6 best card shufflers to buy 2022

The most irritating element of game night for anyone who enjoys playing poker, bridge, or another favorite card game is frequently shuffling the deck. You won’t ever need to bother about manually shuffling your cards once you have a convenient card shuffler.

The appropriate shuffler is essential if you want your weekly card game to go off without a hitch. To make sure the shuffler can handle the cards you’re using and the game you’re playing, you need to know what kind, capacity, and other things to check for.

  • Ultimate Card Game Essentials Bundle

  • Jobar International 6 Decks Card Shuffler

  • Deluxe 2 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler for BlackjackBest overall

  • Rally and Roar Premium Automatic Casino Card ShufflerBest price

  • CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler, Black, 6 Deck

  • 2-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler, Electric Card ShufflerBest expensive

There are many various kinds of automatic card shufflers available today, some of which can only hold and shuffle a single deck. Some people can shuffle several decks at once. This article will take a look at the 6 best card shufflers to buy available on the market.

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6 best card shufflers to buy

Here you can find the best card shuffling machines:

1. Ultimate Card Game Essentials Bundle

Since you only need to set the cards in the appropriate slots and press a single button to turn on the machine, automatic card shufflers are as simple as they come. You’ll see the magic in action, and this unit was able to do the magic consistently and pretty skillfully.

This gadget allows you to simultaneously shuffle up to four decks at once. Although there may be one or two cards that flip during the shuffling, it is quite even. Fortunately, once you have the cards in your hands, you can quickly correct this. The plastic tray that enables gathering the mixed cards straightforwardly will make it simple to accomplish that.

The device is portable and stable enough to be moved around because it is lightweight. Because it employs a very powerful motor, the device takes 4C batteries and is a little noisy. You can Google Card shuffler amazon to find more information about this product.


  • Accepts up to four card decks at once
  • A lightweight unit
  • A single button to activate it
  • A plastic tray for easier card collection


  • It is a bit loud
  • Cards may flip while shuffling

2. Jobar International 6 Decks Card Shuffler, Black

How many decks a card shuffler can shuffle can also affect how tall it is. This unit’s height is justified by the fact that it can accommodate up to six decks. Fortunately, although taking up a little extra room, the product is still portable and lightweight.

Given that it seems a little prone to jamming when six decks are inside and that it can also throw out the plastic tray if there are too many cards within, you might not want to use this shuffler to its greatest potential. However, if you use one or two fewer decks than is advised, it is fairly dependable.

The shuffler will shuffle the cards fairly and quickly. Although it takes 4C batteries, they ensure long battery life, and it is reasonably simple to use.


  • Fingertip control that only requires a press of a button
  • Accepts up to six decks
  • A fairly powerful motor
  • It can mix cards evenly


  • Prone to jamming when using six decks
  • Too many cards may kick out the card tray

3. Deluxe 2 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler for Blackjack

Investing in a professional-grade shuffler is a good idea if you want to advance your card-shuffle skills. Although it is one of the more reasonably priced pro units, it is similar to the ones you may have seen in casinos (if you have ever been there). However, compared to some other shufflers on our list, its pricing is still exorbitant.

It also has several unique characteristics, such as a strong but largely silent motor that guarantees quick shuffle. Additionally, you have two power options: either purchase four C batteries or use the AC adaptor to plug it into an electrical outlet. Considering how pricey the batteries are, choosing the former may be the best option anytime you get the chance.

The security weights increase the unit’s dependability and allow it to produce reliable results. In the end, if you are alright about its price, it is a good shuffler that may last for a very long time and greatly speed up gameplay.


  • affordable
  • A powerful motor for fast shuffling
  • High-quality components


  • The batteries are expensive

4. Rally and Roar Premium Automatic Casino Card Shuffler

This Premium Automatic Card Shuffler is a fantastic shuffler for both little and large decks of cards because it can hold up to 6 decks of cards. The shuffler’s ultra-lightweight design makes it perfect for playing games while on the road.

Standard-sized playing cards as well as more expensive cards like Bicycle Brand can fit in the shuffler. Additionally, non-conventional cards like Skip-Bo can be played with the shuffler. This robotic card shuffler’s structure is also pretty impressive.

Although it is constructed of plastic, the build quality more than lives up to the term “luxury.” Additionally, it is reasonably priced, so you are undoubtedly getting a lot for your money. It is powered by four C-sized batteries, just like the other shufflers on this list thus far.

However, they are once more excluded. The Premium Automatic Card Shuffler, however, offers a smooth speed and performance once it is powered on. No matter the card game you’re playing, it’s straightforward to operate thanks to the one-button setup.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can fit up to 6 decks
  • Can fit multiple different card types 


  • Power doesn’t last as long as some models

5. CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler, Black, 6 Deck

If you need to shuffle a lot of decks for your upcoming gaming night, this model is a wonderful option. Numerous card games, such as Canasta, for instance, call for multiple decks and believe us when we say that shuffling these may be time- and labor-intensive.

