How to name a podcast? (Best podcast name generator?)

If you are one of those people producing podcasts for their audience, you should also have heard about podcast name ideas and how important they are, as the podcast will be known by that title. In this brief post, we are going to see how to name a podcast, list some podcast name ideas, and introduce the podcast name generator as an efficient tool for your work.

How to name a podcast?

Naming a podcast maybe is the most critical step in releasing the podcast on the internet, as your podcast name will convey your message to the audience. Note that good podcast names are simple but creative podcast names. Thus, making long and complex podcast names will signal that you are still an amateur.

In order to create nice podcast name ideas, you need to:

  1. Think about the message you want to send to the listener’s brain.
  2. Choose the niche of the podcast.
  3. Review your opponents’ work examples and survey the competition.
  4. Use specific and relevant keywords to boost your podcast’s searchability.
  5. Make the podcast easy to say and spell
  6. Keep your podcast names similar to your business name or brand name

What are some Podcast Name Ideas?

podcast name generator

If you prefer to choose guaranteed podcast names rather than being creative, you can look for podcast name ideas on the internet and social media. As a review, we have gathered some of the best podcast name ideas for you below:

  • Podcastbanks
  • Cherry Channel
  • Learn How
  • Come Clean Podcast
  • Night Talk
  • Skill Connect
  • Daring Download
  • Entertaining Episodes
  • Trash Talk
  • Podcastkreators
  • Pod Squad
  • Geek Best
  • Knowledge Share
  • Morning Shine Podcast
  • Berry Blue Beauty
  • New podcast
  • Rumor Report Podcast
  • Pods In Practice
  • The Download
  • The Downlow Download
  • KeyPodcast
  • The Live Jive
  • Pocastgiants
  • Hello Hosts!
  • Cast Of Characters
  • Verbal Dissertations
  • The Writer’S Corner
  • Prolific Podcast
  • Podcastsafe
  • Renderpodcast
  • Free podcast
  • On The Air
  • KnowShare
  • Like Content
  • Podcastfactory
  • The [NAME] View
  • Energy Podcast
  • Principle Podcast
  • Gossip Boys
  • Podcastjunkies
  • Daily Story

They are more of these podcast name ideas on the websites such as You can also check these examples to see if they are available.

What is a podcast name generator?

The next helpful method which you can use for your podcast career is using a podcast name generator. According to definition, a podcast name generator is online software that produces random podcast names based on your given parameters. Some of these podcast name generators are AI-powered, which can make more specific and exclusive podcast names for your files.

What are some podcast name generators?

There are many newbie and old-fashioned podcast name generators on the internet. However, we have reviewed most of these tools, and we recommend using one of these five brilliant podcast name generators for your projects;

  • Namify

Namify is one of the greatest generators you can find in the network, where you can get your favorite podcast names with just a click. This website has the ability to give you a domain (such as .tech and .store) for your podcast name ideas even if it is unavailable, by simply adding an extension to your podcast name. By owning a domain, you can create a strong and impactful brand identity for your online business. You can get the domain with the best prices on Namify easily.

  • Namelix

Namelix is actually a business name generator, but you can also use it as a podcast name generator. This tool utilizes modern AI technology to provide you with names. All you need to do is to enter your keywords related to the podcast and click on the “Generate” button. As a result, you will receive a list of available podcast names on the screen.

  • Name Station

This is a website fully dedicated to generating names for users. You can get a broad spectrum of services such as business name and podcast name generating on Name Station. Two versions are available for Name Station; the free version requires a username and a password to log in, and after that, you are free of creating your own podcast names ideas on the website. You can get a custom name with the paid version by holding a contest. The contest will be charged between $40 and $50, and you also have to explain your podcast theme and keywords.

  • Vadoo TV

As the name tells us, Vadoo TV is basically a video hosting platform that also provides podcast name generating services for the users. Vadoo TV is a professional podcast name generator powered by artificial intelligence for free. However, you need to look for good podcast names on the given list by the server, as most of them are irrelevant.

  • TRUiC

The “Really Useful Information Company” or TRUiC is a great website that is utilized as a podcast name generator. To get the name options, you need to provide two or more keywords related to your podcast idea and then click on the “Next” button. After that, you will be asked what type of podcast you want to produce, and finally, a list of creative podcast names is ready for you.


Thank you for reading. We have explained most of the factors you need to create podcast name ideas and also the most efficient podcast name generators to work with. Although there are many tools that can make the process of generating podcast names easier for you, it is better to use your imaginary memory to have better podcast names ideas on your table.

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