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The Bottle Cap Challenge (the new Challenge of 2023 Summer)

The Bottle Cap Challenge

Have you seen people around you kicking the bottle cap recently? If not, you may see them soon while they are recording for the new challenge of 2019.

After ” in my feeling challenge” in the summer of 2018, Instagrammers have come up with a new Instagram challenge in 2019 which is welcomed by Instagram users and everyone is trying to do the ” bottle cap challenge” and making it viral. It is surprising that everyone, such as teenagers, adults, influencers, celebrities, and even brands, is cooperating in the challenge. 

There are lots of videos and posts on Instagram that contain the #bottle_cap, #bottle_cap_challenge, #challenge_2019, #bottle_challenge, #FaraKicksChallenge, etc., hashtags and with the wave of posts about the bottle cap challenge, it seems that people are interested in experiencing new things and the majority of Instagram users, especially teenagers can’t ignore doing it.

The bottle challenge starter Farabi Davletchin

The bottle cap challenge first started by Farabi Davletchin, who is a Kazakhstani Taekwondo instructor. Then it was followed by Max Holloway and John Mayer, who did it well. Farabi started the challenge in 25th of June by recording a slow-motion video on his Instagram account while he was knocking the bottle cap without touching the bottle. The challenge is so tempting that even Holloway’s son who is 6-year-old, did it.

Alt: Holloway's son

John Mayer joined the challenge by posting a video on Instagram. He mentioned Errolson Hugh, then he challenged actor Jason Statham, who also successfully completed the #BottleCapChallenge.

Bottle cap challenge by Max Holloway and John Mayer

Another popular video is recorded by Mariah Carey, who did it differently; she used her voice to take the cap off the bottle. Mariah Carey’s video got many views, and it leads many people to agree that she has officially won the bottle cap challenge.

Bottle cap challenge by Mariah Carey

Among all the spectacular videos shared on Instagram, Ryan Reynolds made a joke of it and shared a video on Twitter which shows a bottle going on beautiful scenes, and at last, he kicked the glass bottle and broke it into pieces!

Justin Bieber participated in the challenge, too. His slow-motion video got more than 22 million views.

Bottle cap challenge by Justin Bieber

What do you think about the bottle cap challenge? Which of the videos was your favorite? Have you tried it? If yes, share your Instagram username with us to check it out.

If you are just going to join the challenge, it is better to choose a plastic bottle and loosen the lid, after making sure of your ability, you can try it with a glass bottle and share it with the world. This way, you will prevent ending up with smashed glass, and you will improve your skill by practicing with a plastic bottle.

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