How to use emojis to get more engagement on Instagram

How to use emojis to get more engagement on Instagram

So we want to take a moment and find out how important it is to have emojis in our life and what benefits they have brought to our social media lives.

Social media is all about human connections, and it can be tough to connect with others without showing some emotion. In fact, talking to someone without facial expressions and without showing reactions is a little creepy and robotic. Do you remember the text messages we used to send to each other before emojis come around? Guessing the feeling of the audience was tough. And sometimes it led to misunderstandings and fights!

So thank God for emojis right?

Instagram is the most visual social media around so you can guess the importance of using emojis in it. Just a month after releasing emojis on iOS and Android keyboards, Instagram had a 10% increase in using emojis on its channel. Today, over 50% of the captions and comments on Instagram contain at least two emojis!

The better thing is you can use these lovely expressions on hashtags today! So imagine what you can do with these opportunities!

Emojis are universal!

The best thing about emojis is that they don’t have a specific language. You can talk to anyone anywhere with just using emojis and showing the expression! So it eliminates the need for texting!

Some brands get advantages of this, in some pizza places the customers can order a pie or a pizza by merely sending the emoji to their social media account! So you don’t even have to pick up the phone and order the food! You can just send a pic and all done!

The top 100 emojis on Instagram

Instagram’s visual connection is creating excellent opportunities for brands to connect with their customers and fans. So emojis are really helpful here, you can think: which characters are most famous for the users?

Using emojis on a business account

You can just get closer to your audience by showing them some human expressions with emojis. This will get you closer to your costumes, and they will feel that you are one of them, a human! Not just a business robot who just wants to make more money from them!

The most popular emoji was “camera,” which appeared 85 times in the 2,500 posts—but it didn’t generate much engagement compared with the heart, which was also the second most used by brands (55 times).

Where can you use emojis?

  1. On your bio

Your Instagram bio shows your personality and style, no matter what that is. Fun, busy, professional, cute, serious, animal lover, food lover, whatever your brand is, you should define it by emojis too.

  1. On your caption

You can use emojis in your post captions too. This can be a chance to get a better personality to your brand with every post and message you write. It’s simple. Don’t get obsessed with it.

  1. In Your Comments

Something you can do a LOT is responding to Instagram comments with emojis. You can use a bunch of facial affect emojis for nearly all responses. This is the way of attaching personality and emotion to an answer or comment without sinking your posts with emojis.

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