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The Xbox original controller, which was unveiled during the Game Developers Conference in 2000, serves as the main game controller for Microsoft’s Xbox home video game platform. For all regions outside of Japan, the initial Xbox controller (also known as “The Duke”) was included with Xbox consoles. In Japan, the “Controller S” model, which was smaller and redesigned, was released and included with the system. By the end of 2003, it had completely replaced the first-generation controller worldwide after being later launched in other countries. The larger Xbox original controller is still a separate, optional item.

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Original Xbox controller models

The Xbox Controller, first debuted at the 2000 Game Developers Conference, serves as the primary game controller for Microsoft’s Xbox Home gaming system. As was already noted, the first batch of Xbox systems, known as “Duke,” included controllers for all regions. A smaller, redesigned version known as the “Controller S” was offered and packaged with the system everywhere else save Japan.

By the end of 2003, it has replaced first-generation controllers all throughout the world. The larger primary controller is still a separate, optional item. They are utilized to communicate with Xbox consoles, games, and apps. They frequently serve as a means of navigating the user interface, but depending on the game, they can also carry out other tasks.

This company produces 2 main original Xbox wireless controller models:

Xbox One

Once more, the original Xbox 360 controller is really just a better version of this original Xbox wireless controller. The Guide button was moved from below the bumpers to between them, otherwise, the button layout remained essentially unchanged.

Only the angles of the grips and the smoothed-out battery pack really stand out as modifications to the general design, which is largely identical. To give the controller a more mechanical feel, the analog sticks and bumper buttons were modified together. The controller’s triggers, which were also made a little bit larger for this controller, also have vibration technology.

The Xbox One’s controller was so svelte that, with a few hardware upgrades, it is still used on the Xbox Series X and S. The latest set of Series X/S controllers has “Dynamic Latency Input” and Bluetooth integration. Input lag is less likely to happen since the controller inputs are effectively matched to the game’s current framerate. This controller’s D-Pad is also a little different from earlier iterations, looking more like a concave circular dish, similar to the firing array on the Death Star. In the middle of this controller type, a “Share” button has also been included.

Xbox 360

If the first Xbox established the brand for the corporation, the original xbox wireless controller cemented that identity in the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere. Its exceptionally comfortable and useful controller undoubtedly played a role in this. The Xbox 360 pad built on the foundation laid down by the Controller S in a number of subtle but significant ways. The controller’s size was once again reduced slightly, giving it a lighter feel while maintaining its comfort by largely maintaining the same grips.

The “Start” and “Back” buttons were moved to the middle of the controller, while the positioning of the analog sticks, the D-Pad, and the face buttons remained virtually unchanged. There was an Xbox logo next to these buttons. This tiny, metallic emblem served as the controller’s “Home” or “Guide” button, which was used to browse the Xbox 360’s menus.

The addition of a 2.5mm TRS connector to the Xbox 360 controller allowed for the creation of both useful and useless accessories. The Chat pad, a tiny keypad used for internet messaging, was one of the more well-liked 360 controller accessories.

This marks the official beginning of the “Limited Edition” controller period, during which various iterations and color variations of the same controller were made available to coincide with the release of new games or marketing campaigns. Nothing compares to the vast variety of Xbox 360 controller varieties, even though the N64 had a ton of various variations on controllers.

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Xbox original controller features

Dual vibration motors, two analog triggers, two analog sticks that can also be clicked digitally, a digital directional pad, a Back button, a Start button, two accessory slots, and six 8-bit analog action buttons are all included in the Xbox controller. J Allard and Cam Ferrari, the project’s co-leads, intended for a controller with all the features the group enjoyed from earlier models: slots from the Dreamcast controller, two sticks from the PlayStation’s original DualShock, and six frontal buttons from the updated Sega Genesis controller.

Circuit boards for the controller had already been produced when work on the physical design of the controller began.

A comparable folded and stacked circuit board design to that seen in Sony’s DualShock 2 controller was requested by Microsoft’s supplier, Mitsumi Electric, but the business declined to produce it for Microsoft. The result was a huge controller that was over three times the size of Sony’s. In Japan, the console instead debuted with a smaller, modified version known as “Controller S,” which did make advantage of the more space-saving circuit board design.

The cables on the Malaysian-made Duke and original Japanese Controller S controllers were dark green. Early Controller S models had a green cord when they were first sold in the West, but later models, which were built in China, converted to a black cable.

The digital directional pad on Microsoft’s earlier game controller, the Microsoft SideWinder, is strikingly comparable to the digital directional pad on the Duke. The Controller S, on the other hand, abandoned that style in favor of a plus shape on a disc.

What to look for in an Xbox original controller?

There are several features to look for in an original Xbox controller. The following specifications demand your attention.

Your gamepad needs to be connected in order to function properly. A wired connection is your best pick if you want to play video games with the least amount of delay possible. To ensure you have almost no lag whether taking a particularly quick turn in a racing or gunning down your opponents, all of our selections come with a USB connection. Another reliable connecting method is using a wireless dongle. Even Xbox’s proprietary wireless protocol, which offers lower latency and fewer mistresses, is available on some of our top options. Additionally, several of our top options have Bluetooth connectivity, making it simple to utilize the controller with a PC or gaming phone.

How configurable a controller is should also be taken into account. Some of our top options allow you to physically move a D-pad or thumbstick, remap some buttons, or modify their location. There are also choices that include extra buttons, such as ones with shortcuts on the rear. Alternately, more alternatives to lock triggers might exist, enabling you to complete tasks more quickly. With some of these gamepads, the options are virtually limitless, and you may customize them to crush the competition.

The final verdict

You get to choose between original Xbox wireless controllers and cable controllers. Depending on your budget, style, game, and console preferences, you can categorize the alternatives. We made an effort to address the majority of your concerns in this article about picking the best controllers, allowing you to compare and make an informed decision.

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