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Fix Instagram Reels Not Working (iPhone and Android)

Instagram Reel is one of the newly popular video recording features available on both iPhone and Android devices. And working with it is as simple as other types of video recording. But what will happen if you suddenly face an Instagram Reels button missing error? Do not worry because here we are to help you find all details about the instagram reels not working issue and how you can solve that.

instagram reels not working

Why is my Instagram reels not working?

Before I want to introduce the best solutions for fixing instagram reels not working issue, I prefer to talk a bit about the reasons that might cause you to face this kind of problem, such as:

  • An out-of-date Instagram app version
  • The accumulation of app cache
  • A simple Instagram Bug
  • Instagram Reels might not have access from some areas.

But do not freak out because whether you are an Android or an iOS user, you can fix this issue through simple tricks.

How to fix Instagram reels not working (Android)

If you are an Android user and have trouble using Instagram Reels, this paragraph is specifically written for you. Read the below points and check if any of them can help you solve your problem.

  • Like always, the first and the most helpful solution is to check your internet connection and make sure you are connected to strong wifi or data. 
  • Then, you should close and restart the app and see if it fixes this Instagram error.
  • If you still have a problem, you should check all access points to Instagram Reels are true. For example, at the bottom of the navigation bar, on the New Post screen, etc.
  • Also, you can try to log out of the Instagram app and log in after some minutes.
  • Or you can completely delete the app and reinstall it again.
  • Check that your app is updated to the last version.
  • Also, you can restart your phone and check if your system is updated.
  • Finally, if none of the above methods help you, it is time to report a problem to Instagram and ask for help from their support team.
  • Also, only Android users can join the Instagram Beta program by going to the invitation website and choosing to become a tester. So, you will be among the first users who try out Instagram’s new features, such as Instagram Reels.

How to fix Instagram reels not working (iPhone)

In case you are an iPhone user and face an instagram reel not working error, you can check all the above methods that I have mentioned for Android users except signing up for Instagram Beta because that is currently only available on Android devices. Also, I should add that all these methods will work on other iOS system devices, such as iPads.

Instagram reels not working

Instagram Reels not showing after update

If you update your Instagram and after that, you face instagram reels not working, you might probably forget to give access to Instagram Reels on some points, and we recommend checking them carefully. Also, you can try to join the Instagram Beta program like what I have mentioned in the second paragraph.

How to create the first Instagram Reel?

If it is the first time, you want to create an Instagram reel and there are no “instagram reels not working” problems, you can follow the below steps and reach your goal successfully.

  1. Open Instagram and click on the Reels tab.
  2. Now, tap on the camera icon in the top right section.
  3. Here you can find all details about making a reel.
  4. You can make a plain reels video if you press and hold the reels button in the mid-bottom section.


Why can’t I add a poll to my Reel? 

Previously, the poll sticker was not available for Instagram Reels, but now you can simply add it to your reels just like what you do for other posts.


As you know, Instagram presents new features once in a while, and recently it offered the Reels feature as a new way of recording video, and it has quickly become popular among its users. If you suddenly face an Instagram reel not working problem of any type, do not freak out because most of the time it will be simply solved through some simple tricks, such as restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, clearing caches, and so on. If you want to know more about the best “Instagram Reels not working” fixes, read the above text.

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