Instagram is Making it Easier to Take Back Hacked Account

Instagram is Making it Easier to Take Back Hacked Account

Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users, and the number of people who face Instagram account hack is increasing, and it may concern people about using Instagram. Instagram account hackers change user’s passwords and end up them in having no access to their account.

As a result of getting feedback from users, Instagram has announced that it is releasing a feature that will keep Instagram accounts from being hacked by giving users the option to enter other information like an email address or phone number. Also, they can take back their hacked Instagram accounts even if a hacker has changed their account’s information.

As Instagram has claimed the new feature will appear when someone enters the incorrect password. If you enter the wrong password repeatedly, you will see an option “Need more help” on the Instagram app’s log-in screen. Also, Instagram’s spokesperson claimed that they provide additional support for those who have hacked Instagram accounts.

The new feature is available to Android users, and now it is being rolled out for iOS users too.

Instagram is doing its best to allow people to recover their accounts without needing to contact Instagram’s support team. Instagram will send you a verification code which enables you to access your account. Also, Instagram removes any other devices which are logged in to your account.

Moreover, some Instagram users’ problem was stealing their account’s username. Fortunately, Instagram has made a solution for it because some accounts that have original names or short and popular usernames are considered valuable usernames.

Instagram has announced that it won’t let previously used usernames be available for several days to keep it from Instagram hackers, but there is no exact information about the period, the spokesperson said it would be “multiple days.”

It is wise of Instagram to release new features to stop hackers, but I think it is just a pause for hackers, they may find another way to take popular Instagram usernames and accounts. To be optimistic, it may disappoint some Instagram hackers and might be a good opportunity for Instagram to check and make sure whether someone can hack an Instagram account anymore or not.

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