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Red Heart On Snapchat: What is it and why it disappeared?

Snapchat, a widely used social media platform, employs a unique language of emojis to represent various aspects of user interaction. Among these, the Red Heart emoji holds a special place, symbolizing a mutual best friendship over a certain period. However, users often find that this Red Heart emoji can mysteriously disappear, leading to questions and curiosity. This article aims to demystify the Red Heart on Snapchat, exploring its meaning, significance, and the reasons behind its disappearance. As we delve into this digital symbol of friendship, we’ll uncover the dynamics of Snapchat interactions and the factors that influence the emojis you see.

What Does the Red Heart on Snapchat Mean?

The Red Heart on Snapchat signifies a special connection between two users. It appears next to a friend’s name when you have been each other’s #1 Best Friend for two consecutive weeks. In other words, you and this friend share the most snaps with each other compared to your other friends for a period of two weeks.

This feature is part of Snapchat’s charm, adding a layer of emotion to the experience. It encourages users to interact more frequently with their closest friends. However, it’s important to note that the Red Heart, like other Snapchat emojis, can change over time based on your interaction patterns. For example, if you continue to be each other’s #1 Best Friend for two months, the Red Heart will change to a Pink Heart.

In terms of safety, the Red Heart and other Snapchat emojis are features designed to enhance user experience and are safe to use. They do not share any additional personal information about the user. As always, while using any social media platform, it’s important to be mindful of the information you share and with whom you interact.

red heart on snapchat

How to Get the Red Heart on Snapchat?

Earning the red heart on Snapchat involves building and maintaining a strong connection with a friend, signifying a high level of interaction and engagement. The red heart is a part of Snapchat’s Best Friends feature, and achieving this status requires consistent communication. Here’s a detailed guide on how to get the red heart on Snapchat:

Frequent Interaction:

The red heart is awarded based on the frequency and intensity of your interactions with a specific friend. Regularly exchanging snaps, sending messages, and engaging with each other’s content contribute to building a strong connection.


Maintaining Snapstreaks is a significant factor in earning the red heart. A Snapstreak occurs when you and a friend exchange snaps consecutively for multiple days. The longer the streak, the higher the likelihood of achieving the red heart status.

Consistent Communication:

Regular and consistent communication plays a crucial role. Responding promptly to messages, actively participating in conversations, and sharing snaps contribute to demonstrating your engagement with a particular friend.

Quality Engagement:

While frequency matters, the quality of your engagement is equally important. Sending personalized snaps, responding thoughtfully to messages, and showing genuine interest in your friend’s content contribute to building a stronger connection.

Snapchat Best Friends List:

The red heart is part of the Best Friends feature, which automatically selects a few friends based on your interactions. Your Best Friends list evolves based on your recent engagement, and the red heart is assigned to the friend with whom you currently share the closest connection.

Privacy Settings:

Adjusting your privacy settings can influence the visibility of your Best Friends list and the red heart. You can choose to share this information with everyone, limit it to friends only, or keep it entirely private, depending on your comfort level.


Snapchat allows users to customize emojis associated with Best Friends. While the red heart is a default symbol, users can choose from a variety of emojis to represent their unique relationships, adding a personal touch to the display of friendships.

Respecting Privacy:

It’s important to note that the Best Friends feature is dynamic and can change based on recent interactions. However, respecting your friends’ privacy and communication preferences is crucial. Not all users may want to engage in consistent communication or maintain Snapstreaks.

red heart on snapchat

Why Does the Red Heart on Snapchat Disappear?

The Red Heart emoji on Snapchat, as mentioned earlier, symbolizes that you and a particular friend have been each other’s #1 Best Friend for two consecutive weeks. However, this emoji can disappear and be replaced by other emojis, which can be due to several reasons:

  1. Change in Interaction: The most common reason for the Red Heart disappearing is a change in your interaction pattern with your friend. If either of you starts exchanging more snaps with someone else, then that person could become your new #1 Best Friend, causing the Red Heart to disappear.
  2. Lack of Interaction: If you and your friend stop sending snaps to each other for more than 24 hours, then the Red Heart can disappear. Snapchat’s friend emojis are based on interaction, so a lack of interaction can lead to a change in emojis.
  3. Duration of Friendship: If you and your friend continue to be each other’s #1 Best Friend for two months, the Red Heart will change to a Pink Heart. This change signifies a longer duration of mutual best friendship.
  4. Snapchat Updates: Sometimes, Snapchat updates can cause temporary glitches in the app, which might affect the appearance of emojis. However, these are usually resolved quickly.
  5. Emoji Settings: Snapchat allows users to customize their friend emojis. If you or your friend changed the Red Heart to a different emoji in the settings, it would cause the Red Heart to disappear.

The disappearance of the Red Heart on Snapchat is typically tied to changes in your interactions with your friends on the platform. It’s a dynamic feature that reflects the ebb and flow of your Snapchat relationships. So, if your Red Heart disappears, it’s a sign that the nature of your Snapchat interaction with your friend has changed. But remember, it’s just an emoji, and the real heart of any friendship lies in the bond you share beyond the screens of your smartphones!


The Red Heart on Snapchat serves as a dynamic symbol of your interactions with your friends on the platform. It appears when you and a friend have been each other’s #1 Best Friend for two consecutive weeks, signifying a consistent and mutual exchange of snaps. However, this emoji is not permanent and can disappear due to various reasons such as changes in interaction patterns, lack of interaction, duration of friendship, app updates, or changes in emoji settings. While it can be surprising to see the Red Heart disappear, it’s important to remember that it’s a feature designed to add a layer of fun and emotion to your Snapchat experience. The disappearance of the Red Heart simply reflects the evolving nature of your interactions on Snapchat, reminding us that digital connections, like real-life relationships, are subject to change and growth.

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