All About XResolver: What is it and how does it work?

Almost all gamers and Xbox fans have heard the name of Xresolver at least once. But if you are a new gamer and do not know much about Xbox resolver or looking for an efficient way to grab the IP addresses of your competitors on different gaming consoles, keep reading until the end of this text and find all your needed information about XResolver and its top alternatives.


What is XResolver?

Before anything, let’s find the exact meaning of Xresolver in simple words. Basically, this online service includes an Xbox resolver that uses bots to crunch data like Xbox player, ISP address, and IP address. Also, it is helpful to document the Xbox, Playstation, and PC players’ Gamertags and IP addresses with the purpose of bringing conversions of Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses and conserving the username and Gamertag from online hackers.

What does XResolver Do? (Features of xresolver)

While previously you read about the purposes of xresolver, here I want to go deeper and explain all features of this online service, such as:

  • Geographic location identification:

The first and most attractive feature is the identification of Geolocation, in which you use the IP lookup service to find the geographical location of your opponent.

  • IP Logger:

This feature might be a bit unfamiliar for some of you, and if I want to explain it, I should say that it is helpful to generate customized links, send them to other people and grab their IP address and as a result find information related to their browser and location. Also, this feature adds the function of detecting the Incognito mode to this service.

  •  Exploring Gamertags and usernames:

Xresolver, also known as Xbox resolver, offers a wide range of functionality for Xbox and PlayStation users. And the most important one is that it facilitates extracting IP address data and finding Gamertags and usernames.

  • User-friendly performance:

The next point which makes Xresolver popular among users is its easy-to-use interface. It means even if you are a beginner, you can use this service to identify the IP address of your opponent in just minutes.

  • Personal IP address blacklist:

With this feature, you can hide your data and IP address from others, so even professionals can not find anything about you.


Top XResolver alternatives

Until here, you read how popular and useful the Xresolver is, but that does not mean there is no alternative to that. And in this paragraph, I want to introduce the top three of them which you can use as a PC, Playstation, and Xbox resolver.

  • Lanc Remastered PCPS:

Lanc Remastered PCPS is the first option I want to introduce as a free resolver you can set up quickly and use conveniently for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. You can install it on your PC and access its database online. 

  • OctoSniff:

If you are a PS4 user and like to find an alternative to Xresolver, you should try OctoSniff, as it is the only tool that provides PS4 Username AI functionality. And more than that, it is a great online service for those who like to identify packets automatically.

  • Xbox Booter:

The last option is Xbox Booter with stunning features, like ultimate IP grab, IP boot, and IP pull for gamers, especially Xbox users.

How to blacklist yourself on XResolver?

In the second paragraph, I talked about the Xresolver features, and you have read that one of the most important ones is that you can use this service to blacklist and remove yourself on xResolver. It means you can protect your Gamertag/Username and IP addresses from third-party booter attacks. If you want to know how, you can follow the Microsoft instruction:

  • Turn on your VPN and hide your real IP address.
  • Reach out to your ISP and modify your IP address.
  • Stay away from suspicious people, and don’t join random parties to keep your IP out of their database.


  • How to boot with xresolver?

Install a booter> open it, and type the IP address you want to boot from> choose a time period> select the DDoS tab and successfully boost your IP address.

  • How to use XResolver IP logger?

Registered as a user> create a custom link> send it to another person> derive an IP address.

  • What to do if you are listed on XResolver?

If you do not like your IP address to be listed on Xresolver, you can disable your public IP address and request to remove it from their database.


Previously you read about all details of the xresolver, as one of the most popular Xbox resolvers, its great feature, and also the top three alternatives. If you have any more questions, you can visit the Xresolver official site and contact their support team. Also, we will be happy to see your experience below in the comments.

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