No sound on iPhone 2022: Why and how to fix it?

In the role of iPhone owners, people need to focus more on the websites providing guidance and “how to fix” posts since this smartphone is more complicated and sensitive compared with its Android rivals. Having no sound on iPhone is one of those predicaments a user can encounter, no matter if you have no sound on iPhone videos, texts, or even calls.

Whenever the members of a family stop talking with each other, the house resembles a dark, desolate castle. Getting bored with having a “dumb” iPhone? Here, we will see how we should approach these questions;

  1. Why is there no sound on iPhone?
  2. Why is there no sound on my iPhone videos?
  3. How to fix an iPhone no sound on text?
  4. How to fix an iPhone no sound on calls?
  5. How to fix having no sound on iPhone videos?

no sound on iPhone

Why is there no sound on iPhone?

The principle of “being soundless” is a broad term that needs to be divided into several subclasses, so you need to narrow your “why is there no sound on my iPhone” question in order to get proper help. By default, we need to hear a sound (in the form of a notification) from our iPhone to get an alert about these tasks;

  • Incoming calls
  • Texts
  • Watching videos

Although each section needs to be considered carefully to find the culprit, the main etiologies for having no sound on iPhone can be lowered speakers, disabled sound notification option(s), or having a vicious cycle as a bug in our software. We will review each part in a specific paragraph.

No sound on iPhone video

The in-built microphones of your phone allow you to record lovely moments to see and reminisce on them later in your life. But this can be failed because of an unknown problem. In another scenario, you can’t hear any sound while you are watching media on social platforms. Why is there no sound on my iPhone? Four main causes can enforce your device having no sound on iPhone video;

  1. Glitches: the applications available on App Store are committed to functioning well on customers` devices, but sometimes bugs and viruses can affect their performance. This will make the application unstable and unable to play your video with its entire details.
  2. Update error: all devices need to undergo a software overhaul, and so does your iPhone. If your device was abandoned to get the fresh codes from the internet, it might have trouble with displaying no sound when necessary.
  3. Microphone error: your phone’s speaker is vulnerable to damage over time, so there is a chance that your phone has not recorded the sound in the first place or just can’t display it now for you.
  4. Social media-related issues: if you are okay with watching your videos on your local memory but fail to do the same job on your social media, you should not blame your phone for it. Make sure all social platform settings are intact, or the file you are viewing is not broken or uploaded defectively.

iPhone no sound on text

Living with an iPhone no sound on text can be miserable for any iOS user. If your device shows no notification for new SMS or iMessage, or you aren’t just getting text message sound alerts on your iPhone, these methods can be helpful;

  • Check your notification settings for messages

For a person with an “iPhone no sound on text” error, the first step is to check the settings available for message notification. Also, you need to make sure that the Messages app is permitted to show your notifications on the Lock Screen or Notification Center. To check the settings;

  1. Open your “Settings” app and go to Notifications > Messages
  2. Next, check the “Allow Notification” open and make sure it is green.
  3. Now, check the boxes for “Lock Screen,” “Notification Center,” and “Banners” so that they are correct.
  4. Click on “Sounds” and choose a loud-voice tone for your alerts.
  5. If you are not able to see the actual message content on iPhone Lock Screen, select “Show Previews” and choose the “Always” option.
  • The person is mute

If you mute a contact on your iPhone, their texts will not be associated with an alert sound. To fix this;

  1. Open your Messages app and navigate through your conversations.
  2. If you see a conversation with a gray slashed bell icon, swipe left on it.
  3. Finally, click on the purple-white bell icon to unmute this chat.
  • Maybe the person is blocked

If you have forgotten the reason why you blocked the person, let’s forgive them and start a new relationship. To unblock a contact on your iPhone, follow these steps;

  1. Open the “Settings” app and select “Messages.”
  2. Click on “Blocked Contacts.”
  3. If you see the guy here, swipe left on their name or number and tap “Unblock.”
  • Turn off the Unknown Senders filter

The iPhone series allows users to mute any call or text from unknown people. If you enable this feature, you might miss a few meaningful text notifications in rare cases. To fix this problem;

  1. Go to “Settings” and navigate “Messages.”
  2. Open the “Unknown & Spam” section.
  3. Turn off “Filter Unknown Senders.”
  • Turn off Silent Mode

Consider that new texts won’t have a notification tone after you put your iPhone in silent mode. Furthermore, the “Do Not Disturb” option will not allow your phone to vibrate or play a sound for new texts, resulting in an iPhone no sound on text. By default, iOS 15 has Focus modes that let you configure which apps and people you want to allow notifications from. So if you are using one of them and hearing no sound on iPhone, you should turn them off.

  • Enable “Notify Me”

If you were receiving too many notifications from iMessage groups, and thus you muted the conversion, you can keep your alertness and peace simultaneously by enabling the “Notify Me” option. To do it, go to your Settings > Messages and turn on “Notify Me.” Now, you will just receive notifications when someone mentions you in a muted conversation.

