it to less than 200 comments daily not to face the comment block error.  If you want your account to be safe on the platform, never violate any of Instagram’s guidelines and always consider the safe zone of activities you make.

exceeding limits
  • Your comment contains filtered words or phrases

There are some words and sentences that violate Instagram’s term of services, and we might be unaware of them; that’s why we mistakenly use them and face issues like this. This might be the reason why Instagram keep you from commenting, your comment might have one of those filtered words or sentences.

  • The original poster might have blocked you

If you notice that you can’t comment on only a certain person’s photos or videos, then you are most probably blocked by that person. To figure this out, try to leave a comment on another post, and if you could comment with no problems, then this guess is right. 

Note: There is another error you might get while commenting which appears when the post you are trying to comment on, has been deleted and that has nothing to do with your comment function getting blocked.

How to get rid of Instagram not allowing you to comment?

This is a disconcerting experience on Instagram to get any of your actions blocked, especially comment because it is one of the most efficient ways you can interact with others and make more followers. Now that you know the things that lead to this issue, you need to avoid them, but if anyways you fell into the trap of Instagram not letting you to comment, there are a few things you can try to get out of this trap and get your comments unblocked.

  • Try to change your IP

You need to know this fact that when Instagram blocks you, it has actually blocked your IP. So to get rid of this block, you can try the steps below, and I assume one of them would work out for you.

  • Use another device

One of the ways you can change your IP and access your Instagram account with a different IP is to log in to your account from a different device than yours.

different devices
  • Get help from a proper VPN

Another way you can try to access your account safely and to be able to change your IP is to utilize a VPN. This way, your IP would change, and Instagram might not be able to know this.

good VPNs
  • Switch to mobile data

Every device using the Internet has two IP addresses: a public and a private one.

In your home, your router uses your public IP address—assigned by your ISP to connect to the Internet. On your mobile device, you have a public IP address. Try to use your phone’s data instead of a Wi-Fi connection to see how that’s work.

Tip: The most effective way would be to integrate all the steps above and use them all together. So grab another device and turn your mobile data on using a VPN and login to your account.

  • Be patient and wait for a whole 24 hours

If in your case the issue is temporary and this block is not going to last forever, most of the blocks are temporary and would not last more than 24 hours. So all you have to do is to keep your patience and wait until your 24 hours finish.

  • Link to your Facebook account

In most cases and for any kinds of action blocks this way has proven to be the best solution since that proves to Instagram that you are a human so that you can connect to your other socials which undoubtedly the best would be your Facebook. So just go ahead and link to your Facebook, close your app and restart the phone so that changes would get applied and guess what? You most probably can comment again.


If you faced the issue of Instagram that not letting you comment, you can try the steps in this blog to try to unblock your action. But the first thing is to be precautious and avoid any action that would lead to these kinds of blocks since if this happens to your account usually, you need to say goodbye to your account soon in the future since you’ll get blocked permanently.

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