Fix “We restrict certain activity Instagram”

Every platform we use has certain rules to protect us. Instagram is no exception. They have created some rules that if we try to circumvent, they limit our activity on the platform. When this happens, depending on the type of limit we have crossed, Instagram penalizes us. It may prevents us from further liking posts, direct messaging, commenting, following, etc. we know we have been penalized when this message appears on the screen: We restrict certain activity to protect our community.” or when we read the words “Action Blocked” on the screen.

Keep reading to get to know what is the Instagram we restrict certain activity error, how to avoid and fix it.

Why do I get “we restrict certain activity Instagram”?

Instagram has some rules and restrictions and that’s why it blocks users if they overdo activities or behave in a spammy way. The purpose is to stop spammers’ and bots’ activities on Instagram. Below are the reasons why you get the Instagram we restrict certain activity error.

  • You have acted in a unusual way.
  • You have exceeded the daily limits for each action. 
  • The account is new.
  • Your are using bad bots or automation tools on the account.
  • The account is reported by so many users.

we restrict certain activity Instagram

What are the different types of action blocks on Instagram

There are 3 different types of Instagram Action Blocks. There is a soft action block (we call it type one), there is a harsher block that says you cannot follow or comment for a couple of days and provides you with an exact end day of the penalty (type 2). There is also another one that asks you to change your password because they think you have installed a bot or have worked with a person to get you likes, comments, and followers (type 3).

How to fix “we restrict certain activity Instagram”? 

As I mentioned above, there are three types of Instagram action blocks. I have divided all the fixes to each of these action blocks.

Fix Instagram action block Instagram type 1:

you first realize you have been blocked when you like someone and follow but when you refresh the page, it is as if you haven’t done the action. In other words, the action doesn’t stay. This happens you have done a huge amount of likes, follows, comments, etc. in a short period of time. When you do these things your trust score on Instagram decreases. This is this platform’s way to stops you from what it considers to be suspicious and against its terms.

The best way to get rid of this ban as soon as possible is to assure Instagram that you are not automation and you are not spamming out people. You can increase your trust score by engaging normally with people on your home feed and explore. Also, you should upload posts and stories regularly. Plus, stop follow-unfollowing for at least two days. Try to delete the app, reinstall, and log in again. You know the block has been removed when the actions you take start sticking again and do not disappear.

Fix Instagram action block Instagram type 2:

when you do a lot of activity on Instagram like following a huge number of people or liking them, it sends out harder blocks to make sure you are not abusing the Instagram algorithm. Instagram gets especially sensitive when you follow people who are following or liking a certain account because it knows about this strategy. Another cause of this type of block is being present in the account with two different IP addresses. So if you are working on a client’s page, ask them to leave the page for a couple of hours until you get your work done and step out.

This type of block limits your action more than type 1. You can post but you can’t write a caption. You can unfollow people when you are under a hard block but do not do it excessively or you may end up prolonging it.
In case this happens to you, you have to wait until the block is gone. Then you can again start your activity but start small and increase your activity at a slow pace.

Fix Instagram action block Instagram type 3:

This is when Instagram asks you to change your account password. You see this message when the platform thinks you are using some kind of automation or service to get you likes, followers, etc. This is Instagram giving you a chance to stop using third-party tools before it gives you an action block.

Do not take a heavy amount of action or enter the application with different IPs if you want to prevent this issue. We suggest you slow down your activity when you get this message and then increase it little by little.

Instagram has become much more sensitive about robot-like activities recently because it wants to fight spam. If you exceed a normal amount of activity, it may think that you are automation and penalize your account by action block. In this article, we examined 3 types of action blocks and how to fix we restrict certain activity Instagram error.



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