8 best waterproof phone cases to buy for 2022

Even though many modern smartphones are waterproof, it’s always a good idea to have extra protection, especially if you intend to spend some time at the beach or on a boat.

Waterproof cases come in a variety of styles, from roomy pouches to robust protection for certain devices. The latter is preferable for shooting pictures in wet situations while the former typically come with a lanyard or strap, making them easier to carry. You should carefully examine the degree of waterproofing you’ll need in addition to appearance.

  • Waterproof Case Cover Bag Pouch for Mobile PhonesBest price

  • ugo wear Waterproof Phone CaseBest expensive

  • Temdan for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case WaterproofBest overall

  • CaliCase Universal Waterproof Pouch Case

  • JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case

  • Diverbox for iPhone 13 Case 

  • Ghostek NAUTICAL S21 Plus Waterproof Case Full Body

  • Universal Waterproof Case, Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch Compatible 

Keep an eye on the IP rating, a measurement of how well a case protects against fluids if you want to submerge your phone in water, for instance.

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8 best waterproof phone cases to buy

Here is a list of 8 best waterproof phone cases to buy next year:

1. Waterproof Case Cover Bag Pouch for Mobile Phones

This model initially gives off a frail impression. The case, however, passed every test, so you may be sure of how light and watertight it was. According to this case, the phone cover is certified to be waterproof up to a depth of 100 feet as well as snow- and dirt-proof. The test participants were pleased with how easy it was to use a mobile phone inside the cover in both dry and wet conditions. Even though it didn’t float to the top, our testers liked the prong-style closure as well. We like the adjustable and detachable lanyard that comes with this phone case.


  • Lightweight while carrying
  • Fits all iPhone models
  • Easy to use


  • Does not float to the top
  • Feels flimsy

2. ugo wear Waterproof Phone Case

This model is made to protect your phone in and out of the water and is completely waterproof, soundproof, and dustproof. All outside elements, including rain, snow, sleet, ice, and arctic temperatures, are withstood by UV, saltwater, and chlorine-resistant fabrics.

You don’t need to worry about dropping your phone in the water ever again! In order to keep your electronics above water and visible, our waterproof phone bags are designed with a small layer of flotation foam. Up to two cell phones can float in each waterproof phone bag.

You may use your phone through the transparent TPU window of our waterproof cell phone case. You can talk, text, and even take pictures or movies underwater thanks to our premium materials. Or pair your preferred Bluetooth device to go hands-free.

For easy access, wear, or storage during any of your travels, this item is constructed with a 100% waterproof zipper and four Hypalon anchor points. Perfect for riding your bike, motorcycle, or ATV, as well as boating, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, camping, swimming, and going to the beach.


  • The phone fastened to you by the lanyard
  • Fits any phone


  • Somewhat hard to use the phone in the case

3. Temdan for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Waterproof

A little more protection is excellent whether you take your iPhone 12 Pro Max to the beach or the pool. Although the iPhone 12s is already IP68 rated, the Temdan case adds a layer of protection that makes your phone, even more, water and dust-resistant. This case entirely shuts off the buttons, holes, and ports to offer additional waterproof protection, though we don’t advise using it when scuba diving. Additionally, due to its small profile, it won’t create a big block in your pocket.


  • MagSafe compatible
  • Good waterproofing and drop resistance
  • good design


  • Bottom seal is a weak point in the waterproofing
  • Screen protector makes it hard to text
  • Included lanyard is not reliable

4. CaliCase Universal Waterproof Pouch Case

The “world’s greatest” floating waterproof phone pouches, according to CaliCase. Experiments show that they have a convincing rationale supporting that ambitious claim. The waterproofing feature not only passed all tests, but it also made it possible for the phone to function flawlessly in both wet and dry conditions. The customers praised how simple it was to open and close the seal. Additionally, it is observed that it was highly buoyant and even resisted their attempts to hold it submerged in our testing fish aquarium.

The one quibble our testers had was that the case was so cushioned that it was one of the bulkiest tested. Nonetheless, the CaliCase pouch is sturdy and comes with some great extras such as a size that fits almost all phones, 15 various color patterns, an adjustable lanyard, carabiner, and cleaning cloth.


