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How to avoid getting banned, blocked or disabled by Instagram

How to avoid getting banned blocked or disabled by Instagram

Recently Instagram has made a few changes in its restrictions. Instagram’s limits for following, unfollowing and liking have remained unclear since today.

Ambitious brands were made to test the limits themselves at risk of being temporarily or permanently banned if they needed to get attention on the platform. We want to interpret and share the exact reasons why you can be banned on Instagram so that you can prevent it for your Instagram account.

What is Instagram action blocked?

Instagram action blocked is an error that appear when users exceed the number of actions on Instagram such as follow, like, comment, unfollow, sending direct message. Indeed, Instagram prevents more action by that user. The time limit for Instagram action blocked depends on the number of actions blocked, type of actions, and the age of Instagram accounts. Normally, it takes up to two weeks for Instagram to remove the blocked actions. However, if user repeat the same behavior, Instagram will detect it and it will block the actions again.

There are different types of actions that would be blocked on Instagram including follow clocked, like blocked, sending message blocked, comment blocked, and unfollow blocked.

Sometimes, Instagram would block all the actions together, and sometimes it removes the actions separately. The most common one is follow, like, unfollow, comment blocked, and still users can post on their stories and feed.

Recently many Instagram users say that their accounts were deleted by Instagram without notice and reasons. They are all struggling to get their accounts back and find answers to “why Instagram deleted my account”, some of them could reactivate their accounts, and some could not. Find out by reading this article to get answers on “why did Instagram delete my account” and what your next steps should be!

There are some other questions about action block. Instagram may remove the account permanently if the action block repeats.

Does Instragram ban email if account banned

Yes. If Instagram disable the account permanently, it will not let the users use the same email to create the account.

My Instagram account has been disabled?

If you have recently created the account and it is disabled because of violating Instagram rules, you will not be able to use that again. Usually Instagram will delete the account permanently.

How to fix Instagram action blocked?

There is no way to fix the Instagram action blocked error, and you should wait until Instagram removes the account from blocked list.

How to prevent Instagram action blocked?

Here are some methods to prevent the action block error on Instagram. in general, you should avoid the suspicious actions on Instagram.

The best way to prevent action block is to automate the actions on Instagram. Instagram bot will automatically do all the action on behalf of you, since it has limits for all Instagram actions.

How to avoid getting banned blocked or disabled by Instagram

1- Do not post content that violates the copyright

Remember that a lot of people can notice and report it. Keep an eye on the content you post: it must be unique, or at least use picture banks service and make sure the owner of the particular picture is informed of sharing his work. This is also relevant to music and videos, so you should cautiously check whether you can incorporate that video or that particular song in your post.

2- Do not use banned #Hashtags

Instagram bans specific hashtags that work against its terms Instagram rules , or are dangerous to the Instagram community. These are hashtags that encourage violence, nudity or violate other community guidelines. But it also somewhat bans hashtags that are being abused all the time, by hiding the latest posts within the hashtag’s results but providing the relevant top posts. For instance, the hashtag #boho only showcases top posts since users frequently misused it.

3- Various IP addresses or Devices

If you usually change your IP-address or entering your account from multiple devices, you also risk being blocked.

4- Post Regularly

One of the leading reasons for Instagram being such a success is the precious nature of the social networking medium. You should post photos on Instagram and remember that it is the regular posting that counts. An active appearance of your Instagram profile can usually save you from getting blocked.

How to avoid getting banned blocked or disabled by Instagram

5- Complete your Instagram profile

This is extremely important. Add a short bio in your Instagram profile. Also, make sure you have a real profile picture. This brings authenticity to your Instagram account.

6- If you are one of the newbies

If you are new to Instagram, remember to post for yourself, before following other people. Generally, a good start includes posting photos regularly, maybe for 2-3 days after regular interludes, because you never know Instagram might pick up and block you for not posting enough.

7- Do not pass the limits!

This will definitely get you banned. Pay attention to Instagram limits for like and follow:

  • Like limits: 350 likes per hour
  • Follow limits: 20 accounts per hour (no more than 7500 people)

8- Do not post photos of documents

Photos of documents (insurance, passport, driver’s license, information about bank accounts and credit cards) trigger the system, and so do fake accounts.

How to avoid getting banned blocked or disabled by Instagram

What to do if Instagram already blocks you?

  • Go to help center  
  • Tap on “My account has been hacked” and then “Report this.”
How to avoid getting banned blocked or disabled by Instagram
  • Fill out the form.
  • Mark the box “My account has been hacked; I have other problems.”
  • Attach a picture of any document of your legal entity to confirm the connection with Instagram and the account.
  • Submit the form after filling out.
  • You should check your mail, as you will receive an automatic letter-request for a full description of the query.
  • Answer the email in detail and wait for a response. If your Instagram account is reinstated, you’ll receive official notification about it.
  • You should receive an answer in a few days. If not, you can try resending the request. It’s possible that your email will come to a more competent member of the Instagram support team, and your issue will be resolved.

That’s it.

If you have any other questions about Instagram and Instagram marketing, let us know in the comments below.

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