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The Benefits of Using Loomi Crypto

Loomi is the main native token of the Cold Blooded Creepz ecosystem. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits you can gain by using Loomi crypto. In recent years, more users have been giving attention to cryptocurrency games. Crypto games are getting better and more user-friendly as days go by, and the industry has potential. 

When investors want to invest in a project, they should understand whatever there is about it. Therefore, in this article, we will first check out what Loomi crypto is and how it works. Then, in other sections, we will discuss where to buy the Loomi crypto and how much it is worth. In the last sections, we will discuss whether it’s a good investment project.

Then, read this article carefully to learn what you should know about the Loomi crypto project.

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What is Loomi Crypto?

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss what Loomi crypto is and what it does. Loomi is a token that was introduced to the crypto market in 2022. But before we talk about Loomi, we should first discuss the Cold Blooded Creepz crypto game.

What is Cold Blooded Creepz?

Loomi crypto is the native token of the Cold Blooded Creepz game. But we will explain what Loomi is later in this article, after discussing the Cold Blooded Creepz game. The Cold Blooded Creepz is a “play to earn” or P2E crypto game that you can start playing now. 

The Creepz created the game to help get the popularity it needed to introduce its system. Creepz is a tech company that developed the Cold Blooded Creepz P2E game. Then, they are also responsible for the Loomi token. 

Now that we’ve learned about the Cold Blooded Creepz crypto game and Creepz company, we will move further. In the next section, we will discuss what Loomi is and how the Loomi token operates. 


Loomi is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum network. Creepz company uses the Loomi token as a native token in the Cold Blooded Creepz game. At the time of writing this article, the Loomi price was at $0.0001376 per token. And also, it has more than 12 million tokens in total supply tokens. 

Now, we know enough about the Loomi token and the Creepz tech company. Then, let’s discuss where you can purchase some Loomi tokens.

What are the benefits of Using Loomi?

One of the benefits of using Loomi tokens is that you can change to other tokens that run on Ethereum networks. Ethereum transactions are slow and the transaction fees are high, because the network is clogged. Then, this means that you don’t need to pay high transaction fees when you want to withdraw Loomi. 

Another benefit is the in-game benefit you gain when you use Loomi tokens. Loomi is a utility token specifically made to be used in the Cold Blooded Creepz game. Therefore, you can use them when you are playing the game.

Where to buy loomi crypto

In this section we will give you a guide on where to buy the Loomi token. We will also discuss Loomi price and if Loomi is a good investment. T9hen, read this section to find the crypto exchange to buy Loomi tokens from. 

To do this, you should first visit the CoinMarketCap platform. Visit the site by tapping on the link. Then, tap on the search bar in the top right side of the screen and type Loomi

Now you can find various detailed information about the Loomi crypto project. You can also see the Loomi price and Loomi market cap, as well as the Circulating supply and Max supply. 

As you can see the Loomi price has increased dramatically today. It has increased 42% today which is a big gain even in the crypto world. But we will talk about Loomi price later in this article. Then, scroll down until you find the Market tab and select it.


Here you can find all the crypto markets that currently have Loomi coin on their platform. You can select one that you prefer and start investing in Loomi by purchasing from that exchange. Loomi price could be slightly different in each exchange but it doesn’t make that much of a difference. 

At the time of writing this article you can only purchase Loomi tokens from Uniswap crypto exchange. Uniswap is a decentralised exchange that works on the Ethereum network. Therefore, it supports tokens that are also running on the Ethereum network such as Loomi and others.

Then, let’s talk about Loomi price now.

How much is Loomi worth?

In this subscription of the article we will check how much the Loomi price is. It’s true that we already discussed the Loomi price earlier, but we will discuss it with more details in this section.

To find out about the Loomi price, we should visit the TradingView platform first. Tap on the link to open the TradingView website. Then, type Loomi and select WETH/LOOMI to see the Loomi price.  


Now, you can see the Loomi price in this candlestick chart. It is a daily candlestick chart, each candle shows you the Loomi price change in a day. This is a WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) against Loomi chart. WETH/Loomi or WETH against Loomi means that it will show you how much does WETH worth in Loomis. 

Then, as you can see above a WETH worths 11853805 Loomi at the time of writing the article. Loomi is a coin newly introduced to the market. Therefore there isn’t currently much data about Loomi price in TradingView, such as a LOOMI/USDT chart.

TradingView allows you to add tools such as indicators or draw lines and channels on your chart. Then, you can analyse the Loomi price to find out more about its future. 

In the next section we are going to discuss if it’s a good idea to invest in Loomi. Before that, you should Do Your Own Research before you invest in Loomi crypto. The crypto market is extremely volatile and coins pump and plunge everyday. Then, you would know the risks before you expose your assets to risks.

Is Loomi a good investment?

Now, let’s find out if loomi is a good investment. The Cold Blooded Creepz is also a great play to earn (P2E) NFT game. 

They developed the Loomi tokens to provide in-game services for users. Then, the Loomi coin has a real use case and is a utility token. Therefore, it has potential and is a good investment. The Loomi price is also very cheap as it is a new token in the market. Then, it can be a great opportunity for long-term investments. 

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