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What Is The Best Way To Summarize Your Blog Posts For Social Media?

What Is The Best Way To Summarize Your Blog Posts For Social Media

There are over 600 million active blogs on the internet. These numbers are one of the main reasons categories and niches are important. What’s more important is knowing how to generate organic traffic on blogs using channels like social media.

That’s when proper captions and summaries come into play. How do you summarize a blog for social media posts? In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of doing it and talk about the best way to summarize a blog for social media. So, let’s begin.  

What Is Summarizing?

Summarizing is the process of condensing an article or text into a shorter version. There are many benefits to summarizing content. It can be used to save time, improve reading comprehension, and help readers understand the main points of a text.

It can also be used to improve reading comprehension by highlighting important information and providing links for more information. In today’s world, summaries for blogs are used for many purposes, such as:

  • Metadata, such as descriptions or synopsis;
  • Social media captions;
  • Emailing.

That’s why blog summaries are picking up pace recently, as they’re widely used to abbreviate information within smaller texts.

Why Should You Summarize Blogs For Social Media?

Summarizing is the key to many social media posts. So, here are three reasons to help you understand why do you need to:

  • For Captions

The most obvious answer is for captions. Every time you share your blog or website on social media, you need a caption. And there’s no better caption than the article itself condensed into a short summary.

  • To Show A Glimpse of the Original Content

A good summary shows the reader what the main article is about. So, sharing a short summary gives your audience a glimpse into your content—urging them to click on it.

  • To Draw Traffic to the Main Article

Drawing traffic from your social media accounts to your website should be your priority. And one of the best ways of doing so is to share it on your social media accounts using the right captions/summaries.

5 Best Ways to Summarize Your Blog Posts for Social Media

1. Visually Summarizing Important Information

Articles with infographics or stat images are the best way to portray key information within. Now, these infographics have far more use than just being the alt image inside the article. You can post any of these infographics or images on social media networks and your content.

What are the benefits of doing so?

  • Intrigues the audience into reading the whole thing;
  • Pushes them to click the link to find more in-depth information regarding the visual info;
  • Generates organic traffic from your social media presence.

While the benefits aren’t exactly unknown at this point, visually summarizing the important info within your blog is one of the best ways to summarize your blog for social media.

2. Using A Summarizer

The best and easiest way to summarize an article is by using a summarizing tool. These tools are used by writers of all kinds, particularly academic and blog writers. The reason behind that is simple, a summarizing tool can:

  • Thoroughly capture information;
  • Condense info within a few words;
  • Help you write a summary according to your requirement.
What Is The Best Way To Summarize Your Blog Posts For Social Media

You might be wondering, what is the arrow pointing at? It’s simply pointing toward your preference for the summary. Let’s say you pick the short version:

Which is around 25% of the entire text. So, anything around 1000-words will be summarized into 250 words or so. You can skim it further, but you can rest assured that a summarizing tool will encapsulate all the necessary information within the article.

The best part about it all? The fact that this summary would be the ideal length for social media.

3. A Video Introduction Goes a Long Way

Do you ever come across articles that have videos at the top? Those are usually the author of the articles or website owners giving an introduction to what you can expect. Now, the fun thing about such videos is that they can be posted on social media networks alongside the link to the article.

Granted, live-action videos can be costly. But you don’t have to shoot a full-feature film. A simple introduction to your article and the motivations behind it should be more than enough. That’s why you need to use a video introduction, as it’ll give your article a more professional look.

4. Writing A Stat-Based Summary

A lot of blog posts have stats or facts in them. In today’s internet landscape, a lot of blogs and websites have a huge social media presence. Here’s an example of Forbes summarizing one of their latest articles:

What Is The Best Way To Summarize Your Blog Posts For Social Media

Notice how they focus on the one key stat present within that article? That’s exactly what you should do too. And no, the summary of your blog on social media doesn’t need to be 50-100 words. Even a few words encapsulating the importance of your primary article should be enough.

So, if you’re using any interesting facts, statistics, or other information in your article, bring that to the forefront and use it as your primary caption or summary.

5. Leave the Pulp for the Original

It’s important to remember that a summary is nothing more than a synopsis of your original article. Therefore, it shouldn’t be the one bearing all the information. Take an example of a movie trailer; how much do they show you?

Compare it to the original film and think of how much you see in the final product. The trailer or teaser gives you enough to anticipate the original content but never reveals primary information. That’s exactly how you should summarize your blog for social media posts.

Write a synopsis of your article, but don’t give the plot away. Focus on the key points and your motivation for it—but never talk about the pulp of information; leave it for the original piece.


These are the best methods to summarize your blog article for social media posts. So, try using one method to ensure that your blog stands out among your social media channels.

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