How to make a collage on iPhone 2024? (With or Without Apps)

The iPhone smartphone series resembles a magic wand, in which users are able to shoot photos in every location and edit them just a portion of a second later. However, there is no native official tool on iPhone to give you picturesque collages as you wish. So, we may need to explore other islands for treasure.

How to make a collage on iPhone? This tutorial is here to answer these questions;

  • How to make a photo collage on iPhone?
  • How to make a photo collage on iPhone without app?
  • What is the best iPhone collage maker collection?

Can we make a collage on iPhone?

Your iPhone is made to accept almost any media task you want, except some dramatic ones such as creating collages. Generally speaking, there is no native and built-in application on your iPhone for this mission; but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find any iOS tool on the App Store.

Many developers are working hard to create the most practical iPhone collage maker for those who are interested, and you can also see some social media platforms in this competition. This signals a message that the more exhaustive collage maker environment you create, the more revenue will come to your pocket.

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How to make a collage on iPhone?

Making a collage, I mean a collection of pictures in a grid, seems too easy even to use an external app. But unbelievably, creating those beautiful artistic ones requires hours of work to do. How to make a collage on iPhone? You can take one of these four methods for your purpose;

  • The Shortcuts app

This is one of Apple’s native apps, which is not tasked with creating collages, but it is powerful enough to do some artwork for you and an appropriate answer to those people asking how to make a photo collage on iPhone without app.

how to make a collage on iphone

As you see, there is a pre-existing photo grid inside the app’s Gallery section, where you can just put the pictures next to each other in a single line vertically or horizontally, like the people standing in a queue for shopping. Here is the general guide on how to use this tool for collage generating:

  1. Open your Shortcuts app, and navigate the “My Shortcuts” tab.
  2. Choose the Combine Images shortcut.
  3. Now you need to select your pictures from either the “Photos” tab or the “Album” section.
  4. After choosing your preferred pictures, click on the “Add” button on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. There is a dialog asking in which order you want to arrange these pictures. You can choose “Chronological” or “Reverse Chronological.”
  6. If you want to have spacing in your collage, you can set the value in the pop-up screen and click “Done.”
  7. Now the application will ask you how you want the pictures to be arranged – horizontally, vertically, or in a grid. A horizontal appearance is recommended for portrait pictures, while a vertical collage is more suitable for landscape images. You can also choose a symmetrical grid fashion for four or more shots.
  8. After creating your collage, select “Done” at the top left corner of the screen.
  9. At this time, the Shortcuts app will ask you how you want to save your new collage. Choose the “Save to camera roll” to save the new collage and preserve your original pictures.
  10. Congratulations!!! Your collage is automatically saved on your iPhone.

Among other great tools for designing and polishing visuals, VistaCreate also provides a go-to collage maker for any need. After installing the VistaCreate app on your iPhone and selecting a collage maker, you can in a matter of clicks pick images or videos, the desired template, and use multiple customization options to modify your collage. There is a fantastic photo library, animations, fonts, and more tools to help you build outstanding visuals without design skills.

  • Google Photos

If you have a globalist brain, you can also give your collage designing tasks to the giant of electronics with Google Photos. In this area, you are allowed to select as many as 9 photos to combine with an easy process of creating and performing. A big disadvantage of this platform is that the Photos app will create collages of the pictures you pick, and once created, there is no way to manually re-position the photos in a grid or change grid type directly.

How to make a photo collage on iPhone with Google Photos? Follow these steps;

  1. First, open the Google Photos app on your iPhone and click on the “Library” section at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Inside the library, choose the “Utilities” option at the top of the page.
  3. Next, click on the “Collage” option under “Create New.”
  4. Now you are allowed to select anywhere between 2 and 9 photos to create your collage. Once you have made your decision, click on the “Create” button at the top right corner.
  5. This level is fully automated, and Google Photos now create a collage from your selected photos with a layout that it thinks suits you best. When completed, you can share the collage or make further refinements to the design.
  • Instagram Layout

You can also use the Layout tool from Instagram to make your beautiful collages. This feature will be explained later in this article.

how to make a collage on iphone
  • Utilize an iPhone collage maker

The last and the most acceptable way of creating a photo collage is to use a third-party app specialized in photo arranging. With these apps, you are welcomed with more custom and sophisticated features to help you with your project. These apps are accompanied by fine and accurate tools to mirror, replace, or refine your photos for better output.

How to make a photo collage using Instagram’s Layout?

Instagram indeed is a hub of charming images in the world. Hence, it has created an environment for the user to design their photo collages without any stress and tension. If you are satisfied enough with Instagram’s Layout, you can use the tool with the following steps;

  1. Download the Layout app on your iPhone.
  2. You can see all the recent pictures saved on your iPhone, and you can choose your preferred album from the “Recents” tab at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Now, choose the pictures you want to make a collage from. You can select anywhere between 2 and 9 photos when creating a collage. Note that you cannot combine more than six pictures in a grid.
  4. After choosing your photos, you are allowed to select a grid from the available designs at the top of the screen. Depending on the pictures you choose, you will see different numbers of layouts and grids in the application. To browse different designs, you can swipe from right to left on the layouts row at the top.
  5. In the next level, you are on the “Editing” screen, where you can do some further modifications, including mirror/flip pictures, replacing a picture, and adding borders to your collage.
  6. To replace the position of two photos in a collage, you need to tap and hold on to it and move it to your desired location inside the collage in order to make your arrangement.
  7. You can also select a picture and drag any of its edges to your preferred resized dimensions. Note that as you resize your photo, the adjacent images or those in the same row/column will also be resized accordingly.
  8. To mirror a picture vertically or horizontally, just click on the picture from the grid and choose “Mirror” and “Flip,” respectively.
  9. If you want to add borders between photos and the boundaries of your collage, click on the Borders tile at the bottom.
  10. After exerting all changes, click on the “Save” at the top right corner of the screen. As a result, the collage will be saved automatically to your iPhone’s library, and you can further share it on Instagram or Facebook.