  • Apple watch dilemma

For those people owing an Apple watch, having no sound on iPhone is a common complaint. If you have enabled text notifications on your Apple Watch, it may not show them on the iPhone or play the tone. Make sure your phone and Apple watch are using the latest iOS system. Moreover, you need to turn off text notifications on the Apple Watch from the Watch app.

  • Restart/Upgrade your phone

All the above methods may fail to give a handful hand, so you need to train your hand once more. In this case, restart your iPhone or ensure your device uses the latest software version.

IPhone no sound on calls

The main reason a person needs to buy a mobile phone is to be accessible at any location and to get calls from the people they need to talk with them. Maybe you have already missed a call from your boss or an invitation to a friend’s party just because your iPhone did not successfully do its job well. To fix the “iPhone no sound calls” issue, five solutions are made here;

  • Clear any blockage of the iPhone receiver

In some cases, your speaker is filled with dirt or dust, or your new phone cover has just blocked the output pathway of the speaker. As a result, you can clean the speaker opening with a soft, clean bristled brush or remove any barrier (like screen protector or phone cover) to make the speaker more relieved.

  • Increase the volume if the phone sound is low

The iPhone smartphones are still accompanied by traditional manual sound buttons, though they have experienced more than one technological revolution. Since the side sound buttons are projected from the main frame, any unconscious hand or finger can touch them unintentionally, making the iPhone no sound on calls. To prevent happening again, you need to check the main sound level on your phone periodically.

  • Turn off your Bluetooth or disconnect your headsets from your iPhone

Nowadays, most iPhone headsets are wireless, so there is no white and long wire to get your attention while they are connected to your device. Make sure that nothing is plugged into your iPhone’s headphone jack or dock connector. If you use a wireless headset, always check your Bluetooth has been disabled after you have finished working with them.

  • Check your network or reception

If you still hear no sound on iPhone, even after turning on the speaker phone, then your network strength or reception could be the issue. In this case, you need to reset your network settings and try calling again from a different location. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Click on the “Reset” tab
  4. Choose the “Reset network settings” option
  • Restart your phone

As I mentioned before, some minor glitches can lead to the “no sound on iPhone” problem; however, the good news is these glitches usually will be removed once you restart your iPhone. If none of the previous methods unknot your issue, maybe it is time to run the fifth one.

How to fix no sound on iPhone?

Each “Calls” and “Text” department has its own causes and solutions while we hear no sound on iPhone due to any of them. However, in some cases, we have made a mistake in measuring the dimensions of the problem, which is deeper than we thought before.

The last and somehow “the most definite” solution for all these issues can be updating your system, especially when you have forgotten to do it for a long time. Like us humans, smartphones also need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in order to overcome incoming challenges and software malfunctions.

How to fix no sound on iPhone videos?

Why is there no sound on my iPhone videos while watching media offline or online? For the people not being to listen to their internal memory media files, these methods are accessible to help;

  • Ensure your microphone is not disabled or lowered

Just, as usual, some guys forget to turn on their microphone/speaker either when they want to start recording to watching it later. If you are a member of that oblivious population, maybe you need a reminder.

  • Move the video to a different phone or your PC/laptop

To rule out the defectiveness of your video, take it to a different smartphone or your PC/laptop and play it again. If you see the same problem, your file has lost its audio binary codes and needs repairing.

  • Check your sound settings

Take a step further and check all sound settings on your device. To do that, open your “Settings” app and navigate to “Sounds” or “Sounds and Haptics” in the older iPhone version. Now you can see a collection of sound options and level indicators to adjust your ringtones and alert sounds.

  • Clean your headset jack

If the “no sound on iPhone” problem is only present when you use your headsets, maybe the cleaning time of your headset jack has just arrived. If the dust accumulation in your iPhone jack is creating an illusion of plugged-in earphones, the device will show a headphone icon on the top. If you see it, take the cover of your phone out and clean all remained dust and dirt on the surface.

  • Turn off your Do Not Disturb (DND) feature

If your DND option is enabled, you can test the condition by turning it off and viewing the result. To do that, go to your “Settings” app, and look for the “Do Not Disturb” tab on the screen.

  • Soft reset your iPhone

Finally, the last method is software updating. Accumulated data and cache on your phone may bulk it over time, causing your iPhone to misbehave. In this way, you need to be patient and hopeful to have your issue resolved unless you need to visit an official Apple support office for a full phone checkup.


Most sound-associated problems on iPhone (or other) smartphones are software-related, so there is no need to panic or look for a technician to do surgery on your phone. Why is there no sound on my iPhone? All you need to resolve it is to locate the blamed partition, look for the main cause, and fix it according to the guide above. For getting more information, visit the official Apple support website or search for your answer in public communities.

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