  • Easy to wrap
  • Works well in dry or wet conditions
  • Super buoyant


  • Bulky

5. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch, which comes in 14 different colors, fits most phones, and claims to be not only waterproof, but also snowproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant, is our cheap option. Our testers appreciated the adjustable detachable lanyard. They also loved how simple it was to use the phone whether it was wet or dry in the pouch; unfortunately, the phone did not work while submerged. While having twin clasps to secure the bag provides some peace of mind, it does not improve ease of opening and closing, as testers reported that this was one of the more difficult cases to open and close. The pouch did not float on top of the water either.


  • Phone is easy to use whether pouch is wet or dry
  • Comes with detachable lanyard
  • Seals with 2 clasps


  • Phone not usable while submerged
  • Tougher to open and close than others

6. Diverbox for iPhone 13 Case 

If you want a phone case with strong protection but don’t want to spend close to a hundred dollars, there’s a terrific choice waiting for you. The Diverbox for iPhone 13 is a small shell for your iPhone that provides protection comparable to (and sometimes exceeding) that provided by much more expensive phone cases.

The Diverbox has a rear and front snap with a built-in camera and screen protection. The case will seal to your phone with what feels like two clicks. Its armored edges offer good shock and drop protection. It also includes a lanyard and an additional lip to protect the camera and screen.

Once properly fitted, the cover provides IP68 water- and dust-proofing, protecting your phone from whatever you throw at it.

While this case provides excellent protection at an affordable price, it does have a few drawbacks. Voices can be muffled by the protective covering over the microphone, however this is a frequent problem with waterproof phone covers. It’s also critical to purchase the correct case for your phone model, as an incorrectly paired case will block the flash and flashlight.


  • Solid IP rating
  • Includes a lanyard connection
  • Value price


  • No built-in screen protector
  • Some muffling issues

7. Ghostek NAUTICAL S21 Plus Waterproof Case Full Body

This Galaxy phone cover type makes the need for phone protection seem evident. This form-fitting case provides excellent armor that is both shock- and water-resistant, hugging the contours of your phone. Although the case is challenging to install, once it is, it is on. The charging and headphone jacks are waterproof port seals.

This screen protector can interfere with the phone’s display, as is common with many cases of its kind. Although the problem is by no means widespread, numerous customers report that the fingerprint reader has problems penetrating the plastic cover. The case has the potential to leak water through its bottom due to the usage of port seals that open and close, albeit this is not always the case.

This case may not be the finest underwater waterproof phone cover for continuous immersion, even though it still has decent waterproofing for everyday use. Despite these flaws, this case is sturdy and durable and does a wonderful job for anyone who frequently works in damp environments. Its exceptional shock protection also makes it a great option for construction workers or landscapers who frequently operate in challenging and occasionally wet environments. Overall, this is a sturdy Galaxy phone cover with only a few drawbacks; in the end, we believe it to be a good purchase.


  • Solid impact resistance paired with great water resistance
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • The case can cause problems with the fingerprint reader
  • Hard to install

8. Universal Waterproof Case, Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch Compatible 

The Universal Waterproof Phone Case made it especially simple to remove larger phones, including several Samsung models because it could accommodate phones up to 7 inches diagonally. Although we weren’t able to submerge Hiearcool’s phone cover all the way to 100 feet below the surface, we were nevertheless impressed by its waterproofness while doing so. Testers also appreciated how simple it was to transfer phones inside the bag and clasp the top closed, as well as the fact that it comes with an adjustable detachable lanyard. Although Hiearcool’s pouch did not float on the water’s surface, our test subjects praised how simple it was to operate the phone while it was enclosed in the pouch.


  • Comes with an adjustable detachable lanyard
  • Easy to latch and use
  • Very waterproof


  • Does not float

How to test a waterproof phone case?

