Top 10 portable desks to buy in 2024 (Full Guide)

A portable desk is a table that is not fixed or not in a fixed place. A portable desk may be a small table with wheels to move around the room more easily. The desk may also be a back desk, which has different designs for different needs. This type of table does not have legs that reach the ground. Instead, the table rests on your legs while you sit in a chair or even lie on the bed.

What is a portable desk good for?

Portable work areas on wheels are helpful for places of business, clinics, or elsewhere where numerous individuals need to involve similar PC in various areas. A portable desk on wheels will be a lot more modest than a norm, fixed work area, and generally just has space for a PC with a little drawer under it. Obviously, these kinds of portable desks are accessible in various sizes to suit various requirements. For the most part, one would not have this kind of portable desk in the home, since it is essentially not down to earth.

Different types of a portable desk

Portable tables are much more common at home. This type of portable table may be as simple as a tray with fixed legs that rests on a skirt, or it may have a more complex design. Some back tables have legs that can be bent and positioned in different ways, to raise or lower the height of the table or to help balance the table on an unstable surface. Some of these laptop desks also have surfaces that can be bent at an angle, which can be useful if you need to tilt your laptop or document to improve ergonomics. Another common design involves a hard surface built on top of a small cushion.

Another type of desk is without any legs at all. This type of portable desk is placed under your laptop to insulate the computer and prevent heat transfer to your feet. These types of desks are convenient because they can often fit right into a laptop bag. Some even have fans to improve ventilation and prevent the computer from overheating. Both types of portable desks are often designed to hold laptops securely in place, so they don’t slide off the desk and get damaged.

For those who work from home or find themselves frequently working on a laptop, a portable desk can be a big help. They can be more ergonomically correct and help relieve discomfort from working long hours on a laptop. They also allow one to easily move from one room to another, if needed. These types of desks range in price, and one should shop around to find one to fit a specific need or budget. In the following you will be more familiar with the main types of these desks:

Portable laptop desk

The function of a laptop table or desk is broad (to hold a laptop in a comfortable position while you work) so there’s some overlap with standing desks and portable laptop desk. The point of using one is to position your laptop in a way that lets you sit or stand more comfortably and ergonomically. One of the most important details that Strategist contributors noticed while searching for a laptop table is that “any desk should allow us to rest my elbows on it while I tap away, to help take the tension out of our neck and shoulders.” There are iterations meant for the couch or options that you can wheel around.

Portable standing desk

A portable standing desk allows you to either transport it from one building to the next, or is so easily movable that with minimal effort, you can take it from one position to the next. Note that this does not include your typical full-sized models, because moving them around is a pain and people don’t do it very often. However, a true portable sit-stand desk is one that if you wanted to, you could easily take from one place to the next or push it with no challenge whatsoever. You tend to find that these fall under several categories. The first portable computer desk sits atop casters just like an ergonomic chair would. They are often best suited for small workspaces that may require a lot of movement. For example, there may be a shared area in the office with a small portable workstation that needs to be shifted from time to time. Alternatively, there could be a presentation room that has two optimal locations for a workspace. One is used when it’s presentation time, while the other is used when it’s not. Since there is no need to have a machine in the presentation area when no presenting is happening, it may not necessarily be feasible to purchase a second one, so a portable standing desk is used to fill that gap since it’s on wheels.

Portable computer desk

For the tightest of spaces, you will want to create a portable workstation within the existing framework of the room. A desk that attaches to an existing desk can add more functionality to a space and easily move with you from room to room. Be sure to look for ventilation holes for airflow in your computer. Portable computer desks should also carry more weight as computers are naturally heavier than laptops.

Top 10 portable desks to buy

These are the top ten best folding and portable desks to buy in 2022:

  • Folding Computer Desk for Small SpacesBest overall

  • Need Small Computer Desk 31.5 inches Folding Table No Assembly Sturdy Small Writing Desk Folding Best expensive

  • Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8 inch & Computer Desk 31 inchBest price

  • ogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk Table 23.6inches Portable Laptop Table Computer Stand

  • KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table Portable Camping Table

  • YJHome Small Computer Desk Student Folding Table

  • Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser

  • FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

  • SFFZY Height-Adjustable Laptop Computer Portable Desk Table

  • Klvied Standing Desk Adjustable Height, Stand Up Desk with Cup Holder, Portable Laptop Desk

1. Folding Computer Desk for Small Spaces

This modern styled folding and cozy desk is a great top-rated option. This model  is the most beloved by the customers according to reviews. This simple office desk can fit in any small space of your apartment.

This portable laptop desk affordable and may be utilized as a side table when not in use as a laptop desk. If you are looking for a multi-functional desk that is the right size, sturdy, and does not need any tools to assemble. You can give it chance and set up your personalized workspace.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price          
  • Sturdy build


  • an average quality

2. Need Small Computer Desk 31.5 inches Folding Table No Assembly Sturdy Small Writing Desk Folding

You can find this in a diverse range of colors and 5 sizes from 31.5 inches to 60 inches. The folding desk is easy to carry and does not require a thing to assemble. It’s incredibly durable and simple to assemble; simply unfold the legs and it is ready to use. Does not wobble at all, which is a primary concern with any desk. Great for anyone looking for a desk that is simple, easy to use, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. This is our top pick for the best small computer desk.


