Instagram Launches Anti-Bullying tools on Comments

Anti Bullying tools on Comments

On July 8th, 2019, Instagram announced that they are adding a new option to Instagram to prevent bullying. This tool is limiting the feedback and the comment senders. Ever increasing use of Instagram, especially by young people, caused Instagram taking actions to encourage positivity and connecting people with what they love.

Instagram fights against online bullying

From a long time ago, the mission of spreading positive words, and having a healthy community is announced by Instagram and some other popular social media like Twitter. Since then, they have tried and added many tools to protect the society, with different strategies like separating friends and close friends, limiting the negative comments, sending spam messages to the requests part of DM. And now, Instagram introduces the restrictions of bullying in the comment.

#Comment notification

Instagram has divided the option into two parts. The Instagram algorithm has changed to find negative words, and gives an alarm to the sender if they still want to send the comments, which might be annoying. Instagram aims to ask people by ” Are you sure you want to post this?” to rethink about their words on Instagram.

And the second part is about protecting the accounts from unwanted interactions. In this case, all people can post their comments, but the accounts holders have options to approve or decline them. So, the comments if restricted become only visible to the senders, not others.

Instagram will not notify the persons if their comments are restricted because people reported that they are reluctant to unfollow, block, or report. This action helps users to have a better experience on Instagram.

If you are an Instagram user, you might have noticed that some of your friends or Instagrammer would turn off the comment options on their posts to skip haters and negative comments. It gives that one of the most engaging parts of the content which its comments are disabled. Therefore, With the new options of providing notification to the senders, and restricting their accounts from more interactions, Instagram users can be more comfortable with leaving their posts open.


It seems that the new options of Instagram would help many accounts feeling safe and convenient. However, this is just an announcement, and we should see how it would be once it is launched.

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