Firstly you should do these:

  • Check for cracks, filth, and dust on the casing and seals. Verify that the o-ring or seal is in place and is clean.
  • Closing it within the case, take a piece of paper, paper towel, or anything else that will show when it gets wet. Make that it is not larger than your phone and won’t snag on the seal. Bonus points if you use a water-soluble marker that will smear when the paper gets wet.
  • Verify that every snap, cover, or extra is in its proper location. Some cases just snap open to expose the headphone jack or charging port.
  • Place the case briefly under the faucet. Make sure the paper is still dry by checking.
  • If your case is described as water-resistant and can withstand splashes but not total submersion, stop right here. If not…
  • Immerse your case whole (with the paper inside) in a bowl or sink of water while you weigh it down with a cup. Give it an hour in the water.
  • After an hour, take the case out of the water and completely dry it off before opening it to check for moisture. You don’t want your paper to become wet with any outside water from the case.

You’re set to go if the case’s inside and the paper are both dry. Lock your phone inside and go have some muddy, wet fun knowing it is protected from drowning!

Is a waterproof case worth it?

Waterproof phone cases are not only wonderful for shielding your device from harm, but they can also make cleaning your device simpler. A quick wipe-down will keep your phone looking wonderful even if you might not want to get it wet. There is very little risk that it will get too damaged to use even if you use it frequently.

So, yeah, that’s the solution! For trips to the beach and pool parties with family or friends, water-resistant cases are ideal. However, it’s important to remember that waterproof cases are useful in regular circumstances as well. Everyone is constantly surrounded by liquids, including water. Your phone’s life could be cut short by a single error or simple spill.

Things to consider when buying a waterproof phone case

When selecting a waterproof phone case, keep the following qualities in mind:


Of course, the most crucial component of a waterproof phone case is waterproofing. A waterproofing’s ingress protection (IP) rating is typically noted. The first digit of an IP rating indicates how well an item keeps out foreign objects, while the second digit indicates how well a case keeps out water. Sometimes the first digit of these codes will be replaced by an X (for example, IPX7); in this case, the X indicates that the case has not been tested for dust and dirt. Frequently, businesses will additionally disclose the depth and for how long a case can be immersed without leaking water. We were looking for these waterproof phone cases to meet the IP68 rating.

Drop resistance

Another common selling feature for waterproof phone cases is dropping resistance. Some phone cases have a soft plastic bag-like construction that is made to retain a phone that is already protected by a case that resists drops. On their own, these cases don’t have much drop resistance. Other waterproof phone cases give waterproofing and drop resistance in place of your phone’s drop-resistant case. On this list, we’ve got waterproof phone cases made of both hard and soft plastic.


To prevent waterproof phone cases from dropping into the water, lanyards are frequently utilized. If you intend to use your phone while kayaking or swimming in choppy water, these are extremely helpful. The best lanyards have a strong connection and fasten around your arm or neck. These lanyards can be crucial because it can frequently be challenging to locate a phone that has fallen to the bottom of a lake or river. Therefore, we focused on waterproof phone cases that come with lanyards or let you use them as an accessory.

Touch interference

Waterproof phone cases may cause touch interference. Most cases wrap your phone in a layer of plastic, which might lessen the sensitivity of your phone’s touch screen and buttons. Some cases make using the phone while it’s inside quite challenging. We tried to find non-obtrusive waterproof phone cases whenever possible.

Dry Bag or Contoured

Both curved phone cases that suit your phone and dry bag-style phone cases have numerous advantages. Most dry bag cases have a sturdy lanyard to keep your phone fastened to your body in choppy waters, and some even float. Contoured waterproof phone cases typically provide shock and drop protection in addition to waterproofing and behave as waterproof armor. In general, contoured cases are more difficult to remove from your phone than dry bag-style cases. The Right Case for the Job

It’s crucial to be aware of the model of your phone when searching for a waterproof phone case. The majority of phone cases are made for particular phone models. Some can work both ways: For instance, the majority of iPhone SE cases will fit an iPhone 7 or 8, but not an iPhone 7 Plus.

In conclusion

We have new opportunities thanks to waterproof phone cases. We can take our smartphones anywhere we go with the correct case, whether it’s on a boat for a relaxing afternoon of fishing, in the pool to time our laps, or on the muddy Jobsite while we rework a section of pipe in the mist. With its safety lanyard and buoyant construction, the Pelican Marine Series is a case that is prepared for busy lives and torrential rivers. The Ghostek Nautical is a case for the Galaxy that is reliable in challenging circumstances and made for everyday use. It has some drawbacks, but overall we think it’s a pretty good case.

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