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Instagram is Working on “Clips”!

It seems Instagram after replicating Snapchat’s story option is thinking about a brand new application: TikTok How did Instagram end up adding a new feature?

According to Jane Manchun Wong’s report, Instagram is replicating once again. It is almost clear that when a new application appears, other apps and platforms will inquisitively analyze the options and add to their business. especially something like SnapChat and recently TikTok that could attract a massive number of people and become a competitor for big applications such as Instagram and Facebook, in a short time.

Here is what the reverse Engineering expert Wong explained, about ‘Clips’:

“Just like TikTok, “Clips” allows users to record segments of videos into a single video Story. Just like TikTok, users can overlay music on clips. Just like TikTok, users can adjust the speed and timer of each video clips.”

she also gives her own idea:

To me, this is unsurprising because TikTok is a rising star in the social media space, and Instagram/Facebook has shown the pattern of cloning features from competitors.”

But this is not Instagram’s first time to replicate its’ competitors new feature to stop losing its users. Not only Instagram but also other big platforms get influenced by other apps. For example, WhatsApp replicates Snapchat’s Stories as Status. Facebook replicates Snapchat’s stories as Messenger Day, AR masks, YouTube, Snapchat, and some other applications and platforms are included. 

You may think that Instagram has its own 1 billion active users per month. So, why should Instagram do this cheap work to replicate a newborn app like TikTok??

The answer is, it doesn’t matter how big and powerful you are. You must be aware of your surrounding events and new platforms or apps that may become your dangerous competitors. TikTok is one of them. After passing one year, it has over 500 million active users which are not something that Instagram can just wing it.

As Wong said, TikTok is a rising star in digital space which shows up in 2017 by the Chinese tech company ByteDance. And according to the analysis and reports, most of TikTok’s users are teenagers. The way TikTok makes it easy for teenagers to upload and share videos with lots of interesting filters is the reason to become popular among young people. This option can be another reason for Instagram to add ‘Clips’ to its powerful options.  Lastly, people, experts, influencers, and all the ordinary people are waiting to see Instagram’s new option(Clips). They also are curious to see will Instagram be able to knock TikTok out and make users change their application from TikTok to Instagram. What Do you think?

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