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Chirpty Twitter: What is it and how to find Twitter interaction circle?


Have you ever heard about Chirpty and its associated magic hands? What is Chirpty used for? Many Twitter viewers may have seen this title on some tweets, but the point is they mostly have no idea about it. In this brief post, we will get familiar with Chirpty Twitter and the Twitter interaction cycle.

Chirpty Twitter

What exactly is Chirpty Twitter?

To explain clearly, Chirpty is a website that uses some algorithms to explore connections with other Twitter accounts over a period of time. Note that Chirpty does not need any login permission because it gathers only the publicly available data from the Twitter API.

Nowadays, many people have made a Chirpty Twitter cycle from their Twitter interaction, which is too easy to learn if you also want to have one.

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What about the Twitter interaction circle?

The Twitter interaction cycle is somehow an innovative tool that Twitter uses to encourage users to generate better and more amazing tweets on their accounts. By definition, Twitter has the user (which is you) in the middle, surrounded by your most frequent four or five users you have interacted with them. The closer the Twitter circle is to you, the more interaction you have with the persons. Twitter will score your interaction cycle based on several criteria in the next level.

Making a Twitter interaction cycle needs third-party tools since this feature is not been officially introduced by Twitter. If you visit the official Chirpty website (, you will find a Chirpty cycle with 137 empty slots, and the best of your tweets and photos can be inserted there. If you think Chirpty Twitter cycle is not something you want, try other similar websites, including;

  • this is a totally free tool with lots of customization options. The good news is that you don’t need to access your Twitter account to use Orbit, and also, no password is required. However, you cannot use it on private Twitter accounts.
  • this is another alternative website to make a great Twitter interaction cycle. Realtoptweep has a free image download option, and no account access and password are needed to enjoy this collection. Again, you cannot benefit from Realtoptweep on your Twitter private accounts.
  • Twopcharts was the first website that introduced the Twitter interaction circle and is also one of the best candidates in this field. The negative point is you need to enter your password to access the tools, which is a risky action. More after, you need to pay for some of their features if you decide to use them.
Chirpty Twitter

How to use the Chirpty Twitter circle?

If you want to generate a Chirpty Twitter circle, all you need is to visit, enter your username on Twitter, and let the system continue the process of producing a Chirpty circle for you. You can consult your Chirpty circle for free, waiting for a while so that free space will be available for it. If you don’t want to wait, you need to pay 0.99 USD Through the Twitter API. Then, Chirpty will obtain the interactions that an account has made with an integrated algorithm responsible for calculating different data to get a final result.

Working with Chirpty Twitter is too easy and only needs a little time to get familiar with all details on the website.

How can I find out who is in my Twitter interaction circle?

The feature uses your interaction history data to generate interaction circles so that you can visit your history on your profile. To see your interactions on Twitter, go to “Streams,” navigate to a Twitter stream, choose the Twitter account name or avatar from a stream, assignment, or notification, and finally select the Interactions tab. As a result, all interactions between the chosen profile page and that Twitter account will appear in chronological order for you.

You can also visit the Chirpty Twitter circle to see if they have created a Chirpty circle for your account.


Thank you for reading. Although the Twitter interaction cycle is not an official Twitter feature, this brilliant tool has absorbed many Twitter users. You can have one of these circles by using Chirpty circle or other alternative websites such as Orbit and Never forget that make sure all privacy suggestions are being considered while making a Twitter interaction cycle for yourself.

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