  • No assembly required
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes 
  • Compact         
  • Sturdy build


  • sharp edges

3. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8 inch & Computer Desk 31 inch

The flexible plan and fine completion give this versatile desk from IRONSTONE an extravagant vibe. Add this rich multi-utilitarian collapsing work area to upgrade the style of your room. This portable work area can act as an eating table an office work area featuring a cup Holder and Headphone Hook.

The top material of the Mr IRONSTONE Computer Desk 31″ Home Office Small Computer Desk is pecan wood that looks great. With the wheels locked, it’s steady. Be it a small dormitory or your office space, it fits yourdecoration nicely. This will be a down to earth expansion to your home style.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Practical and unique design    
  • affordable        


  • quality is average

4. SogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk Table 23.6inches Portable Laptop Table Computer Stand

SogesHome Adjustable Laptop Desk is highly adjustable and ideal for your home workspace, especially if you are looking for a standing desk. When you get tired, just grab your comfy chair, adjust the height to the sitting position and get going! Keep your belongings, books, lamp, or a planter on this two-tier computer desk as it offers a generous work surface for all your things. With rolling wheels, you can move your table all around your space.


  • Can be used as a two-tier desk
  • With its adjustable height, you can use it while standing or sitting down.
  • Affordable
  • Well-made quality


  • The wheels could be easier to move
  • vague instructions

5. KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table Portable Camping Table with Carry Bag Heavy Duty 176 lbs Adjustable Height Camp Table for Travel

This model is durable, portable, reliable, and sturdy at the same time. You can use it as a portable office desk. This well-made furniture product has a beautiful bamboo tabletop. While the fundamentals are the same as any other desk, the customization choices for size, power supplies, electronics, and other areas set it apart.

It is an environmentally protective oversized anti-UV portable folding table. Adjustable aluminum feet allow you to modify the table’s height slightly. Ideal for parties, picnics, and camping adventures both indoors and out.


  • Easy to assemble
  • customizable design
  • Sturdy enough to be used outdoors


  • legs are short

6. YJHome Small Computer Desk Student Folding Table 31.5″ X 15.75″ X 29″

The level of this model is movable and requires no assembly. Simply overlap it and hold it under your bed after office. This piece ensures sturdiness. You can involve it as an espresso station when you have an organization over. The YJHomes Portable Folding Computer Desk is popular, with an inconspicuous plan and an appealing feel, alongside extra capacity under. Extra extensive PC work area where you can keep your books and spot a light to add a class to your home stylistic theme. An all-inclusive expansion to your schoolwork space.


  • very sturdy
  • Comes with additional storage underneath     
  • Comes with adjustable height
  • very spacious


  • Limited in height

7. Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser for Tabletops – 35 Inch Width, Black

The Ergotron WorkFit-T and the Varidesk Pro Plus are direct competitors. The WorkFit-T has a similar design with comparable features and variations. The major difference between the WorkFit-T and Varidesk Pro Plus is that the WorkFit-T moves vertically, whereas the Varidesk shifts outward (toward users) when raised. If space is a tight squeeze, the minimalist WorkFit-T may be a better fit.


  • adjusts vertically with the press of two buttons
  • easy to use
  • the surface height adjustment on this uplift desk is entirely vertical with no lateral movement
  • it holds up to 35-40 pounds and features a fair amount of workspace at standing or sitting height


  • expensive

8. FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The top surface of this portable standing desk is 31.5” x 15.7” providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop plus computer monitor setups. Raises up to 19.8 inches and lowers down to 4.3 inches makes it ideal for your height. Transforming from sitting to standing in one motion is possible with dual gas spring force. Adjust to your proper comfort level by using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism. It allows you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing up throughout the day.


  • strong base can hold up to 33 lbs
  • good value to price ratio


  • a less than smooth experience

9. SFFZY Height-Adjustable Laptop Computer Portable Desk Table

Rather than using a heavy and large computer desk, this portable desk table computer desk will be a practical and convenient item for your daily study or work. This desk area flaunts its lifting style, so you can constantly track down the most reasonable level. Concerning its quality, this PC work area is made of prevalent 15mm chipboard and steel material with fragile workmanship, rather strong and stable to utilize. Additionally, this lifting work area will not consume much room when not used!


  • good design
  • high-quality materials
  • Multifunctional adjustable


  • Heavy
  • Tight work space

10. Klvied Standing Desk Adjustable Height, Stand Up Desk with Cup Holder, Portable Laptop Desk

On the side of this portable desk table you can find a huge holder cup, which is a smart way to contain your drink, under the sofa or over the bed. This model is easy to put under the sofa and bed to get a very comfortable posture. It has an adjustable height of 27.9 inch and 37.2 inch for you to sit or stand. Smooth 360 degree rotation wheels make desk move wherever you want.

Ergonomics standing laptop stand makes changing between sittings and standing helps you to relieve fatigue, avoid health problems of sitting and improve your working efficiency, standing up computer desk provide a more healthy working position for you.


