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Tinder Matches Disappeared: How to Get Them Back 2023?

If you are a fan of mobile dating apps, you would have heard the name of Tinder as an online dating and geosocial networking application. And you should know that the best point about this app is that it is not hard to use. You can simply “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike other users’ profiles and get a match on Tinder. But what will happen if you suddenly find all your tinder matches disappeared? We know that it is one of the worst situations anyone would experience, so below here we have gathered all you need to know about why did tinder delete all my matches or how to fix everything when you find no match on tinder.

tinder matches disappeared

Why my tinder matches disappeared?

Before anything, let’s find the answer to the “why did tinder delete all my matches” question. While it seems horrible at first when you open the app and find no match on tinder, the situation will be a bit easier if you find the reason. So, I suggest you read the below list and find the most proper case that might cause this issue for you.

  • Tinder matches disappeared due to bugs:

The most common reason that might cause you to suddenly find no match on tinder is a technical glitch, which mostly will be solved with a simple reboot.

  • Tinder matches disappeared due to poor internet connection:

When you are talking about an online platform issue, one of the most common problems you should check is the internet connection. Sometimes it might be a good idea to change your internet data connection to WiFi or vice versa.

  • Tinder matches disappeared due to a server error:

Also, it is possible that all your tinder matches disappeared because of a server error, and you will understand that if you check the server status via Tinder support on Twitter.

  • Tinder matches disappeared due to the user’s bad behavior:

The next possible answer when you lose one of your Tinder matches is that he or she did something against Tinder’s strict rules and got banned.

  • Tinder matches disappeared because you left your search bar open:

If you are among those Tinder users who are not bored scrolling through your list of Tinder matches and instead use the search function, you should know that if you once leave your search bar open and do not clear it out, it is possible to find some of your tinder matches disappeared.

  • Tinder matches disappeared because they quit Tinder:

In some cases you find no match on tinder, the reason is that those users have deleted their accounts and even sometimes removed the app from their phones.

tinder matches disappeared

How to fix my tinder matches disappeared?

As you read above, finding no match on tinder is an issue that might happen due to different reasons, and you can not do anything about some of these cases. But generally speaking, if you want to find the best ways you can use to solve the tinder matches disappeared issue, I suggest you read this paragraph until the end.

  • Log out of your Tinder account and log back in again:

One of the most simple solutions that help solve many of Tinder’s glitches is the log-out and log-back-in trick by following the below steps:

  1. Open the Tinder app and go to your profile page.
  2. Click on Settings, go down and find Log out.
  3. Then restart the app, and log into your account to see if it solves your problem.
  • Try a Tinder user search:

This method is helpful when you guess that you are facing the tinder matches disappeared issue because they have deleted their accounts or unmatched you. So, we suggest you use a professional online dating investigative service, like Social Catfish, and try your chance to find lost connections online. 

How To Get Your Tinder Match Back?

If you did all the above solutions and none of them work, but you are still looking for a way to get back your tinder matches disappeared, you can try your chance by visiting the address. In a normal situation, Tinder should show all your previous matches and chat history on the site. 

One of my Tinder Matches disappeared.

Previously, I have mentioned that in cases where you find only one of your Tinder Matches disappeared, the most probable case is that he or she decides to delete the app from his phone or at least deleted his account or chooses to unmatch you because of any reason that only he knows. And do not forget that sometimes he might be banned due to bad behavior against the app policies.


  • Why did my Tinder conversation disappear but still matched

Generally, this issue might happen due to three various reasons, such as a glitch in Tinder, a glitch on one person’s phone, or when he has paused his account and then reactivated it again.

  • Why does your match disappear and then appear again?

Most of the time, this case does not have anything to do with you and that will happen because he was chatting with some other girl and began dating her, then they broke up and he is back again.

  • How to unmatch on tinder

Open the Tinder app> click on the message section> choose the person you want to unmatch> tap on unmatch button> confirm it by pressing YES.


In the above text, we talked about all possible answers to “why did tinder delete all my matches”, such as the app glitches, server down issues, poor internet connection, unmatching, and so more. Then we explained some possible ways you can use to solve the issue when you see no match on tinder. But if you still have any questions, it is best to talk to the Tinder app support team.

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