1. I am unable to create an instagram account. I had my instagram account removed in March. I had no idea why, then in may I get an email from them saying I had used copyrighted music. It was music in their free library- like 10 seconds of it at that. I had no way of contacting them to explain this and so my account is gone.

    I got a new Chromebook in June and a few days ago used a new email, new user name etc to create a new account. It then went to log me in. Soon as I clicked log in it went to white page saying “this page is broken.”

    I cannot even get the instagram page ( with no log in attempt) to be visible.

    Tried it on my phone and tablet too. Same thing happens. That white page. I tried to create new accounts on both of those with new email addresses and user names etc.

    What are they doing to block me?

    I had friends on insta that are not on other sites and I really miss them.

    Any help would be gratefully recieved.

    I’ve been told by an IT guy online that it is not my IP address, and to clear “site data.” I did that, and still the insta page comes up “this link is broken.”

  2. i need to unblck ig

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