Best Instagram influencers tips, a business needs to grow

Best Instagram influencers tips, a business needs to grow

Instagram influencers are crucial to your success to provide a win-win game in your Instagram business, just pay attention to some important tips in this blog to execute it well to convey your brand awareness.

If you want to develop marketing on Instagram, why not thinking of Instagram influencers for luck? You, as a business owner, may come across a variety of Instagram marketing strategies such as using Instagram bot or running campaigns to convey your brand awareness and expose it to a wider audience but didn’t know that Instagram influencer marketing can do it well.

The truth is that Influencers on Instagram can share a huge opportunity to boost brands up and provide a win-win game if you know the Influencer marketing play, tips, and tricks as well. Now, this ultimate guide helps you with influencer marketing tips to grow your business.

 Come with me to enjoy it.

Why Instagram influencer marketing?

Instagram is the most popular visual base platform in which people spend an average of 28 minutes every day. And with this shocking news that 200 million users on Instagram check one business account at least once a day. Obviously, with numerous such users and major brands in this space., Instagram influencer marketing will be more successful than other influencer marketing platforms. In addition, this social media with 500,000 active influencers consists of Instagram celebrities, famous bloggers, known as a top influencer marketing platform for business owners to make money on Instagram as well as Instagram influencers to get sponsored.

How to find Instagram influencers for businesses?

The process of finding an efficient Instagram influencer needs enough time to consider critical factors also enough budget to make the businesses more powerful. Some crucial tips you should take the advantages of them listed below:

Consider the right Instagram influencer with your market niche

There is a significant need to categorize the niches you want to consider for Instagram influencers to get ahead in. Indeed, In tough situations, when you catch in the hectic marketing activities on Instagram and drown with many marketing tasks and efforts, undoubtedly, top influencers can be the best choice to boost product sales, increase engagement and make customer satisfaction. For instance, if your marketing on Instagram is related to cosmetic things, It is better to look for top beauty influencers on Instagram to take the first but prominent step properly.


Evaluate Influencers content on their Instagram

When it comes to Instagram influencer marketing, I picture an Instagram feed full of a variety of compelling creative content that attracts eyes and enthuses visitors to view video content and gain useful data about each product and, in turn, tap on the follow button. Actually, the sense of intuitiveness and thoughtfulness of top Instagram bloggers reveals here. In that case, More businesses can get Instagram sponsorship to Instagram influencers safely.    

Consider Influencers Instagram followers and engagement

The more followers they have, the more engagements they can make to build a brand identity. Followers mean engagements but obviously real interacted followers, not fake or unreal ones. Check out the list of followers of top Instagram accounts to notice their identities resonates with their interactions on the content of the influencer you are going to choose.

Try to seek top Instagram Influencers, which has a high impression on their Instagram posts comments, likes, captions engaging.

Some of Instagram users use the fake followers which is totally different from using automation for real Instagram followers. You can easily distinguish the fake followers by checking the number of followers and the number of video views, or the number of likes.

Though Instagram has recently announced that they are removing the likes from the posts, but still you can check the engagement by comments. The average engagement on Instagram is about 2% for likes, and 0/1-0/2% for comments. It means for every 1000 followers you should receive at least 1 comment, and 10 likes.

Instagram search tool is the best option for Instagram influencers     

Have you ever thought that if you could search on Instagram with a tool for different purposes, from finding usernames to top Instagram influencers?

One of the greatest factors to achieve your Instagram marketing goals and reach the desired influencer market is getting the help of an Instagram search tool. You can get the best Instagram engagement rate with the features it maintains, such as searching for top Instagram posts by hashtags and a high number of likes. It also plays an internal role in Instagram influencer marketing and finding the best Instagram influencer in your niche to get the best outcome with spending less time.

