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How to Fix “checkpoint required” Error on Instagram

It can be frustrating when you open your Instagram app expecting to start scrolling, and Instagram shows you an annoying error: “checkpoint required.” You may wonder why is Instagram showing this to you? You haven’t done anything wrong.

So, if you want the technical answer to your question, just keep reading. Why is Instagram showing e the checkpoint required error?

How to Fix “checkpoint required” Error on InstagramThere are two main reasons for this error:

1- You are logging in from a different location (geographic location) you usually access your Instagram. ( different state, Providence, etc.)

2- You are logging into an unauthorized third party app or service, so Instagram wants you to confirm your Instagram information. Third party Instagram apps include ways to gain followers, increase like, comments, automation tools (auto like, comment, auto DM, etc.)

How to fix “checkpoint required” error?

If you receive a checkpoint required error while logging into your account on Instagram you need to verify your Instagram account information by using an access code. You can obtain the access code in a phone text (SMS) or email. Depends on the verification task you choose.

How to Fix “checkpoint required” Error on Instagram

To fix this problem and continue using your Instagram account:

Method 1:

  • Go to the Instagram login page on
  • Log in to your account
  • After logging in, a pop-up notification will appear, a request for you to confirm an attempt to login to your account from somewhere else.
  • Confirm your identity (if required) by clicking on “It was me” button.
  • Go back to your app, login easily and have fun.

Method 2:

If you are still receiving this error even by performing the steps above, then you should follow these steps:

This method requires you to disable your Instagram account for a few hours and reactivate it again.

  • Log in to your Instagram account via pc.
  • Click on the account profile button.
  • Click on the (edit profile) icon.
  • Click on the blue link “temporary disable my account” on the bottom of the page.
  • Select “just need a break” from the following options and enter your password, then click on temporary disable account.
  • Wait for at least 3 hours and then log in to your account without having to see this error.

If you have any other issues related to this error, feel free to comment us below.

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    1. Hey, I have a problem adding instagram as an asset on meta business suite. It says Account is Checkpointed. And there’s no new notification to verify on my instagram account.

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