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Instagram Deleted my Account for no Reason, Why?

Recently many of Instagram users say that their accounts were deleted by Instagram without notice and reasons. They are all struggling to get their accounts back, some of them could reactivate their accounts, and some could not. In this article, we will review this issue and some possible solutions to solve it.

Why does Instagram delete accounts without notice?

There could be many reasons for which Instagram deletes or disables accounts. For example, being inactive for a long time, getting reported by others, or violating Instagram terms and conditions. Once you log in, you might face some errors such as “Your account has been disabled” or “We’re sorry, something went wrong”, or even an error like this “username not found”.

Instagram login problems
Instagram login problems

In most cases, there will not be sent any notice to show the account holders warning that their account is at the risk of getting disable or deleted. However, since 18th July 2019, Instagram changed its disabling policies, and if they detect someone is violating their terms and conditions, they will notify about the closure of the account. 

Note that many of removed accounts were business accounts with hundreds of hours of works and efforts. Creating so many connections, likes, comments, posts, and losing suddenly all of these, make any user unhappy. Many of these account holders want their accounts back, and since Instagram has no telephone support, this issue might make many users frustrated. Many of them have no hope to take their accounts back, or any desire to create a new account, or even recommending Instagram to others. Because there is no guarantee to have an account forever, and it feels like they have no control over their account.

How to recover your deleted or disabled Instagram account?

Hopefully, there are ways to get your accounts back if Instagram has deleted it. On their notice on 18th July 2019, Instagram announced that they would give opportunities to their user to appeal if they think that they didn’t violate the Instagram policies. To do so, you need to request through the help center, submit a report, and Instagram’s auto-response email will ask you some extra information about your account.

On Android:

On the login screen, you can see Get help signing in below the Log In icon. Enter the username, email, or phone number, then tap Next. If you have forgotten your username you can recover it through don’t know your username.

Tap My login info isn’t working then follow the on-screen instructions.

On iOS (iPhone):

Tap Forgot password on the login page

Below the Send Login Link, you can see My login info isn’t working, tap on that and then follow the instructions

Make sure that you have entered the correct email address that you have access to it. Once you submit the report Instagram will send you an email regarding your request and ask you to provide some more information.

Instagram delete or disable accounts

One of the verification methods is sending a photo of the account owner holding a paper with a handwritten code that Instagram would provide. The other way to verify the account is sending the email address or phone number a person signed up with and the type of device they used at the time of sign up (example: iPhone, Android, iPad, other). Instagram would consider and send a link with account recovery instructions through which one can log in to the account. The message is like this:

Your account has been reactivated, and you should be able to access it now. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please visit the Help Center.”

You might also revoke access to any third-party apps and try the process. Many users report that they could finally take their account back.


If you experienced this issue, you can use the forgotten password, log in via Facebook and check the entered information carefully. If still your problem isn’t solved, you can contact Instagram via reporting your account, and after some security check, you might be able to login into your account again.

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