Instagram Shop is now Open

Instagram Shop

On May 9, 2019, Instagram announced that they opened an account specifically for people who love to shop from different brands. With this account, you can go to the page, see the products, and tap on the tag and but it directly from Instagram. However, Instagram has made @shop for mobile users only.

Instagram shop is now open

Instagram recently had announced that they were working on shopping directly from Instagram. They also had mentioned some of the brands’ names that people can shop from them directly. Now, it seems they have launched this new feature. You can search on Instagram through your mobile phone for @shop. If you open the page, you see many products featured by Instagram, along with a tag just on the top right corner. If you click on the photo or video, you see the products, its related business, and if you tap on the tag, you can see more details such as price or the website. You can also try some amazing PrestaShop to sell your products.

There is also an option for you to save the products that you are interested in buying. Like other posts on Instagram, you can send the products to others.

Instagram shop

However, it seems that there are some few brands promoted on this page, and still it is not clear how Instagram has selected these brands, and how they are going to expand shopping from these brands.  They had already announced a few brand names, including Feel jeans, Glossier Play Colorslide, founders like KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics and some other names, that seems are not like big brands. Instagram might purposely add this account to increase the activities of small businesses that mostly use Instagram to promote their products.


Social media like Instagram is one of the top platforms of businesses, particularly small business. With adding @shop features, people can shop easily from a page. However, the future of this trend is not clear, how people would compete to get into the Instagram list of @shop.

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