What are the top 10 iPhone collage makers?

What can we get from an iPhone collage maker? The most important point about an iPhone collage maker is its automated algorithm of collage designing, so you are alert to know when it is time to what. Furthermore, more calibrated features are waiting for you to make your products more neat and lovely.

Here, we have a list of the top ten iPhone collage maker for you as a member of the iOS population on the markets;

  1. Diptic

If you are seeking an expert iPhone collage maker, Diptic is designed for these missions. You can find dozens of collage layouts, a simple photo editor, and the ability to share your collages directly to your social media pages with no go-between. You also have the option to use videos and live photos to bring more life to your social media posts.

  1. Fotor

Are you sure you want an iPhone collage maker and a photo editor in one collection? Then Fotor is the best choice for you. This is a place where not only hundreds of special effects are designed by pro photographers, but the personal collages make it easy to create stunning designs exactly the way you want them.

  1. Canva

How to make a collage on iPhone with a professional fellow? Canva is an iPhone collage maker which it gives you magic powder to make your collages stand out, thanks to its expertly designed templates. Since the app is available on iPhones, iPad, and desktops, you can work on your projects wherever you want.

how to make a collage on iphone
  1. Collageable

As a handy app to make up your photos with fine tools and share them directly with your profiles, Collageable is one of the most practical iPhone collage makers you can find on this list. With Collageable, you will get more than 150 pro filters, 200-plus stickers, and over 80 backgrounds. So, a great place to show your artistic ideas and creativity.

  1. PicsArt

If you think a completely free iPhone collage maker is useless, I should declare you are totally wrong. PicsArt includes easy tools for creating unique collages, as well as editing photos and videos. With this wonderful application, you can gather your old family pictures together in the form of a lovely collage.

  1. PicCollage

This is a free collage-making tool that allows you to choose from hundreds of photo grids and exclusive designs for users; how to make a collage on iPhone with this tool? Just import your pictures on the app and bring templates and unique customizations together to make your collection alive.

  1. Photo Grid

Will you get happy if you have a collection of hundreds of collage layouts on your phone? Photo Grid has more than 300 templates to choose from, and most aren’t available anywhere else. Furthermore, you can also add custom backgrounds, borders, stickers, and text overlays to your designs if you think it is not perfect enough.

how to make a collage on iphone
  1. piZap Photo Editor

How to make a collage on iPhone with less effort and more interest? piZap is here to let you edit photos, create custom collages, and use various design tools to get the best performance. As a powerful app that is easy to navigate and fun to use, piZap also has a premium version for more modification and customizing your collages.

  1. Adobe Spark Post

How to make a photo collage on iPhone which is suitable for all social media? Although Adobe Spark Post isn’t a dedicated photo collage app, it has multiple features to let you create one for yourself. With fun graphics, professional templates, and a dozen of interesting options, you can boost your social media profile whenever you decide to be a star.

  1. Moldiv

Moldiv is something more than an iPhone collage maker; it can also function as a photo editor. Nobody will neglect Moldiv if they know it has the ability to combine groups of up to 16 pics with more than 300 filter styles. With this app, you can make almost any changes to your photos in terms of dimensions, color, and even more.

How to make a photo collage using an iPhone collage maker?

Third-party apps have made a broad advancement in editing and performing photo collections, so maybe it is time to ask for a helpful hand from them. Since we have introduced the top iPhone collage maker collection for you guys, let’s see how to make a collage on iPhone with “Canva” as an example;

  1. Open your Canva app on your phone.
  2. Next, swipe left on the For You tab at the top of the screen and then choose the “More” option.
  3. Take the “Photo Collage” item from the list of design options. As a result, you will be taken to a bunch of collage templates to choose from.
  4. Scroll down the screen and choose the template you like to use for your collage. Note that before taking your favorite template, you should know how many pictures you want to create a collage with and if the template has the required space to paste all your photos.
  5. After selecting the template, it will ask you to add pictures. Click on the “Select More Photos” button. Pick up the images from your iPhone library on your template and once you finish, tap on “Done.”
  6. If you want to change one of your selected photos, you can use the “Replace” option at the bottom. In the pop-up screen, click on the desired photo you want to make a collage from. The picture will be copied on your collage.
  7. If your template is capable of texts, you can write your own caption by tapping on the text and selecting the “Edit” button. You can also change the font of text and its background with the “Font” and “Color” options, respectively.
  8. If you want to make the spacing between items in your collage, you can click anywhere on your design and choose “Spacing” from the bottom toolbar. After that, adjust the grid space by dragging the slider towards left/right.
  9. Finally, after making all changes you want, click on the Share icon at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Download” button to save the collage onto your iPhone from the pop-up screen.


Thank you for reading. Learning how to make a collage on iPhone will give you more power to use your creativity and get a higher rank in the field of photography and photo edition.

How to make a photo collage on iPhone without app? If you think third-party apps are wasting your phone memory, you can choose a relatively simpler method such as the Shortcuts app and Google Photos. For more information, you can join online Apple communities and peer groups for advisement and discussion.

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