  • Smart made
  • Affordable
  • Easily portable


  • Not good quality

Where to buy the best portable standing desk?

There are a vast range of online shops including Amazon that you purchase models like portable laptop desk from. In addition you can find portable standing desk in shops like Staple. The main point is that you should consider what your case is and choose based on that.

Should I get a standing desk or a lap desk?

Here are a few fundamental factors that can assist with figuring out which portable desk table is better among the two:

1. Health Benefits & Effects

Lap desks and stand desks have similar health benefits and both are designed to provide the best ergonomic solution to working with a laptop. But it is safe to assume that most of us are used to working at desks. Initially, it will be hard to get used to standing and working. Standing in one place for a long time will also put pressure on your hips, knees, and feet. But with a lap desk, you can sit and adjust its position in an ergonomic and comfortable way. Make sure you stand up and walk every few hours and you will be fine.

2. Cost Comparison

Lap desks are clear winners in this category since you can get quality products for just $50. Whereas the prices of quality standing desks can range from $400-$1500 or more. The best standing desks are the mechanical ones, which are fairly expensive. There are cheaper models, but they tend to be flimsy and making a custom standing desk can be a hassle.

3. Overall Effectiveness

Keep in mind that we are talking about laptops and not desktops. With laptops, you are more used to carrying it around and working in different places. Changing places can also increase productivity. In this case, you can just pick your portable desk table and go to a different room or even the porch and easily set it up to work. You can hardly do that with a standing desk.

Lap desks pros

There are plenty of ergonomic lap desks available in the market and here are the main reasons:

Comfortable & Effective: Lap desks are designed in a way that to use it, you will have to maintain the right posture. This portable desk table offers space for your arms so you do not have to worry about your wrists. Overall, working becomes comfortable yet effective.

Reduces pain: If you are not sitting in the right position with your laptop, then you will have problems in the neck, back, and eye. If you have a lap desk, then even in the bed you will have to sit in an upwards position reducing the chances of physical pain.

Ability to Customize Setup: You can lock your laptop in a fixed position, adjust the height, tilt the screen to match your eyesight level and try out other custom setup ideas to find the sweet spot. Whether you are on a couch or a bed, a lap desk can always be adjustable.

Multiple Features: Lap desks are not just standing for your laptops, a lot of them come with cool features like built-in cooling systems and 360° rotation. This portable desk tables also come in different materials, designs, and are lightweight.

Standing desks pros

Sitting too much can cause severe back pain and increase the chances of several other diseases. It is ideal to stand up from time to time and walk when you work. Standing desks are the ideal solutions for this and provide the following benefits:

Back pain reduction: In a recent study, respondents claim to have a 32% improvement in back pain after using a standing desk for several weeks. Another study by the CDC claimed that after using sit-stand desks for 4 weeks, upper neck & back pain reduced by 54%.

Enhances Energy: People who are used to working on standing desks are less prone to fatigue and have more energy than people who work while sitting all day. Standing and working may even reduce stress, but this has not been backed by science.

Helps you weight loss: Standing can burn up to 88 calories per hour. While this is nothing significant, it still helps in reducing the chances of obesity. While standing you are also using up more energy and generating heat which backs up the fact that standing does indeed help reduce calories.

What to consider when buying the best portable desk?

These are the most important point that you should consider when buying the best portable desk:

Height and weight limit

Portable laptop desks fit in different circumstances and use cases. Some are really intended to hold your PC while you’re relaxing or dealing with a love seat so they will more often than not have more limited levels. Some have movable levels, and many are intended to be versatile so you can utilize them all through your home. You’d better record the level of each table underneath and noted whether it’s flexible, which will be particularly significant if you have any desire to utilize it while standing, sitting, or a tad of both. It’s additionally vital to focus on how much weight the table can hold. A large portion of these tables can uphold a PC and a couple of embellishments, similar to a telephone or console.


Laptop tables and desks vary greatly in size as well as portability. Some are meant to be more stationary, like a standing-desk converter or laptop stand, while others are compact and easy to carry, or have wheels that make it easier to roll them from room to room.

Surface Area

You don’t want a desk that does not fit your computer. Some computer desks may allow good space to keep your laptop and have extra storage for books. Consider buying a table that has enough space that meets your requirements.


Laptop tables can also fit into a variety of other product categories, which is why their prices can range so wildly. Some laptop tables are smaller and have minimal designs, and are therefore are less expensive, but some laptop tables are really standing-desk converters, which have more features and can hold a laptop as well as a monitor (or two), which tends to raise the price.


Working from home requires a comfortable and practical office setup. Sitting on a sofa for a long meeting is tough and can cause health issues such as cervical and backaches. Why sit incorrectly when you can have a foldable desk. Comfortable computer desks will not only improve your sitting posture but you can just keep them aside without compromising your space.

In conclusion

You gain the freedom to set up your workspace anywhere by getting the portable computer desks to buy in 2022. From lap desk with vented airflow to a standing option with wheels for easy mobility, there are a vast range of options in the market. Search wisely to find the best one that suits you.

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