5 Best Video Editing Tools for Instagram

5 Best Video Editing Tools for Instagram

The Best Video Editing Tools for Instagram we introduced in the article are also the most popular and most used tools and apps among amateur and professional video creators.

In a rush of everyday work and life, Instagram puts a considerable burden on the shoulders of those who also want to keep their social presence alive. Videos are the elements that add a strong spice to your social media life. But creating good quality videos requires good video editing tools, which are professional, efficient, and, most importantly, easy to use.

Being quick is something vividly recognized in the nature of Instagram and other social media platforms. You record stories and quickly upload them or schedule posts for later publishing to Instagram, or take shots right from the Instagram camera to add to your Instagram album. This speed requires an even more speedy editing tool, especially for Instagram videos.

In this article, I want to introduce 10 of the best Instagram video editing tools.

Why video content for Instagram?

Most of the other social media platforms also support a long duration of videos. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok are the places where people go for videos to. To make your Instagram grow, you need to make visitors to stay on your page and not leave it for other pages on social media platforms.

To be able to do this, you need to be comprehensive on Instagram, meaning that you must provide visitors with all varieties of content, which include texts, images, sounds, and, most importantly, videos.

Videos are a significant turn on for social media users. Videos help you keep people longer on your posts and pages, delivering more emotion and stronger senses of messages.

Now let’s take a look at some interesting about videos in the digital world:

  • Cisco: More than 82% of all internet traffic will go to videos by 2020.
  • eMarketer: 75% of all videos are being played on mobile phones.
  • Facebook: People are 1.5 times more willing to watch videos on their mobile devices.
  • Google: Of every ten individuals, six people prefer to watch online videos than television.
  • HubSpot: 72% of customers say they have learned about products or services by videos.
  • Hubspot: 81% of businesses use video as their marketing means.
  • Insivia: Mobile video usage increases by 100% every year.
  • Insivia: People understand and remember 95% of a message in a video format, in comparison with 10% when reading it in text.
  • Wordstream: 59% of directors would rather watch a video than read a text.
  • Wordstream: 92% of users share videos with others on mobile.
  • YouTube: People watch about 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube.

Best video editing tools for mobile and desktop

With you can create stunning videos for Instagram feed and Stories on your desktop and quickly drop them to your mobile device or share them right from the web application. is an editor that even non-designers can use! It offers you the most extensive number of video editing features in a very intuitive interface.

Web App: Online video editor
Mobile App: Yes
Android: No
iOS: Yes

 These features will help you make IG videos that stand out:

  • Auto-captions in over 200 languages
  • Over customizable 40 layouts
  • Access 200 000 mln stock videos & images
  • Vast audio library
  • 1000 pre-designed templates
  • Animated GIFs, stickers, and overlays
  • Text animations
  • Audiograms
  • Voice over
  • Text-to-speech with human-like voices
  • AI-powered tools to turn content into a video automatically


  • Desktop/Web App: YES
  • Mobile App: YES
  • Android: YES
  • iOS: YES

Magisto takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence to change your videos into spectacular sceneries, as if the video has been taken on a professional camera, by a lot of complicated tools. Once signed up, you will be asked about the type of needs you have, which are described in three categories as Personal, Business, and Agency.

futures this tool contains include:

  • Photo editing tool;
  • Making videos out of photos;
  • Downloading videos (promoted version);
  • Letting to upload videos to your Goggle timeline;
  • Sharing videos to social media right from the tool;
  • Applying different exciting themes to videos;
  • Using music in the videos;
  • Adjusting the video length;
  • Free trial.


  • Desktop/Web App: No
  • Mobile App: YES
  • Android: YES
  • iOS: YES

VivaVideo is best for those who want a comprehensive video editor on their mobile phones. If you have noticed, most of the videos on Instagram are made by VivaVideo. It is an indication of how popular this app is among ordinary users of Instagram.

  • Allows trimming;
  • Easy merging;
  • Includes splitting;
  • Handy speed control;
  • Reversing videos;
  • Adding texts;
  • Applying music;
  • Allows transition;
  • Includes exciting filters;
  • Fun themes;
  • Contains stickers.


  • Desktop/Web App: Yes (Windows, Linux & Mac OS X)
  • Mobile App: No
  • Android: No
  • iOS: No

Lightworks editor is a professional movie maker and editor, used mostly for professional and business means. For over 25 years, this tool has been the top choice of video creating and editing experts.

Here is what it has got:

  • Simple user interface;
  • Easy timeline editing;
  • Trimming videos;
  • Real-time audio and video FX;
  • Ready to use audio and videos;
  • Export video for YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD;
  • Seven days of free trial.


  • Desktop/Web App: No
  • Mobile App: YES
  • Android: YES
  • iOS: YES

A tool to get really creative with! InShot is a simple and easy to use video editor for Instagram and other social media that lets you get your utmost creativity power functioning. With a vast and various music library within the app, be no more worried about what to apply to your videos.

Let’s see what InShot has got for us:

  • Trim videos;
  • Split videos
  • Merge videos;
  • Adjust playback speed;
  • Choose between different filters and effects;
  • Free music for vlog;
  • Add your music;
  • Beautiful sound effects;
  • Add voice-overs;
  • Animated stickers and texts;
  • Timeline.
  • Syncing stickers and texts with video.


  • Desktop/Web App: Yes (Windows, Linux & Mac OS X)
  • Mobile App: No
  • Android: No
  • iOS: No

A full package of editing, compositing, titling, and 3D tools in a single product, so you’ve got everything in one place for creating and editing videos. They have got 13 products in their online store. These products provide services and tools for every specific need of different users. So before purchasing, read carefully about each product.

HitFilm contains:

  • Professional user interface;
  • A very specific editing space for video experts;
  • Trimming, cutting, reversing, mixing and titling tools,
  • Consists of 13 different products, each suitable for particular users with specific needs.
  • Game editing tools,
  • Animation creating and editing tools.

To wrap up

Video editing tools are of great importance for any content creator and marketer. To be able to create and edit videos right from the comfort of your phone and desktop and to share them straight to social media is a blessing for every content creator.

The Best Video Editing Tools for Instagram we introduced in the article are also the most popular tools and apps among amateur and professional video creators. Take your time and test each of them. We are positive that at least one of these tools will suit your needs and expectations best.

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