How to cut a YouTube video that’s not yours

How to cut a YouTube video that's not yours

It happened to all of us that we wanted to send a friend or colleague a short and snippet of a YouTube video, but not linking them to the entire thing. You can send a video and link to the specific timestamp of a YouTube.

Though, you have to be careful that there are videos, which all devices can not support. Though, you can refer to a video production company.

Besides sharing video clips with friends, cropping and trimming YouTube videos is a tactic for several viral marketers and influencers to apply. There is a possible situation that a Twitter user, tweeting part of a video and after that, gets thousands of retweets. 

You may also use the YouTube cutter to grow your Instagram account, repost the short videos (less than 60 seconds) for example. This way, you can just re-share the short YouTube video into your Instagram account and get more Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, if you are a YouTuber, and you are wondering How to get more views on YouTube you can check the mentioned website.

How to cut a YouTube video?

You can crop and trim a YouTube video with programs like Vegas Pro, and it doesn’t need expertise. You have to choose your favorite video link and find a good video trimming web service.

In this article, we will introduce the two best websites. They help you to trim and crop a YouTube video instantly. Also, if you use these websites, there is no need to download any special applications.

YT Cutter

YT cutter is the most favorite web-based YouTube trimmer and downloader. It gives you numerous download options by its clean and intuitive interface.

I explain the process step by step. First, paste the URL of the YouTube video you’d choose to trim, then push the Enter key or Start key (on the page).

After the video load, you’ll see UI controls on the left side. While you are watching the video, there is an option to click the Start or End keys to produce a range that you would prefer to crop out of the video. In this way, you can cut off before and after this video.

How to cut a YouTube video

It also gives this permission to you to select parts of the video.

For this item, you have to find the < and > buttons. In this way, you can expand and reduce your chosen paused time. 

Once you set the start and ends time, you can click the Preview key, and play your selection and see if you want to edit it. In the end, satisfied, it is time to download your selected clip. You can do this in different formats.

After you click the Download button, you can see four options:

  •     First, a video file means an MP4 file of your clip (with audio)
  •     The second one is a GIF animation means n animated GIF image of your clip.
  •     The third one is an audio file refers to an MP3 file of your clip (no video).
  •     The last one is a screenshot means a high-resolution screenshot of the start of your clip.
youtube cutter

Rarely, you may face a situation that you select a format but get an error saying that YouTube exhausted a rate limit for this video. In these cases, before trying again, wait for some seconds, and your download will start successfully. If it did not happen, wait for some other seconds and try again.


The next site that I want to introduce you is YTCropper. You can work with it a bit differently than YT Cutter. But you may like to experience different alternatives and choices when you want to trim YouTube videos.

For trimming a video by the ytCropper website, you have to pass the link of a YouTube video and click the Crop key. After that, the website leads you to a page where you can play and preview your video.

 If you have experience with video editing applications, working with ytCropper might be familiar for you.

On this website, you can drag the movie and choose the start and endpoints.  While in most other websites, you have to click on a button to manage the stop and start points.

One of the negative points of cropping videos on ytCropper is that your clip maybe not much precise, as this system does not support fractions of moments. The positive side is that these markers work as visual indicators for you.  It helps you to see where your clip locates along the play bar you cropped. This option performs stretching or reducing the reservation very easy.

Finally, if you’re happy with your selection, you can choose the next Crop key. Here, you can see your video playing.

YTCropper not working?

If you use ytCropper, it is not possible to download cropped clips. You can see the YouTube video on a page as you choose the start and stop point.

There is a fantastic feature for this website called looping. It is useful when you want to crop a song.

You can share your produced video through the direct link presented on the page.

As a lot of the YouTube trimming assistance are flat-out weak or faulty, there is no other option that I like to present. One example is YouTube Trimmer.  It does not update to rearrange the method of deprecating YouTube URL parameters.

Another example is Kapwing Video Trimmer. At first, you see it as a useful service. But when you go to the part where you prepare your clips, you will understand that you need to sign up. On the other hand, the provided method of sharing your videos is not sufficient.

HeseTube was another option for cutting and downloading YouTube videos until now that you will see the error of can’t process the video.


Fortunately, both sites we’ve listed in this article do particular roles: YT Cutter is useful for downloading and running cropped YouTube videos. YTCropper is another appropriate website that you can use to link the versions of YouTube videos that you cropped.

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