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How to get Unbanned from Tinder (Working Methods)

how to get unbanned from tinder

Many young people use Tinder, an online dating app from 2012, to find a friend and meet new people from other geosocial areas. Using this kind of technology would cause you to face various errors, but the worst thing that might happen is to get banned from Tinder. So, you might be here to find a solution about how to get unbanned from Tinder. The good news is that you are in the best place because we want to talk about all the details, such as getting banned reasons, solutions, how to appeal a Tinder ban, and what to do if you need to make another Tinder account

Reasons for Getting Banned from Tinder

If you get used to Tinder as a significant part of your modern dating culture and like to keep using it and meet new people from around the world, you should follow some rules and guidelines because the below reasons will cause you to face a Tinder ban.

  • Sharing accounts:

While in many social media channels, it seems harmless to share your accounts, this is not true about Tinder because it violates Tinder’s terms of service. They believe it could lead to confusion, lack of communication, and privacy issues. So, be careful because if Tinder detects that you are sharing your account, you risk getting banned.

  • Impersonation:

To put it simply, if you lie or misrepresent yourself elsewhere, either by using his name or picture, you will be banned for deceiving other users.

  • Sending spam or soliciting money from users:

As the company introduces itself, it is specifically a dating app, and you are not allowed to use it for advertising or soliciting money. Therefore, if you engage in spammy activities, such as repeatedly sending unwanted promotional messages or trying to extort other users, you will be banned as it is completely against Tinder’s guidelines.

  • Sharing offensive content:

It is a more general rule, and the users of most social platforms should follow this option. To share the details of this option for Tinder users, you should not publicly share sexually offensive or indecent content that violates Tinder’s guidelines, such as nude profile pictures or sending sexually suggestive PMs to potential matches.

  • Harassment, intimidation, and defamation:

As a Tinder user, you should be polite because respectful communication is very important on Tinder. Harassment, intimidation, or defamation of other users, such as cyberbullying, stalking, or posting malicious content by you, may be reported by other users, and Tinder will ban your account as a result.

  • Promote racism or other hate speech:

Among Tinder’s slogans is that all users can use it regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. So, if you do anything that promotes racism, bigotry, violence, or hatred, it could lead you to be banned from the Tider side.

  • Breaking the age limit:

Legally, only users above 18 can use this app, so if you are younger than 18 and want to have a Tinder account, you are violating the app’s terms of policies, which will cause you to be banned. Mind you, this one is so strict that you can’t even share photos of yourself when you are under 18.

how to get unbanned from tinder

How to get unbanned from Tinder

Now you know all the rules you should not violate to get rid of being banned from Tinder. But what will happen if you suddenly face this issue, and what can you do to solve it? Here, there are two options to get rid of this trouble, and the decision is up to you.

  • Send a request:

The first solution you should try is to follow a few steps (which will be explained in the next paragraph) to make a polite request to the Tinder support system and ask for the unban. The important thing is that this way isn’t useful in all cases, and the system’s response will not always be positive about unbanning your account. Also, if you want to use your phone to do such a process, call Tinder support at 214-853-4309.

  • Making a new account:

This option is one of the most controversial because many people believe that if their appeal doesn’t work, the only thing they can do is create another Tinder account with fewer bugs. But sometimes, creating a new account after being banned means a violation, so your new profile will be banned unless you have explicit permission from Tinder. (While we don’t recommend this solution, there are more items in the last paragraph to help you reduce the risk of doing this process.)

How to Appeal a Tinder Ban

If you are sure about appealing but don’t know much about how to submit a Tinder request, there is nothing to worry about because you can successfully do this process by following the below steps:

how to get unbanned from tinder
  • Under the “What can we help with?” phrase, you will see a drop-down menu where you should choose the “Trouble with Account login” option.
how to get unbanned from tinder
  • Fill out the form by entering your email address, phone number, and description. Also, you can attach pictures if it will help.
  • And finally, click Submit.

How to Make a New Tinder Account After Being Banned on same Device?

As I mentioned before, making a second Tinder account after being banned is not always successful. But based on our research, you can follow some items to reduce the risk of this solution, such as:

  1. Uninstall the Tinder app and delete your old account:

While it seems simple, deleting and uninstalling the banned Tinder account is not. You can uninstall it by deleting the app caches from your phone and elide your account by contacting Tinder’s customer support team and asking them to remove your account permanently.

  1. Using new data & pictures:

Find new photos and bios to spruce up your profile to reduce the risk of being detected by the Tinder team and give you a bonus point for not being recognized by Tinder services.

  1. Using a new phone number:

Having a banned Tinder account means your phone number is also banned. So, you’ll need to get a new phone number that hasn’t been used on Tinder before to receive a verification text.

  1. Creating a new Google account:

Also, you should clear all data and create a new Google account to perform a new version of the Tinder profile.

  1. Use a different IP address:

We believe that Tinder could recognize your IP address during the sign-up process, so we recommend using one of the below options:

  • Use a different Wi-Fi 
  • Use your mobile hotspot 4G/5G network with the new phone number.

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All social media platforms are developed according to certain rules, policies, and guidelines, and Tinder is not behind them. In the text above, we’ve gone over all the things you need to consider if you don’t want to get banned on Tinder. Also, if you are suddenly banned, read the text above and learn how to unban Tinder. If you have any experience with this, please share it in the comments below. Also, if there is a question not answered above, you can comment on it, and we will try to find the best answer for you.


  • Does VPN work for Tinder ban?

It is not recommended. While it helps you change your IP address, it is a red flag on the Tinder system.

  • Is A Tinder Ban Final Or Temporary?

If you are banned outright, it is usually the final decision (unless support helps you reverse it).

  • Tips to Avoid Getting Your Tinder Account Banned

If I want to make a short description of them, be polite, don’t share accounts, lie, promote racism or other hate speech, and avoid harassment, intimidation, and defamation.

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