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Ways to Fix Instagram Wont Let Me Post 2024 (Stories and Post)

All of us use Instagram to post photos and videos daily and wait until our friends like and comment on them. But what will happen if you update your app and suddenly face the “instagram wont let me post” error? While it is frustrating to see that you can’t post on Instagram, do not freak out. First, you should find the answer to the “why won’t instagram let me post” question, and then you can solve this issue. So, keep reading and find out all the details about “why can’t i post on instagram” and the best ways to solve it.

How to Fix Instagram won’t let me post?

Previously you read about the reason that might cause you face can’t post on instagram errors and their different types, such as why can’t i post on my instagram story, and why cant i post on instagram comments, which you should absolutely know to solve your problem. But as further help, I would like to point out some tips that you can follow to find the best answer to the “Why can’t I post on Instagram?” question.

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Clean the storage.
  • Reinstall your app
  • Uninstall any suspicious third-party app.
  • Wait for about 24 hours and try again because if you insist and try many times, the app might indicate you as a bot.
  • Pay attention to the limits and avoid doing spammy actions.
  • Avoid posting post copyrighted content. 
  • Choose your content based on the community guidelines.
  • Turn on a VPN and try posting again.
instagram wont let me post

Why Instagram wont let me post?

If you suddenly face the “instagram wont let me post” error, you should first find the reason. And for this case, you need to be patient and accurate because that can be due to a wide range of reasons, such as:

  • Weak internet connection
  • Wrong format
  • Content that includes violating Instagram terms
  • You did not give credit to the actual creator of the post.
  • That can be due to a temporary Instagram ban.
  • You did not permit the Instagram app to access your device’s gallery.
  • Over 30 hashtags in your post
  • A post that exceeds the Instagram uploading file size limit
  • Your photo might exceed the maximum aspect ratio.
  • A video file longer than 60 seconds

Different types Instagram issues with posting 

Why cant i post on instagram? To help you more, I have gathered a list of the most important cases you might face “instagram wont let me post”. Read the below point, and you most probably find the answer to the “why can’t i post multiple photos on instagram” question.

Instagram wont let me post:

The first and most common type is when you can’t post on Instagram of any type, which has a wide range of reasons that I talked about above. So, if you still do not know “why cant i post on instagram” read the previous paragraph.

Instagram won’t let me post stories:

Another type of “instagram wont let me post” is about stories, so you should look for the answer to “why can’t i post on my instagram story”, and the possible reasons are:

  • When you lose your Internet connection.
  • You want to share a post from a private account on your story that does not let you do so.
  • A broken or not compatible software
  • Old app version
  • Instagram banned you from posting stories because you violated its terms.
  • An Instagram technical issue
instagram wont let me post

Instagram doesn’t let me post multiple photos/videos:

If your question is “why can’t i post multiple photos on instagram”, do not worry because finding its answer is not hard. Like the previous cases, many users face this error because of technical issues, a bug, a huge load of caches, using a third-party app, and so on. The only point I’d like to add is that you may have recently reached your daily limits or uploaded a long video out of your multiple options.

Instagram doesn’t let me post music on stories:

If you live in a country where Instagram music is available, you should easily find the MUSIC sticker and simply use it. But when you are here, I guess you are looking for the answer to “why won’t instagram let me post music on my story”. Generally speaking, that can happen due to different reasons, such as:

  • Using an old version app and need to update it.
  • Logging in with a business account.
  • Sharing a branded content ad.
instagram wont let me post

Instagram doesn’t let me post comments:

And the last point that I want to mention about the “instagram wont let me post” error is why won’t instagram let me post a comment, and to solve this case, you should first check the below reasons.

  • Out-of-date app
  • Mentioning more than five accounts in your comment 
  • Using more than 30 hashtags in a comment
  • A repeated comment
  • Exceeding the daily comment limit
  • Being blocked by that one you want to comment for
  • A comment that contains filtered words


Why can’t i post on instagram? If you have faced any type of “instagram wont let me post”, such as why can’t i post on my instagram story, or why can’t i post multiple photos on instagram and look for a solution, you are at the right place. In the above text, I talked about different types of these errors. Also, there you can read about its wide range of solutions, such as checking the internet connection, restarting the phone, updating the app, clearing caches and more complicated ones. 

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