iPhone Black Screen: Why it Happens and How to Fix it?

Have you ever faced an iphone black screen? It might have happened iphone users at least once for all iPhone users that their phone rings while the screen is black, and they can not answer the call. Also, this situation might persist even if you try to reset your iPhone or let it run out of battery. But do not worry because, in this text, I will explain the answer to the “why is my iphone screen black” question and all details, such as the iphone black screen of death, the iphone is on but screen is black issues.

Why is my iPhone screen black?

Before I want to go through the ways of solving the “my iphone screen is black” issue, you need to find the answer to “why is my iphone screen black”. So, here, I have made a list of the probable reasons that might cause such an issue.

  • Sometimes, you think your iphone is on but screen is black because you have accidentally entered the DFU mode.
  • Also, the iphone black screen issue can be due to a hardware issue, like when you drop your phone or use it too much.
  • The third possible case that can cause the “my iphone screen is black” issue is related to software issues, such as failed iOS restore or a software crash.
  • In another case, you might see that your iphone is on but screen is black because an application is taking too much memory space or contains malware.
  • And the last option is about the iphone black screen of death, which happens when your phone battery is low.
iphone black screen

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How to fix the iPhone black screen?

Now it is obvious that when my iphone screen is black it does not mean that I have to replace it. In this paragraph, I want to go through some simple ways that might help you fix iphone black screen issue.

  • The first way is to use your charger and charge your phone for a few minutes. And if your case is an iphone black screen of death, this way might solve your problem. 
  • Or you can try to perform a force restart based on your phone type and see if it solves the iphone black screen issue.
  • If your iphone is on but the screen is black it can be due to a troublesome app, which you can solve by exciting the app and trying to update or reinstall it from the App Store. 
  • If none of the above methods solve my iphone screen is black, it is time to restore and update your iPhone system through iTunes. Always remember that before any restoring, Go through the “Summary” tab and choose the “Back Up Now” option. In this way, you can restore your backup from iTunes anytime you want and you will not lose any data.
  • Or you can use an advanced tool like Mobitrix Perfix and instantly fix your iphone black screen issue without any data loss.
  • Also, you can try other ways of restoring, such as recovery mode restore or DFU Restore
iphone black screen

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  • iPhone is on but screen is black

One of the most important points that help you solve your iphone black screen issue is to recognize whether your iphone is on but screen is black or you are facing an iphone black screen of death. While there is nothing to consider this situation well, you can use some signs to understand if your iphone is on but the screen is black, such as when your screen is black, but you can hear alerts, sounds, and vibrations, or when you face iPhone black screen but your device still chirps when you unmute it or connect it to the charger.

  • iPhone black screen with apple logo

If you face an iphone black screen with the apple logo, it is somehow the same as what I told you about iphone black screen in the above paragraphs. But here, I will talk about its details in summary, like possible reasons that can vary from iOS upgrade to iPhone jailbreak, restoring from iTunes or iCloud, an old iOS version, transferring data, or internal hardware damage. And the most common ways that might help you solve this problem are different kinds of restoring, from restarting your phone to restoring your iPhone via Recovery Mode or DFU Mode.

  • Why is my google screen black on my iphone

When a new Google update arrives, the app automatically chooses the default theme of your operating system. For example, if your phone is set to a system-wide dark mode, the Google app will seem black on your iPhone.

  • What is the iphone black screen of death repair cost

If your iPhone has a black screen and you’re trying to figure out what the cost of repairs might be, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, if your iPhone is still under warranty, the repair cost may be covered by Apple. If not, you’ll likely need to pay for the repairs yourself. The cost of repairs will vary depending on the severity of the problem and whether you need to replace the entire screen or just the LCD. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for iPhone black screen repair.Check PlagiarismCopySave


Why is my iphone screen black? That is one of the most frequently asked questions among iPhone users. But most of the time this is not a complicated situation, and you can solve your iphone black screen through simple ways like using a charger and waiting until your phone is charged when you face an iphone black screen of death. Or you can restart your phone or restore your system in different ways. To know more about the details of the “my iphone screen is black” issue, why this happens, and how to solve it read the above text.

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