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How to remove TikTok filter? (From your videos and others’)

TikTok never ceases to amaze us. Each day you lie down and start surfing on TikTok waves, you can find new viral challenges with the most appealing video masterpieces and, of course, filters.

While many users are crazy about making media with a science fiction theme, or other teenager-related trends, some still want to enjoy their life by watching natural clips with their family. Then, how to remove TikTok filter? Are you tired of TikTok filters flying around your head? In this post, I will show you how to remove TikTok filter, as well as answers to these questions;

  • Is it possible to remove TikTok filter?
  • How to remove a TikTok filter?
  • How to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok?
  • How to remove silhouette filter on TikTok?

Can we remove TikTok filter?

In recent years, finding a pure natural video or media on social media is like a bottle of water in the middle of the Saharan desert. The fact is that most people are satirizing their videos with graphical effects and several filters so that they look more attractive and bright.

Suppose you think your eyes are overwhelmed with artificial filters or are just a conservative viewer to watch videos with the least social media effects. In that case, TikTok will allow you to easily add or remove filters from your videos at any stage. This means that you can remove TikTok filter before recording, after recording, or from the drafts. The bad news is that no video editing is possible after you post your media on your page.

how to remove tiktok filter

Why are people talking about how to remove TikTok filter?

All social media users –including TikTok- cannot be classified in a single category; you can find people from different regions with various beliefs and age classes. As many TikTokers report on the internet, some TikTok filters are not appropriate for children and may hurt those users who have not even hit puberty yet.

Furthermore, there are some filters that can damage children’s self-esteem and cause severe mental health problems later in life. As a result, parents are wondering if they have more control over what their kids are going to see with their eyes, in this case, TikTok filters and effects.

How to remove TikTok filter easily? You are going to learn how to remove a TikTok filter on three occasions (your saved ones, before posting, and other people’s media) in the following paragraphs.

How to remove TikTok filter from your video?

Almost all TikTok filters are added to videos or deleted from them in the “Editing” section, so the main pathway is to visit your profile screen and set the settings of “getting rid of filters” before you start posting them.

Some filters are more specific than others, so we have explained two of them here as an example;

How to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok?

These days, people are creating videos with the new rotoscope filter since they look like cartoon-drawn creatures in the video. The prevalence of this effect has increased because users can do anything by applying it, and no one can see their real faces anymore. If you hate these graphical shapes fidgeting on TikTok, you can erase them surely.

How to remove the rotoscope filter on TikTok? The first step is to have the target video on your “Drafts” file. After you click on drafts and click the back option, you will be able to remove or unselect the effect you selected and change it to the normal video clip. How to remove a TikTok filter, like a rotoscope, from the saved video? I have to declare that it is impossible and there is no app to do that for you!!!

how to remove tiktok filter

How to remove silhouette filter on TikTok?

Silhouette (red) filters are the next TikTok effects which can be amazing for someone while being a tommyrot for others. TikTok is a campaign of challenges, and users utilize silhouette filters for a Red Silhouette Trend video.

How to remove silhouette filter on TikTok? Note that you can’t remove the red filter completely from the video, but you can still see that guy’s face on the screen a little better if you do some editing processes.

The main solution is to use an effect cooler in this case, so you need to download the video with silhouette filter from TikTok and bring it to one of your video editing apps on your phone (you can download them from Play Store or App Store if necessary) and start doing something professionally with the media.

  • First, increase the brightness of the video in order to eradicate the dark sequences in the background.
  • Second, decrease the contrast and saturation of the video so that the objects can be seen more clearly.
  • Finally, decrease the Tint option to add more natural lighting to the scene.
how to remove tiktok filter

How to remove TikTok filter saved TikTok video?

Removing a TikTok filter is much easier than you think; it just requires some clicking to be accomplished. Since these are “your” video, you can run the removing method whenever you want to.

If you have some saved videos under “Drafts” in your TikTok profile, these files also deserve to be tweaked. How to remove filter on a TikTok video? Just follow these steps to make it done;

  1. Open your TikTok app and click on your profile icon on the main screen.
  2. Go to the “Drafts” section and choose the video you intend to edit.
  3. In the editing options screen, click on the “Effects” button.
  4. Next, click on the “Undo” button that looks like a revered arrow. If you have more than one filter on your file, you have to repeat this method multiple times.
  5. After that, click on the “Next” option to proceed further.
  6. Choose the button named “None” on the Filters screen to remove all filters from the video.
  7. Finally, click on “Save” to keep the changes.

How to remove TikTok filter from other people’s videos?

Well, this is one of those unhelpful points when we come to TikTok filter tools. Unfortunately, you cannot manipulate other users’ videos and photos, so you can’t remove filters from others’ videos on TikTok. This can be a part of TikTok users’ privacy terms because the servers will not allow you to tweak or customize others’ videos in any manner. If you are insisted on removing filters from other guys’ media, you can download them on your memory and to some editing methods “outside of the TikTok environment.”

People are working hard to find a way to remove TikTok filter from others` videos; as you can see, they are posting related queries on Reddit and other forums. As a result, Reddit has recently banned a number of accounts that were posting and entertaining such questions because the authorities believe that doing so would be completely wrong and looking at someone without their consent.

How to remove TikTok filter from recording videos before posting?

How to remove TikTok filter before posting it? Or may I say it better, how to remove filter on TikTok videos before they start to be recorded? Video recording settings on TikTok will give you enough power to prevent any filter from being exposed on your recent shoots and before posting them publicly.

How to remove TikTok filter in the process of editing? Follow these steps;

  1. First, open your TikTok app.
  2. Click on the “Plus” button to create a video in the middle of the screen.
  3. Choose the “Filters” tab from the left side of the editing options. You need to select the “Portrait” and “Normal” options now.
  4. Next, click on the “Effect” button located next to the “Record” icon. Set the option to “None.”
  5. After that, visit the “Beautify” section and set all the values to zero in the “Face” and “Makeup” options.
  6. Congratulations!!! No TikTok filter will be added to your recorded videos.

How to create a TikTok video without any filters?

There are still some people who prefer media files with no or least computer modifications, so they ask TikTok servers to make room for nature lovers. Hence, there is a possibility to turn off the “filter expressing” system on your TikTok profile by running these steps;

  • On your TikTok page, choose the filter section, click on “Portrait,” and select the “Normal” option.
  • Click on the “Effect” frame located next to the Record icon, and set it to “None.”
  • Go to the “Beauty” section, and then adjust all the values in the “Face” tab to zero. You should do the same process for the “Makeup” tab.

Now you are free of any annoying filters on TikTok.


This is all you need to learn about TikTok filters, including how to remove TikTok filter, even those stubborn ones like silhouette and rotoscope filters. Please make sure you are in a hunky-dory situation when removing your TikTok filters, and no external enforcement is behind it.

In general, the answer to the “how to remove a TikTok filter?” is available unless you try to approach the videos which are not yours on social media. You can visit the official TikTok website with your web browser for more information.

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