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Why isn’t Instagram music feature showing up for me? (2024 update)

Why isnt Instagram music feature showing up for me

The Instagram music sticker is one of the newest features of Instagram stories. However, many users reporting that they have trouble adding music on their Instagram stories. Read the article to know why can’t users add music on Instagram stories, how to fix it, and how to add music on Instagram stories. 

On June 28, 2018, Instagram announced the new feature on stories as a music sticker through which you can add music on Instagram stories. The sad part is that so many users do not have the Instagram music sticker or they get the “Instagram music not available” error while trying to play a post or story which has music.

The music sticker feature is still limited for some countries, if you see that your countrymate is sharing the music on their accounts or you are sure that it is available in your country, then follow the tips below. 

How to add music on Instagram stories?

Adding music on Instagram stories is simple, and you need to find the sticker while uploading on accounts. 

To add music on Instagram stories: 

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on your profile picture on the top left which has + icon 
  3. Select a background for the music 
  4. Tap on the sticker icon on the top 
  5. Find music from the list of stickers (if you could not find the music sticker, you can search it on the search bar there only).
  6. Choose the audio file 
  7. Wait until upload competes 
  8. Tap on “send to”
why can't i add music to my instagram story
why can't i add music to my instagram story

You can browse from the library of thousand music available on Instagram stories, and search by popular and trending music, mood, or their genre. 

Once you choose the music, you can hear the demo too. 

Also, you can select a song and then record a video. So, you can mix the video and audio both on Instagram stories at the same time. 

To use this feature, you should: 

  • Open the camera 
  • Swipe up to the new Music option
  • Choose the part of the song you need 
  • Record and the music will be played in the background of the video 

So, this is a good option for those who want to record short videos for fun on Instagram stories. Then you can save it too! And post to the feed separately. 

Instagram music not available for some accounts (Instagram music not available in your region)

You might face the error that “Instagram music isn’t available in your region”, which means that your country’s IP and all the Instagram accounts registered on that IP do not have the Instagram music feature yet.

This is because some countries don’t have this feature due to copyright issues. The feature is yet to be launched in your country, that’s why you get the Instagram music not available error a you can’t enjoy using neither the music feature in posts nor the Instagram music sticker in stories. 

Instagram Music Not Working

Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story?

Instagram music is not available for some accounts because it is limited to some countries. If you cannot see the Instagram music stickers, you should still wait if it becomes available. In general, there are some reasons why you can’t I add music to my Instagram story.

  1. Your country is not listed
  2. Your Instagram app is not up-to-date
  3. The Instagram app does not perform well

Fix Instagram music not working

If you search the internet, there are some solutions for this, which I am not sure if it works. Try the solutions below to fix Instagram music not working:

  • Update the Instagram app 

As Instagram recommends, to use all Instagram features, you should update your app through the app store or google play. So, make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. Then open the Instagram app, tap on your profile on the top right of the home. Select a picture, tap on the sticker icon on top. Find the music sticker and then add your music through the list. Wait until it completely uploads. 

  • Clear cache 

Sometimes Instagram app fills with unnecessary files and data, which affect the performance of the app. So, clearing Instagram cash would help the apps work better. You can find the Instagram app from the app listed on the setting of your phone (not the app itself on-screen). 

Then tap on the app in the background and find the clear cache option. Tap on precise cash. 

  • Using VPN 

Changing the IP address may work for showing the Instagram music feature, but it is not guaranteed. To change the phone IP address, you can use any VPN available on the market. 

Sum up 

If you are sure that your region is listed on the selected countries, then check if your Instagram is up-to-date, and you are using the latest version of Instagram. The clear cache would also help to solve this kind of issue on the Instagram app. 

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