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Top 6 Tiktok Viewers: Are they legal to use?

Everything about TikTok in 2020

You should know that TikTok has taken the world by surprise, and today almost all young people have a TikTok account. But what will happen if you want to browse TikTok, watch, download, and save other users’ videos without logging into your account? Is it possible to not have a TikTok account but watch TikTok videos? The answer is yes, there is always a trick. And this time, you can use tiktok viewer and anonymously watch TikTok content. Keep reading and learn more about tiktok online viewers and tiktok profile viewers.

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What is a tiktok viewer and how does it work?

As I mentioned previously, TikTok viewer is a third-party app or a website that you can use to view other TikTok accounts’ videos, statistics, followers, likes, the number of times each video has been shared, and target demographics without logging into your account. Working with most of these tiktok online viewers is easy, and you should just go through the site address and search the TikTok hashtag or user you want to view his videos anonymously in the search bar. Also, I have to add that some of these websites allow you to download your intended TikTok video, too.

Top 6 tiktok viewers to use

Now that you know what TikTok viewer is and how it works, it is time to introduce some of these most popular websites you can use to view TikTok videos without logging into your account and as an anonymous tiktok online viewer.


Urlebird is the first website I want to introduce, which you can use as a tiktok viewer. It lets users be tiktok profile viewers, do tiktok user searches online, and search among TikTok videos based on users, hashtags, and even music! You can also download and share TikToks with Urlebird TikTok.


If you want to be a tiktok online viewer, you can go to other websites like Vidnice. The same as Urlebird TikTok, Vindnice allows you to sort TikTok videos by subject, analyze your account’s growth -likes, views, followers- download, and even create your lists of videos, all in one place! Another significant aspect of using this website is customization; you can choose different countries and see different results. They also offer a professional analytics service -Tikbuddy- which helps influencers follow trends closely and decide on their marketing style. There is, however, the option of creating an account and personalizing your content.

  • Brainans

Another popular TikTok online viewer that I want to introduce is Brainans. You can use this website as a tik tok video viewer, and a tik tok profile viewer when you do not like to use your TikTok account. This tik tok video viewer helps you browse TikTok with some key features like:

  • Browse anonymously
  • Search and analyze TikTok accounts
  • Download content 
  • OnlineTik

Are you looking for a good tik tok video viewer that allows you to watch tik tok videos and download them anonymously? OnlineTik could be the number one source for all tiktok online viewers.While this website provides the best TikTok video downloading service by focusing on quality and efficiency, you can use it as an efficient TikTok profile viewer.

  • TikyToky

The fourth option I want to introduce as the best TikTok video viewer is TikyToky. You can use this beneficial tool to do a tik tok user search online and discover TikTok videos. Also, this tiktok profile viewer is great for anonymously searching for users, followers, videos, and hashtags.

  • SnapDownloader

At the end of the list, I want to introduce a popular tiktok viewer named SnapDownloaderIt could be one of the best apps you can use as a tiktok online viewer. It might be interesting to know that this tool supports TikTok and over 900 websites.

Is it legal to use a tiktok viewer?

It is not registered anywhere that tiktok online viewers and tiktok profile viewers are illegal. However, based on TikTok reports, this website does not allow you to use the tiktok viewers, and you might be penalized if TikTok suspects your account in this way. Also, it is not moral to view someone’s content without his permission. 

Pros and Cons of using a tiktok viewer

Now that you know what a tiktok viewer is and meet the best tiktok online viewers, you might ask why I should choose to use these websites or prevent them. To find your answer read this paragraph and find out the pros and cons of tiktok viewer websites.

The pros of tiktok online viewer:

  • You can watch your favorite TikTok anonymously.
  • There will be no trouble in signing up.
  • You can sort out your account, keep track of your favorites, followers, and likes and even predict and use TikTok analytics to your advantage.

The cons of tiktok online viewer:

  • It is not moral.
  • You are facing the risk of being fined by TikTok.


Can we doanload tiktokvideos with a tiktok viewer?

Yes, you can download TikTok videos on your phone from the app simply by tapping on the “Share” button and then choosing the “Save Video” option.

Is tiktok viewer anonymous?

Yes, when you choose to use a tiktok viewer, whether a tiktok online viewer or a tiktok profile viewer, you can watch other videos anonymously.


If you do not have a TikTok account and want to follow TikTok account content and date, or those times that you have an account but do not like to use it to view a video, you can use tiktok viewers. There are different websites known as tiktok online viewers and tiktok profile viewers, which you can use, and simply reach your goal. To learn more about the details of these tools, read the above text.

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