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Urlebird: What is it and is it safe? (+ Reviews)

Are you a TikTok user looking for a way to analyze other influencers’ videos to improve your performance in this app? Almost all TikTok fans know about the urlebird website or have heard its name at least once. But if you want to gather more professional data about this topic and how to use to become a successful TikTok user, read this text until the end.


What is Urlebird?, a popular website used by TikTok users to watch other users’ videos online and analyze them was first introduced on August 22, 1999. Nowadays, more than 1,017,720 people view this page daily to get a lot of data about others’ videos, such as the number of users, challenges, videos, and hashtags. Among the most important features of this website that attract TikTok users are the opportunity to access all information you need without any registration and for free and the possibility of downloading videos without a watermark from TikTok. So, if you are interested in using TikTok anonymously, it would be great to read this text until the end and learn how to use urlebird.

Is using Urlebird safe?

The main question that almost all users like you ask is about the legality of urlebird and if it is safe to use to watch TikTok videos or not. And the truth is that answering this question is not easy, but here I have gathered all available facts and will discuss this topic from different points of view to help you make the best result.

  • First, there is a group of people who believe Urlebird is not legal because they copy others’ content, and it is a type of stealing. And all of them is while clearly remarks that it is not associated with the original TikTok website.
  • But from the Urlebird website’s point of view, there are several justifications for their work, and nothing can ban this website from working during these years. 
  • And finally, we suggest that while there is no specific report about this app being unsafe, it would be best to log on to their website and learn more about how they operate by reading different sections, like about us, terms of use, removal, and privacy policies, before any action.

How does Urlebird work?

No one exactly knows the method Urlebird uses to access TikTok accounts, but the general way is through Tiktok API. TikTok API helps any website like Urlebird to fetch the data and then display it on their website. Now that we are talking about how Urlebird works, I want to add that this website has never been affiliated with TikTok, which means if you find your TikTok video published on Urlebird and try to report it to TikTok, they can not help you.

How does Urlebird have access to TikTok accounts?

Previously, we briefly glanced at this point, and now I want to add that Urlebird can access TikTok’s private accounts and upload TikTok users’ videos on their website without permission, and its trick is still mysterious. And the most interesting point is that Urlebird’s can access an extent of TikTok to users’ accounts,which is unknown for all, for example, they can even access some restricted TikTok accounts. And unfortunately, if you are unhappy with watching your TikTok video on Urlebird, you can not do any proper action.


Urlebird Reviews

The Urlebird website does not show the users’ reviews in any part of their website, so there is nothing to read as Urlebird reviews directly from the users’ point of view. But again we can divide how people think about the and its function through two categories:

  • The first group includes those who use it to watch other videos anonymously. They believe that Urlebird is an extraordinary TikTok online viewer because they can download TikTok videos, which is not possible through the original TikTok app version. Also, it allows you to watch others’ videos without permission. 
  • That is while video owners are not happy with the Urlebird website’s function and its features because it publishes their videos for everyone without any permission. 

How to download Urlebird?

UrleBird Apk is the premium version of the Urlebird video-sharing website, which you can easily install on your phone and use to watch and share your favorite movies. If you like to use the Urlebird app on your phone instead of the website, you should first follow the below steps to download the app:

  • Search for the Urlebird app link(APK) on any browser you like.
  • Find the app and download it based on the site instructions.
  • Install it on your phone and log in with your TikTok username and password.
  • Finally, you can watch and save any video you like.


You can use other apps and websites with the same function like Urlebird, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and so on.

  • How to remove videos from urlebird?

Unfortunately, I have to say that you can not delete it or even report your anger anywhere.


If you have heard the name of urlebird but do not know what it is exactly, or want to use it but you are not sure if it is safe, we are here to help you. In the above text, I have mentioned that this website is a Tiktok viewer and analyzer, which you can use in an app version, too. Also, we talked about the Urlebird legal and safety status and how you can download this app.

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