Why am I losing followers on Instagram (How to stop this)

How to stop losing followers on Instagram?

It is an absolute thing that Instagram has become a central social media marketing tool among entrepreneurs and businesses. Nowadays gaining followers is trending these days.

It can be so easy by a little search. But the most important thing is that to retain those followers. The mentionable thing is that to search for how to prevent people from unfollowing you. You should remember the more followers you gain; the more people may unfollow you.

Here you can get the answer to ” why am I losing followers on Instagram” and how you can convince your Instagram followers to remain your customers before they push the green button to make it white.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram?

There are some reasons why you keep losing followers on Instagram, and in this section I am going to name some of those reason for you, so you can avoid these actions and stop losing followers on Instagram.

Not interacting enough

If a user wants more engagement, he/she should engage with followers too. If a user sits and waits for readers to come to them they will be waiting for a long time. On Instagram, it’s important for users to like and comment on other people’s posts as a way to introduce themselves and to increase engagement.

An incomplete or fake bio

Your bio is a very important factor to attract followers. It is a five second pitch to show readers why they should follow you on Instagram. So always keep your bio complete and attractive.

You are not using hashtags

Think of hashtags as a filing cabinet for Instagram. They help keep content organized and discoverable. Posts that use a specific hashtag are put within that “file.” When your ideal reader searches for that hashtag, they can easily scroll through all the posts that use it.

When authors use the wrong hashtags, it keeps them from getting in front of the right people. Hashtags are also one of the best ways to boost engagement. So if you aren’t using any hashtags, that might be why you’re losing followers.

Promoting too much

It sucks when you follow some one whose Instagram stories and posts are always promotional. So if you want to promote some one or a product, do it maximumly once a day.

Sharing lots of posts and stories

One of the most effective reasons in losing followers on Instagram is that you are bothering your followers by overposting on the platform. So keep the limit and do not overdo posting on Instagram.

How to stop losing Instagram followers?

If you are looking for ways to stop your followers count from going down here are some things you can do to prevent this.

Have An Attractive Bio

“Making a good first impression is important” You can say it for social media, too. Instagram bios are the first thing people will look at, after bump into your account, that means your bio for Instagram is crucial!

Be Consistent but Do Not Over Do It

One of the most important tips is this one to balance your posting. Not less, not more. We do not say post every day and night, but post at a regular time. But try not to have a long absence between your activities and besides try not to post more than 1 to 2 times a day.

Engage as much as you can

Social network means an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information. So being in touch with your followers consistently is the essential step toward Instagram’s goals. Like their posts, comment on their pictures and reply their comments on your posts to show that you care.

Be Relevant

Post right in your niche. Be relevant. The reason why people follow you is your content; they enjoy watching photos with such theme, if you want to upload irrelevant posts, they may leave you.

Quality over Quantity

Take photos with high quality and post videos with high resolutions. Quality is superior to the number of posts you upload. Cause as it is obvious is Instagram is a visual platform and quality is so important to retain your followers.

Be Yourself

Don’t live a lie life. Living like a real person matters. Fake lives don’t last long. And everybody will understand it sooner or late and may unfollow you.

Do not Upload Selfies More

Do not upload your selfies consecutive. No one like to see the same person in different situations in a row.

Use Hashtags Appropriately

Use proper hashtags that are related to your posts and niche. And also, be aware of banned hashtags.

Do not Advertise Much

Speaking about your brand without any pros for your followers and advertising other pages more and more can make users frustrated. Everyone has its reason that why he unfollows you. Sometimes it is not related to what you post or what you write. But before everything, it’s good to know these tips to prevent your account from getting unfollowed. You can also read all about Instagram unfollow, from limits, how to know who blocked you, how to mass unfollow and etc. here in:”The Complete Guide to Instagram Unfollow.”


These days gaining followers is becoming harder day by day, by losing followers on Instagram is easy. After reading this guide now you know the answer to Why am I losing followers on Instagram, and all the things to do to stop this nightmare and avoid losing followers.

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