Social Media Management pricing of top agencies

Social media management pricing of top agencies

A typical social media management tools cost between $25-$30 for ten social profiles. Some of the tools count this based on the services you use. For example, you can add any service like scheduling, analytics from any social media up to 10 services.

This article compares the pricing of top social media management tools of all time. The top software has been chosen based on their ranking and reviews on Google, and also the user experiences.

Imagine you have multiple social media accounts (or even a single account), on all social platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube, and you have to check all of them every day. You are responsible for posting daily, track the engagement, and respond to all comments and directs.

For sure, social media management tools make your life easier in this situation. Though choosing between several tools could not be that easy, and you might need assistance.

Social media management pricing ­­­

There is a wide verity of social media management tools on the internet to choose from, with different features, platforms, options, and, most importantly, pricing.

This article would help you to choose a tool based on your needs and budget quickly. So, what this article tells you is about available features and prices and also the scoring for each social media management tool based on these factors.

This blog is a summary of top social media management tools and their cost to make sure that your choice is the best.

How to choose social media management tools?

There are, of course, many factors that you can choose from, but here the most important ones are mentioned. In general, choosing social media management depends on your needs.

A typical social media management tools cost between $25-$30 for ten social profiles. Some of the tools count this based on the services you use. For example, you can add any service like scheduling, analytics from any social media up to 10 services.


The typical types of services are schedule, analytics, monitoring hashtags, mentions, keywords, and some other services such as website management tools, and schedule to blogging platforms like a medium.

2. Platforms

This includes social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube, blogging platforms like medium, website (getting google analytics), and photo-sharing platforms like Pinterest.

3. Report

You can download your report in the form of pdf- JPEG- PNG – Excel and you can change the information in the forms while downloading social reports. The date of social reports is also changeable in almost all agencies.

4. Dashboard

this is an essential factor when selecting social media management because you need to have a user-friendly and easy to understand dashboard. This makes it easy for users, specifically those who are new to social media management and its tools.

5. Support

Support can be chat, email, skype calls, etc.

6. Provided app

Some social media management tools offer a mobile app to have access from phones to your dashboard. Though, you still can have access from your mobile phone using a browser like chrome or safari.

How much top social media management tools cost?

The cost of a social media management tool is about a minimum $15 per month depends on the services and number of social media accounts. Social media marketing pricing generally includes schedule, analytics, monitoring of at least ten social media accounts, or social media services.

In some tools, one account may need multiple services, for instance, Instagram scheduling, Instagram analytics, or Facebook page, and Facebook group in a single account.

The table below shows the comparison of top social media management. They have sorted out based on their pricing for about 10 social profiles. so you can compare how they may charge you for the same number of accounts or services.

In this comparison, the speed of dashboard, quality of given services, and also the supporting system (24/7, chat, email) were counted equal.

To fairly compare these social media management tools, the base is for 10 social profiles. Additional to schedule, you would see what other features you would get for that price.

We have given the rank to all based on the features, price, and the number of accounts you can add to their dashboard.


  Pricing Account Schedule Analytics Monitoring  Bra­­­­nd Tracking
Buffer $15.00/mo 8 *      
Loomly & Hootsuite $25.00/mo 10 * *    
Sendible $29.00/mo 12 (services) *  *   *  
InoSocial $30.00/mo 10 (services)   * *   *   *
Crowdfire $37.48/mo 5 for each social * *    
e-clincher $59.00/mo 10 * * *
CoSchedule $100.00/mo 10 * *     *
SEMrush & AgoraPulse $99.95/mo 10  * *  *   *
Sprout Social $99.00/mo 5  * *   *   *
Zoho Social $220.00/mo 10   *  * *     *


If you need social media management tools just to publish, and you no need any other services, obviously, you better choose Buffer. However, if you need a complete social media management package with affordable pricing and all necessary features, InoSocial is the best choice.

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