The best solution to this issue is to use this quick and seamless 6-deck automatic card shuffler. This device is also very small for a six-deck shuffler. This shuffler is a good option for mobile gaming despite the fact that some comparable versions are substantially taller.

This shuffler has a robust plastic construction and is strong.

Although it is made for standard-sized playing cards, it can also be used with other cards that look similar, such as Skip-Bo. To operate, the shuffler needs four C-size batteries.

Only playing cards with the regular size will fit in the CHH 6-Deck Card Shuffler. However, it will accept both paper and plastic cards. For those who wish to enjoy a game of cards without wasting time shuffling numerous decks, this gadget is wonderful.


  • Can fit up to 6 decks
  • The compact build is ideal for portable gaming


  • Power consumption is lower than with some comparable models

6. 2-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler, Electric Card Shuffler

One of the priciest solutions on our list is the YINSY 2 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler. But it does have some outstanding features and is built quite stylishly. This shuffler is far more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint because the base is made to seem like real wood.

No matter what game you’re playing, the shuffler’s single-button setup and capacity for 1 or 2 decks make it straightforward and convenient to use. Other cards may become stuck, but it only works with normal poker cards.

With this automatic card shuffler, you may choose between two different power sources. Like the other versions on this list, one uses four C-size batteries to power it. The other device is powered by a supplied adaptor.

The battery-powered model is better suited for portable gaming, and the shufflers’ small weight also helps. The variant that is powered by an adaptor, however, moves cards a little more quickly. Although it comes in a really attractive box, this automatic card shuffler might be a bit too expensive for some individuals.


  • Stylish design
  • 2 different power modes to choose from
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Only fits 2 decks
  • pricey

Features to consider when choosing a card shuffler

The number of decks the machine will be able to handle, the kind of mechanism it has, the materials and construction, as well as the machine’s overall dimensions, are some of the most crucial factors to think about while shopping for a card shuffler.

Type of card shuffler

Automatic and manual card shufflers are the two primary varieties. Many poker cards aficionados choose automatic card shufflers because they are handier and work better for people who have arthritis. Automatic shufflers have drawbacks in that they are typically noisy and more expensive.

On the other hand, manual card shufflers are typically more affordable and don’t require batteries to function. Additionally, they are less likely to malfunction.

Deck capacity

The number of decks that human and robotic card shufflers can handle simultaneously varies. Lower-end models often only support two decks of cards, while some can support as many as six. Those who play games that need more than one deck of cards or who want to always have cards available may find that card shufflers with bigger deck capacities are useful.

Materials and construction

A card shuffler’s structure and materials should be carefully considered, not only because luxury models are often built of glossy materials that give them a Las Vegas-style appearance, but also because they may affect how portable the device is.

To make sure the machine you buy is not fragile and holds up well over time, have a look at the general construction quality as well.


Automatic card shufflers can be powered by batteries, AC adapters, or even a mix of the two in some cases. The software may not work if your batteries run out in the middle of the game, even though battery-powered devices are typically less priced and have the added benefit of not requiring chargers. As a result, an adapter-powered device may be what you want if you’re seeking a dependable gadget.

Dimensions and weight

The card shuffler’s total portability is greatly influenced by its size and weight, so if you plan to carry it around to different locations, you should seek a lightweight model that is also simple to pack.

Advantages of having a card shuffler

The usage of card shuffling devices is quite effective for poker cards and they add intrigue and mystery to many card games. Dynamic movement occurs without stopping at all or watching for an accident to happen as a result of repeated shuffles. When compared to the power of physically rearranging things, card shufflers are also excellent at producing randomized results. Automatic card shufflers enable blind random mixing, making it nearly impossible to guess which card will be revealed next. Due to the usage of the machines, no player is allowed to accuse another player of unfair treatment, partiality, or foul play while they are playing.

Do automatic card shufflers ruin cards?

When it comes to really hands-free options, a battery-operated shuffler accomplishes the trick with the touch of a button. These can generally manage multiple decks at once, which is a significant bonus. Nevertheless, these devices are more susceptible to jamming than manually controlled shufflers, which could harm the cards. A card can be removed as soon as you see it getting stuck since manual shufflers are turned by a crank. By using a crank, you can also adjust the speed of the shuffling and keep an eye out for issues. Generally speaking, this results in fewer hiccups.

In conclusion

True, the majority of people still prefer to shuffle their own cards. But a certain percentage of people either never appear to get proficient at it or require assistance due to medical conditions like arthritis. Fortunately, there are a few reasonably priced options for automatic card shuffling available. You have two options: manual (hand-cranked) models and the automatic electronic card shuffler, which is noisier. Which type you select really depends on personal preference.  

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