All about CNAM lookup 2024: Identify an Unknown Number

It might happen to all of us that receive a call from an unknown number and do not know whether to answer it or not. If so, you should have heard the name CNAM lookup. While there are different ways you can try for a Caller ID name (CNAM) lookup, if you are not still sure about using this service, keep reading and learn more about its details, and find the answer to commonly asked questions like “can you try CNAM lookup free?”

What is CNAM lookup? (Caller ID Lookup)

First, let’s explain more about the meaning of CNAM lookup. CNAM or Caller ID Name refers to a telephone network service that helps you easily find the name of an anonymous calling party, whether a business or a person. Pay attention that no CNAM starts with a number, instead, they begin with a letter and include at last 15 letters, numbers, periods, commas, and spaces, which are populated by telephone carriers.

cnam lookup

How does CNAM work?

Now that you know the meaning of CNAM lookup, let’s go one step further and find out how CNAM works. The first point I want to mention here is that based on where you like (in Canada or U.S.) the CNAM function might be different, which I will explain here.

  • How does CNAM work in the U.S.:

If you live in the U.S., you should know that CNAM is gathered in various carrier databases and these carriers use distinct CNAM databases. And when these carriers receive a call, they do “CNAM Dip” to find the name attached to the DID of the call received.

Here, I should add that usually these phone carriers use one or two CNAM databases, and as they update their databases on their own, you may receive the proper CNAM with a little delay because carriers need time to sync the CNAM related to a DID.

  • How does CNAM work in Canada:

But if you live in Canada, you should know that there is no CNAM storage because they do not have any CNAM storage databases. So, they pull the CNAM from the name displayed in the SIP signaling and through a field, such as:

1.   P-Asserted Identity:

2.   Remote-Party ID:

3.   From:

How to perform a CNAM lookup?

Until here, you read about what a CNAM is and how it works. Now I want to talk about the best ways to CNAM and CNAM lookup free. Keep reading, learn the details of these possible ways, then choose your favorite one.

  • Use search engines and social networks for a CNAM search:

This is not a sure answer because of many reasons, such as that person has previously disabled finding him through phone numbers on his social media accounts, but still, it is worth trying. You can choose search engines like Google, or social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, enter the phone number into the search box and search among the probable results. Pay attention, this way is more helpful if you are looking for an official phone call from a company or public institution.

  • Use CNAM lookup tools for a CNAM search:

If the previous way was not successful, you can try other better methods, like using reverse phone number lookup tools. As you might understand until here, they use database information from different sources and help you make the best CNAM lookup. If you do not know which tool is the best, keep reading and in the next paragraph, you will find the top three CNAM lookup tools.

cnam lookup

Top 3 CNAM lookup tools

As I have promised, here I want to introduce the top three CNAM lookup tools, and then you can decide which one you want to choose based on your preferences:

  • Intelius:

You might have heard this name many times, as it is one of the most famous services that help you in a reverse lookup phone number search. No matter, you want information about a cell phone number or a landline, you can use Intelius, as a CNAM lookup free and find the data associated with it, such as the owner’s name, address history, age, possible relatives, phone type and carrier, and location.

cnam lookup
  • Instant Checkmate

Also, you can use Instant Checkmate for a CNAM lookup and find all information of the phone number calling you. The best point about this tool is that using its enormous phone number directory is so simple, only by entering the intended phone number and pressing the Search key. Then you will find a full detailed report of that number.

  • BeenVerified

And the third option is BeenVerified, which is the most powerful people search engine for sure. This CNAM lookup tool is famous for its database list that contains billions of updated records, which shows data like real name, address, social networks, and family background of the phone number owner.

cnam lookup

How CNAM Lookup Benefits You

If you are not still sure about using CNAM lookup free, that is because you still doubt what people use it for. So, we have made a list of CNAM lookup benefits for you to understand how important it could be.

  • First, you will find the reason behind the call.
  • Also, you can detect important calls you should answer for sure, like those from an insurance agent or some legal officer, and even an old friend, so you will not miss any of them. 
  • Moreover, it assigns spam scores to phone numbers.
  • And finally, it helps you avoid scams, money loss, and even privacy leakage. 

How Can CNAM Find The Location Of A Phone?

As I have mentioned above, all the phone numbers information, such as GPS data and sim cards are registered are stored in telecommunications databases. So, when you use a CNAM lookup, it can help you identify the current location of the phone, unless those are intentionally blocked. Also, I should add that these private databases are updated with all phone numbers and accounts that are constantly opened, closed, and transformed.  


  • Why is it important to identify CNAM?

If you are a business you need CNAM for brand recognition, to increase call answers, and to improve customer and employee experience, security, and like this.

  • How do I edit or remove a CNAM entry?

To edit or remove the CNAM entry, you should contact your carrier., because it is the only authority for the CNAM value that can change the name or remove the name entirely. 


If you want to identify an unknown number and do a number search, CNAM lookup free is the best way you should learn about it. There are different ways to do that, but the most important one, as you read above, is using a CNAM lookup tool. Only, be careful that it is not available in all countries, and only U.S. and Canadian people can use this service. If you read the above text, but still have a not answered question, please let us know in the comments.

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