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How To Access Discord Unblocked? (On School Or Work)

Discord Unblocked

Are you a fan of Discord? Are you addicted to using it every day? If so, it might be hard to bear that you cannot use it in specific places like your school, university, or public places, such as libraries, Government facilities, etc. Here, you might be wondering if there is a way to bypass such restrictions and use Discord even in these places to communicate with other people in public or private channels. And you are so lucky because, in the text below, you will read a whole guide about discord unblocked, why it happens, and how to do that. So, don’t waste time and keep reading.

How To Unblock Discord?

As we all know, it is too frustrating that you cannot use your favorite in-game chat application in places like schools because it is blocked. But here we are to help you by providing the best ways you can use to unblock Discord, such as:

Using a VPN

VPNs are popular systems that work as a “private” network over public infrastructure, and you can use them to route your Internet traffic through a special encrypted path. If you’re in a place like school where Discord is blocked, you can try a VPN to pretend you’re somewhere else. In this way, the VPN IP hides your address, actual location, personal information, and data and changes them for the receiver. If you choose to use this method, you should choose a famous VPN, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PIA, IP Vanish, or others, and download and install it. Then make an account and activate the VPN. In most cases, these VPNs help you to pass the Discord restriction, unless the router completely blocks out VPN addresses.

Using Proxies

The second way I want to introduce is using a proxy as a gateway between the user and the website/internet. If you decide to use a proxy as a middle-man actor, the process is that you send a request to visit Discord to the Proxy, and it sends and receives the required information from the website and sends it back to you. While using a proxy might make the browsing experience slower, the good point about this way is that there are tons of free proxies, and you can use them without paying.

You can find many of these free proxies by a simple search, but some of them are more popular, such as Hidester. Also, using this proxy is as easy as opening it, copying the Discord website URL, and pressing the ‘Surf anonymously’ button. Then, the browser will take you to the Discord web app, where you can log in and use it.

Working on DNS

If you know what DNS is, you know how useful it can be to access blocked channels like Discord if you know how to change them or use a smart DNS. Basically, DNS is a domain naming system for all internet users who want to navigate the web intuitively. To be more specific, I should say that there is an IP address for each website containing a long combination of numbers, like, and it is hard to remember. So, we turned these IP addresses into domain names, such as Facebook, Discord, YouTube, etc. Here, there are DNS resolvers to handle the translation of domain name to IP address.

When you try to access the website, they get the Discord domain name from your computer connected to the school wifi, and that’s when you’ll get blocked. However, if you choose Smart DNS, your device’s DNS will change in these specific cases. Also, you can change it manually to other third-party DNS Servers, like Google, AdGuard, Cisco, Cloudflare, etc., and see if it helps you to access the Discord App on your computer.

discord unblocked

Trying a web version

As a fan of Discord, you must know that the desktop app is the most popular way to access it, but not the only one. And there are other ways, such as using Discord’s website. So, the next time you face your school or anywhere else blocked using the Discord app, it might be a good idea to take a chance and try the website to see if it is blocked too or not.

Using Discord on a smartphone

Another way is to use Discord on your smartphone instead of using it on your computer. And if you want to do this way, you should only download the Discord official app on your smartphone, but not connect it to the school or university network. Instead, use your mobile data and try to see if it helps you unblock the app.

Using Discord With IP Address

This one is somehow like what I have explained about DNS because, in this way, you try to access the Discord Web Page directly using the IP Address and bypassing the DNS Server. If you want to try this way but don’t know how to get the IP Address of Discord, just follow the below steps:

  • Open Command Prompt on your Windows System by pressing (Win + R).
  • Now, type “cmd” and click on OK.
  • Then type “tracert” in the command prompt and tap enter.
discord unblocked
  • At this level, you will get a response like “Tracing route to []” and some additional information.
  • Here, you will receive a value next to, which is the IP Address of Discord. 
  • Copy this IP Address in a web browser, and hit enter. 
  • Then you will see if it works, or you might receive an error from Cloudflare, saying “Direct IP access not allowed”.

Trying Discord Unblocked App

If you are using Discord on Chrome browser, the other chance to get access to the blocked Discord is to use the Discord Unblocked app as an extension for Chrome Browser. Pay attention if you’re using a Chromebook, the Discord Unblocked will appear as an app. Among the great advantages of this method, I should mention that it is a free app to bypass restrictions on Discord, available for all Chrome Web Browsers, without any advertisement, and with little CPU usage. If you want to try this way, only search “Discord Unblocked” in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to your browser.

Installing Discord from external storage

When a place like a school blocks an app like Discord, the main problem is downloading it on related devices. Here, you can use external storage to install the app. For example, you can download the Discord app at home, use an SD card or USB drive, and transfer it to the computer. Most of the time, you can easily set up the app on your computer unless your school and college computers don’t allow the file installation.

Using another device

While this is not a sure way, it is worth using the app on other devices. So, if your school’s router did not block Discord’s IP address specifically, you can download Discord from the Play Store or the App Store on your phone or tablet and use it regardless of the web browser’s restrictions. 

Trying the Discord Alpha Testing Version

In some of these blockings, the flagship versions of apps go unchecked. So, if you are lucky enough, you wish that the Discord frontrunner versions are not restricted when institutions block the main one. Only try to access canary.discordapp on your school system’s browser or use the IP method mentioned above and type “ping canary.discordapp” in Command Prompt. 

discord unblocked

Using a TOR mirror

Tor is an anonymous software that mirrors traffic from computers around the world, and here we want to introduce it as a way that might help you to access Discord on a school or work network that has banned access/use. While it depends on your network’s firewall and other security measures to get success, you can increase your chances by trying different mirrors. 

Why Is Discord Restricted?

At first sight, Discord is a type of social networking platform, especially used by online gamers because of its closed-room chatting system that allows them to play multiplayer games and participate in text or voice communication simultaneously. So, it might be hard to think why some schools, colleges, universities, libraries, or even countries like China, North Korea, and Iran restrict access to this app because it does not seem harmful. There are two types of reasons for the discord block:

  • First, schools or public places block the app to prevent students from participating in chat sessions or sending files using Discord during class.
  • The second reason is due to government policies or censorship laws because, in some countries like the above-mentioned ones, the government doesn’t want people to post controversial content related to politics, religion, race, or other extreme matters.


Discord is a popular communication app throughout the world that might be blocked in some special places due to political issues or even to prevent students from cheating. But if you face such an issue, there are different ways you can try to bypass it and get Discord unblocked, such as using a VPN or web proxy, trying another device, getting the app from external storage, using Discord Unblocked App, and more, which I have explained them all above. If you still have any questions not answered above, just share them in the comments, and we will try to find the best answer for you. Also, we will be happy to read your experiences below here.

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