How Instagram influencers get paid on Instagram

Make money with Instagram sounds a little bit challenging because this topic may distract you to some tremendous effort to appear as one of the most get paid Instagram influencers. But do not worry, the thing you need to have in your mind as a micro or nano influencer is the appropriate strategies to build trust through their Instagram followers. If this trust forms a strong relationship between the influencer and the customer, each sponsored post can cost even to $ 25,000. However, the minimum payment for an Instagram sponsored post is under $ 250. Here, the influencer definition might change and divided into four types of influencers:

  • Nano influencer
  1. Number of followers: between1000 to 10K
  2. Each sponsored post: less than $300
  3. Suitable for: local businesses or markets.
  4. Engagement rate:7.2%

Nano influencers can also have success among influencers in marketing on Instagram space because of using their cost-effective marketing attempts as well as efficient marketing activities at the beginning of the journey. Actually, they are new influencers on this influencer marketing platform that start with small amounts of followers. It is interesting to know that even this type of Instagram influencer can reach a higher engagement rate in compersion to micro or even macro-influencers because their lack of fame is one of the privileges that make them approachable. For example, Reannoin Jean Celines is in Partnership with Starbucks and monetize from advertising for antique women wears and the intriguing point is that most of the people trust her products offers as she is an everyday customer but also for an initiate reputation a nano influencer struggle to compete with top Instagram influencers.

Nano Influencer
  • Micro-influencer
  1. Number of followers: 10K to 100K
  2. Each sponsored post fee:$300
  3. Suitable for: both big and small businesses.
  4. Engagement rate: 2-3%

There are numerous mico Instagram influencers that are more likely seem to contribute with the majority of brand campaigns due to their high concentration on just one specific niche market such as a food influencer who tastes a variety of foods for free or a big discount instead of getting paid as his/her influencer marketing job.  In fact, make money on Instagram by the use of these ways can forge friendship and reliability in marketing used-products or services, shown in every Instagram post leads to direct the audience to consider the brand website credibility to start generating sales.


Top food influencer
  • macro-influencers
  1. Number of followers: more than 5M
  2. Suitable for: working with multiple famous brands
  3. Each sponsored post: more than $1,000
  4. Engagement rate: %1

One of the macro-influencers on Instagram is Georgianogio, known as top Instagram influencers appearing in the different niche markets to promote different brand awareness. Working as a yoga instructor with Aloyoga brand, as an influencer for fashion brand PrettyLittleThing andfinally as a famous Instagram model for the well-known brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Macro Influencer

Most of the macro-influencers consist of Instagram celebrities who get sponsored on Instagram in turn of partnering with the best famous brands. It is worth mentioning that these kinds of Instagram influencers typically make a low engagement rate because they are brand influencers and convey the sense of their credibilities rather than their popularities and everyday consumer products. However, according to later, “this isn’t always the case! Many popular influencers have been able to maintain a high engagement rate on their posts as well. Like @kyliejenner, who, despite having over 100 million followers, usually gets an engagement rate of 3 to 10% on her posts.”

  • Bloggers
  1. Number of followers: from K to M
  2. Suitable for: working with different niches
  3. Each sponsored post: $250 to $500 

Well, there is always a distinct difference between bloggers and influencers. Instagram bloggers are the same as Instagram influencers, but an Instagram influencer can not be an Instagram blogger because blogging is like working as an author and having a website to share blog posts. Instead, influencers can influence the audience by the elegant showcases or their reputations, taking advantage of their popularity power and attract people and, as a result, double the chances of purchasing.

There are many kinds of bloggers: food, travel, fashion and anything else

Travel blogger Annette White is a clear example of a top Instagram blogger. According to bucketlistjourney, She is a travel writer, author, serial adventurer and creator of the award-winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey. Her popular site has over 100,000 monthly readers, and Frommer’s named her Instagram @bucketlistjourney one of the best travel accounts to follow

Last but not least, Although Instagram influencer marketing is trending now, which gazillion number of Instagrammers are finding new ways how to get sponsored on Instagram to charge with a high income, this process can not be achieved without changing the lifestyle. You as an Instagrammer should learn how to shine like a popular Instagram influencer by tracking the range of top influencers in your market niche and as a business owner would be supposed to discover the best Instagram influencers to invest on as I mentioned above that Instagram search tool efficiently can work to find high engaging posts which means that post is related to one of the biggest influencers.

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