Fax Number Lookup 2023: Track who owns fax number

Nowadays, many companies and even individuals use the Fax system to scan a document and send it electronically through a telephone line to anywhere they like. Then the receiver can use a printer and reproduce it as a document. But what will happen if you want to find out who is sending this fax to you? That is simple, you should find the best way to fax number lookup, which is not hard. And I will talk about all the details below.

fax number lookup

Can you find out who a fax number belongs to?

When we talk about a fax number lookup, you might think that is as easy as a phone number look up, which is not completely right. While it is possible, there is no way to definitively help you find the owner of a fax number. But if the number is published or listed, you can use a reverse phone lookup website and find it. To know more about this way and other ways of fax number lookup, do not miss the next paragraph.

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How to do a fax number lookup?

While finding a fax number owner is a bit harder than finding the owner of a phone number, that does not mean it is impossible. So, if you are stuck in a case that needs to do a fax number lookup, try one of the below-mentioned ways:

  • Use a reverse online lookup site:

As you read above, one of the possible ways to do a fax number lookup and find who a fax number belongs to is using a reverse search engine, like AnyWho or WhitePages. If you do not know how to use this easy and free method and trace a fax number, follow the below steps:

  1. Start fax number lookup by finding the fax number:

At the first level, you should find the number that the sender uses, which is most of the time mentioned at the top or the bottom of the page, close to the transmission date and time. Then write it down somewhere, along with the area code, because you will definitely need it if it is sent from out of your region.

  1. Find a trusted and perfect online directory and continue the fax number lookup process:

Now that you have the fax number, it is time to find a reliable reverse search engine. You can find many good items, like the 411 telephone look-up site or Intelius which provides all you need to know by entering a phone or fax number.

  1. Use your chosen reverse search engine and complete your fax number lookup:

Mostly when you open these reverse lookup services, you will find the reverse phone search option on the home page. There, you should enter the fax number you want to trace and tap on the search button. And simply you will find all information, such as the name and address of the phone number owner if it is listed.

  • Try searching on a search engine like Google:

Your chance of doing a successful fax number lookup is lower in this case, but if it belongs to a company’s webpage, or someone has placed it in their signature or a web advertisement, you can trace it through a search engine like Google. Do a simple search, just like always, enter the number and press the search button.

fax number lookup

Why should you use reverse fax number lookup?

And finally, I want to talk about the reasons that attract people to try a fax number lookup. While it can be different from person to person and includes different options like legal or personal reasons, in the below list I have gathered the most important ones, such as:

  • If you receive an important fax, but do not know who the sender is.
  • When you are suspicious that what you received is a misleading fax that should have been sent to another one.
  • If you receive threats.
  • Also, when someone bothers you by sending endless faxes.


How do I know if a fax number is real?

You can try it by dialing and see if you hear the traditional fax sound or high squeal of the fax machine answers.

Are all fax numbers 10 digits?

No, it might change based on the place you live and whether you want to dial the fax number within the region or out of that.


As you read above, it is not always certain that you find the owner of a fax number, but there are some possible ways you can try, such as fax number lookup websites that provide online search services or using search engines, like Google. If you have any experience with this case or any question that did not find its answer, please comment below, so that we can recognize and check them.

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