Text Now Number Lookup: How to Find Out Who a TextNow Number Belongs to? (2023)

When you are here, it means you know what TextNow is, and you would probably look for the best way of text now number lookup. As you might have heard, this system is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, which indicates that it is not possible to track numbers and find owners, but that is not true. If you want to go deeper into this matter and learn more about how to trace a text now number, and know who owns a TextNow number keep reading until the end.

What exactly is Text Now?

Before I want to explain how to track a text now number, and its details, like textnow ip address finder, I want to give a short introduction about this system and how it works. As you read above, TextNow is a VoIP service, which all United States and Canadian users can use to text and call any number without any cost, just by connecting to WiFi. Here, I should add that as a TextNow user, you will get a real phone number and a textnow sim card, and you can use it on all systems, like smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Text Now Number Lookup

Can You Track A TextNow Number?

As I have mentioned Text Now Number Lookup might seem hard because like Google Voice, you use private numbers to call each other, but that is not impossible. Generally, it is possible to do an anonymous Text Now Number Lookup, when the phone number you want to trace is actively used. So, when someone posts that number anywhere online or use a specific account for connection, you can follow trails and track it just like normal situations. In the rest of this text, I will talk about how to trace a text now number.

Text Now Number Lookup

How to find out who a textnow number belongs to?

Now that you know you can track a textnow number , here, I want to state the most important ways you can use to reach your goal.

  • How to track a text now number through Google:

This way would be one of the simplest ways, but the point is that it is possible only in a situation when the number you are searching for has ever appeared online. That time, when you google the number with quotation marks at the first and end of it, you will find all relevant websites, pages, or profiles to this number. Just pay attention that not all you see on Google are true, and I suggest you review the results to verify the information.

  • How to track a text now number by searching on social media:

Another way you can use for this goal is by searching social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Simply, do an anonymous Number Lookup by putting the phone number you like to trace in the search bar of these social media platforms. Now, if the owner of this number has joined this platform, has not registered with an email, and has not disabled the phone number search in privacy settings, you have a chance to find him.

  • How to track a text now number using a phone lookup tool:

If none of the above methods work in your case, it means it is time to use a professional text now number tracker. These apps gather many phone directories and public records to help you find the TextNow number owner you want. Also, you can use these apps to find out more about the personal details of that specific phone number owner.

Best Text now number lookup apps

Now that you know using a text now number tracker is one of the best ways to track a textnow number, I want to introduce some of the best apps that provide text now number lookup services.

  • Truecaller, another great text now numbers tracker:

This platform is the biggest phone number directory online, which is secure and reliable while offering 100% free reverse phone lookup.

  • Intelius, a famous text now numbers tracker:

The last item is Intelius, which is so simple to use, just like working with a common search engine. Among other great features of this app is its comprehensive database that displays a wide range of information about a number, such as an owner’s name, location, age, possible relatives, related accounts, and more.

Text Now Number Lookup


  • Find textnow number by email

There is no exact answer to this question. If the user has joined with a valid email address, there is a chance that you can find some ideas about who the person is.

  • Can you trace TextNow number’s location?

Above here you read about some of the best text now number trackers, and now I want to add that most of these apps are great if you are looking for a TextNow number location. For example, if you choose to use Intelius or BeenVerified, you can simply find the location of the phone number owner in a short time.

  • Textnow IP address finder

When you want to register for a TextNow phone number, you have to enter some private information, like your name, email, and IP address, but the app does not normally share any of them with other users. So, anytime you want to find a Textnow phone number IP address, the only way is to use a textnow ip address finder, such as what I have mentioned above.

  • How to Find friends on TextNow

There are a few ways to find friends on TextNow. The first is to search for people by their username or phone number.

  1. To do this, go to the search bar and enter the person’s username or phone number. If they have a TextNow account, their information will appear in the search results.
  2. Another way to find friends on TextNow is to browse through the public directory. To do this, go to the directory tab and select “public.” This will bring up a list of all the users who have made their information public. You can then browse through the list and add anyone you want as a friend.
  3. If you want to find more specific friends on TextNow, you can use the “find friends” feature. To do this, go to your profile page and click on “find friends.” This will bring up a list of suggested friends based on your current location, interests, and other factors. You can then choose to add anyone you want as a friend.


If you have recently received calls from an unknown TextNow number or a suspicious call and like to make an anonymous text now number lookup, there are different ways you can try to see who owns it, like searching on Google, social media, and using a phone lookup tool. To know more about the details of these ways, the best text now number trackers and more details, read the above text completely.

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