Stunning Instagram Statistics for B2B Marketers in the current digital landscape

Statistics are a great place to start and it gives a great research backup to your campaign. Statistics help you discover new prospects and assess the performance of various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Instagram is a powerful force and is extremely attractive to B2B marketers. It is all about the options, aesthetics, convenience, and user-friendliness that make Instagram one of the most sought-after social media platforms for customers and businesses, making it paramount to marketers. Instagram statistics act as a guide to Branding Your Instagram business account and marketing strategy.

You shouldn’t miss the great opportunity to target more people on Instagram and engage with them. If you haven’t invested in Instagram yet, it’s time. If you’re unsure or uncertain about how Instagram can help your business, here are some vital stats you need to know about Instagram

However, getting Instagram running on B2B is not always easy. Let us look at some key social media and Instagram statistics here.

Some Important Instagram Statistics

  • As of 2022, brands are still struggling to get more Instagram followers. However, high interaction and engagement rates, new e-commerce capabilities, and high advertising spending show that Instagram’s future is still bright.
  • Ironically, Facebook’s recent scrutiny has endorsed Instagram. The platform has surpassed the 2 billion user mark
  • Instagram rules social streaming services with 81% in terms of engagement vs. 8% of Facebook.
  • Instagram’s engagement rate is about 6 times higher than Facebook’s (0.83% to 0.13%).
  • Instagram stories (83%) and Instagram grid posts (93%) are the most renowned and trending types of content.
  • 44% of users buy products on Instagram every week, and 28% of their shopping activities are planned.

Some More Instagram User Statistical Facts

  1. 1 Billion Instagram users are active – If you have questions about whether Instagram has a user base to justify your time and energy, please think about it again. Instagram has reached a monthly active user brand in June 2018!
  2. 90% of all Instagram users have maintained their business accounts and follow them rigorously
  3. People are posting 500 million Instagram Stories every day, which disappear after 24 hours, a straight-cut increase from 100 million people from 2018
  4. 50% of the interviewed Instagram reported being interested in brands as soon as they saw ads on it
  5. The “like” button of Instagram is used 4.2 billion times a day and the platform thrives on the highest engagement levels on social media platforms-in fact, more than 4.2 billion preferences are submitted daily. One of the main reasons for this superhuman commitment is all about visuals that Instagram tends to pay attention to over text.
  6. 58% of all video library plans for using Instagram in a 2021 social media campaign as Video is a more popular marketing form on Instagram
  7. Users spend 30 minutes every day on this platform with an increase of 13.8% from 2019 to 2020, whereas Facebook grew by 4.1% or 1.4 minutes. People invest a lot of time on Instagram, look at things, and are likely to notice B2B businesses
  8. Users buy products that they see on Instagram. It is not a secret that Instagram is powerful in advertising the product. According to research, 72% of Instagram users have obtained the product seen in the app
  9. 70% of all Instagram users are less than 35 years old. This is a lot of popularity of Instagram for the millennials, but this number was 90% in 2015. Photo-sharing apps are becoming more and more popular with older users.
  10. 81% of Facebook surveyors say they use Instagram to learn about different businesses. This clearly shows that Instagram statistics want to see messages from brands that have an advertising aspect.
  11. 70% of users are likely to shop on mobile. More than one-third of Instagram users buy products online using their mobile phones, 70% more than non-app users.
  12. Instagram is the gold mine of traffic for businesses. This app uses product tags to direct users to pages where they can buy the products they see.
  13. Instagram posts tagged with location have 79% more engagement than posts without location tag. Tagging posts with locations takes about 5 seconds, so it’s a rewarding game.
  14. 88% of Instagram users live outside the United States. This data shows the app’s popularity and visual content transcend any language barriers
  15. Instagram is the 2nd most popular platform for social media marketing.76% of the surveyed brand included their social media marketing strategy apps
  16. 83% percent of Instagrammers say they have come across new products and services through the app. Brands can make a positive impression on potential customers through their Instagram presence.
  17. 33% of B2B companies use Instagram as B2B marketing evolves; it’s important to use Instagram as a tool for building connections with customers, prospects, employees, and others in the industry.
  18. 87% of Instagram users say they “take action” after the product information appears in the feed. This includes interacting with posts, following brands, accessing websites, and making purchases.
  19. In 2018, 69.2% of marketing personnel used Instagram for business purposes. This year, 7 out of 10 US marketing personnel are assumed to use Instagram as part of their work.
  20. Videos generate more engagement than photos People like photos, but above all, they like videos. Videos generate 38% more engagement than photos.
  21. 71% of the United States businesses enhance their popularity using Instagram, US companies estimated it to encourage the brand, and it is not surprising that it is more than 8 million business accounting in 2020.
  22. Videos receive 21.2% user interaction more than pictures
  23. User-generated content conversion rate is 4.5% higher in the form of photos and videos, in your marketing campaigns. Instagrammers who view user-created photos are 4.5% more likely to convert and increase to 9.6% when they are involved in a post. Not surprisingly, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for viewing photos, watching videos, and driving business.
  24. Here is a percentage of survey respondents who answered “yes” to the following question of whether they performed a specific action on Instagram or not (EMarketer):
  • View photo: 77%
  • Watch video: 51%
  • Content sharing with the wider community of platforms: 45%
  • Share content with specific users: 31%
  • Keep up with the news: 18%
  • Product Search / Purchase: 11%
  • Promote Business: 9%


Having deep knowledge about the benefits of Instagram and the latest statistics fine-tunes your strategy and helps you in implementing smarter management and marketing tools. These statistics help you decide whether you must use the opportunity for a new network, try something new, or switch from organic content to advertising. The above-mentioned statistics can help you better formulate, research, and implement a social media marketing strategy.


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